One the few horror highlights of the year came from Scott Derrickson’s terrifying supernatural-thriller SINISTER, which showed the likes of standard dreadful fare PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 and THE DEVIL INSIDE how horror should be done. Next up for Derrickson is another genre effort, albeit a touch more action-orientated (possibly due to the involvement of producer Jerry Bruckheimer) with BEWARE THE NIGHT. The film will centre on a New York police officer who investigates real life demon possessions, exorcisms and werewolves, and is based on the novel by Ralph Sarchie and Lisa Collier Cool.

The plot does sound more than a little similar the comic-book character of Dylan Dog, which was given a dire film treatment by Kevin Munroe a couple of years ago in DYLAN DOG: DEAD OF NIGHT, with former Superman Brandon Routh in the lead. Derrickson is currently in negotiations with the underrated Aussie actor Eric Bana, himself a former superhero after headlining Ang Lee’s HULK, as well as cult faves CHOPPER and HANNA. He’ll next be seen in crime-thriller DEADFALL, opposite Charlie Hunnam and Olivia Wilde.

We’ll keep you posted as the project develops.

Source: TheWrap