His scripts may border on laughable and cringeworthy, but they are not many better at putting together action-packed spectacles than director Roland Emmerich. Thankfully, ZODIAC screenwriter James Vanderbilt has penned the script for this effort and the german-born filmmaker, who has given us many iconic, visually stunning and jaw-dropping scenes, returns to unleash more terror on the White House (thankfully George Bush is not included on today’s ballot sheets so the world can rest easy).

WHITE HOUSE DOWN sees Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx as the US Commander-In-Chief, who must avoid terrorists with the help of bodyguard Channing Tatum, as they lay siege and invade the world famous address. THN has the first look at some images from the film which is still currently shooting and is slated for cinemas in the US 28th June and UK 6th September. The film also co-star the impressive supporting cast of Maggie Gyllenhaal, James Woods, Richard Jenkins, Jason Clarke, Matt Craven, Jake Webber and Rachelle LeFevre.

Source: EW