Whether or not they’re able to pull off a remake of Paul Verhoeven’s violent 80s action classic ROBOCOP is still way up in the air (hell, I’d say it’s floating in bloody space), but I’m open to the idea of Murphy back on the streets of Detroit. The project has had more than its fair share of problems before and during shooting began, with a new look design that initially looked all wrong, is now growing on many. However, they should have stuck with Bob Morton’s instructions to ‘lose the arm’.

Jose Padilha’s film will see an almost new take on the original film with a script seeing the ‘Part man. Part machine. All cop’ given a number of metallic upgrades over the course of the film – and we have the first look at one of those more robotic designs. We’ve also added whats expected to be the first stage design to compare as well as a number of concept images for weapons, ED-209 and more. Take a look…

ROBOCOP will eventually arrive in cinemas 7th February 2014 and stars Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Jay Baruchel, Michael Keaton, Michael Kenneth Williams, Abbie Cornish, Jackie Earl Haley and Samuel L. Jackson.

Source: CBM

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  1. I still don’t get why the arm is such an issue.

    In any case, what you can actually see looks pretty swish.

  2. Why remake it? The story was a classic, it was more than a guns-and-ammo shoot ’em up, it had depth and humanity. And besides that, the special effects still stand up after 25 years, even the stop-motion effects.

    And how the hell are you going to replace actors as watchable as Ronny Cox, Kurtwood Smith, or Paul McCrane in their roles? The only bad thing about the original was Nancy Allen – she was cute and a good actress, it’s her physicality that lets it down. You can’t believe she was a cop in action sequences, her inability to run or look good in fight scenes.

  3. FINALLY!!! my prayers has been answered, I loved all the Reobocop movies and I was always on the look out for a new sequels with all the new film technology that we now have, and to enjoy it in HD or BLU-RAY.

  4. It still looks awful and like its made of cheap plastic, looking at the concept art the brushed silver design is soooo much better, why the hell did they choose the other one? – if they cant even get simple decisions like that right i have little confidence with the finished movie!
    Nobody makes sex and violence and fantasy films like Paul Verhoevan i really wish they did-cos hes an old man now and doubt we’ll be seeing much if anything more from him (especially in the vain of his 80’s 90’s heyday)

  5. Finally they changed the concept of robocop armor. The other looked like a mix of batman with mass effect n7.

  6. I think its gong to be an action packed movie. Everyone keeps talking about the black plastic looking suit. But i think its to help with movements and plus after the shots and cameras are rolling. I bet the suits will look more realistic. But like everyone else i truly love the silver looking suit. I think they did a good job on capturing the design from the old. But with a newly polish look. All im saying lets give the movie a chance. Micheal Keaton was a very good pick as the guy creating robocop.

  7. I have always loved RoboCop and hope they leave some of the original cheese in the remakes. Those Ford Taurus models in the original were beyond goofy, but I loved it.

  8. It still looks like Batman with a motorcycle helmet. And what’s with the hand? The original Robocop looks better.

  9. Not only did they F up RoboCop, they completely ruined ED-209 as well. I was hoping to see a more classic RoboCop and ED-209 in the inevitable RoboCop vs Terminator. Also, Morton was right: “Lose the arm.” I can only hope that after the colossal failure of the “creative” new direction and design, they reboot it like Hulk and Spiderman.

  10. i dont care, be it nostalgia or whatever but im really looking forward to this after seeing the concept art, i dont think theyve strayed so far that i wont take him seriously as robocop, its all down to weather the actor and part he is playing comes of as believable as murphys, you gota remeber one reason we all loved murphy is because he had such a hurendous start to the movie, you see him as a killing machine that is out for revenge when he can manage it, finding out who he actually is because he cant remember, being owned like a piece of property, pulled apart and put back together, ED209 being a monster of a machine that looks like it can rival robocop “even though it rarely does” then you had kane, and i truely truely loved that character, on drugs having mood swings AS a robot needing his fix or he just crushes your face, evil face on the screen just making snarling noises, when the kids made to watch the cop get cut open, i saw all this at the age of about 9 or 10 and i LOVED it, it was just realistic gritty and had elements of toxic avanger style bravo shows like when they guys hit with acid melting away then gets hit by a car an explodes, epic

  11. just ONE tip

    made it gritty, make it dark, make it almost like a 1980s depression time in the city, but most of all, MOST of all, dont downgrade the violence in a hope to get a lower age rating on the movie, far too many remakes at the moment are going for PG or 15 rating atleast, make a decent 18 movie and stop worrying about getting the younger kids in

  12. Do not worry about the suit. Looks like the entire suit will be made it with CGI. So the black suit that the actor wears, it’s just just for reference. In post production with composition techniques, the black suit will be replaced with the origial cyborg look.

  13. First of all, i would like the producers of the new Robocop movie to know that movies that meant a lot to some of us while we were kids still mean a lot to us today, because they carry a lot of memories of our childhood, therefore I would like to say do everything possible to ensure this new movie at worst, makes some of us relive our childhood fantasies, and at best, the new movie creates new ones. I know creating a masterpiece of anything is not easy, but be open to inputs from all over, especially from those who this movie is meant for i.e the people who go to see the movie. I would at this point air my little discomfort with the new Robocop suite, the black one to be precise, it kinda looks like rubber to me, but the one i saw, that kinda looks like an improvement of the old suite? It blew me away. Soo, it’s over to you guys now.