Update: In a THN exclusive, we have heard from an extremely reliable source that director James Bobin was spotted outside the iconic St. Paul’s Cathedral in the City of London this past week potentially scouting and planning for a sequence in front of the iconic buiding, which has been part of London’s skyline for more than 300 years, surviving many wars… but the true question is… will it survive a Muppets invasion? We don’t of course know what kind of scene would be set at the cathedral, if indeed that is the plan, but we’re kind of intrigued. Our source says Bobin was reportedly in the area with a bunch of people ‘doing that making a square with his hands thing.’ We can’t wait to find out what he’s potentially planning!

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What better as a first news story of the week here on THN than one about THE MUPPETS sequel? We’re all massive fans of the first film that hit UK cinemas this past February, and US cinemas about this time last year, and it delights us that news has just dropped that the film will start shooting in Pinewood Studios in England in late January 2013.

I can be no more than five miles away from the studios, based in Buckinghamshire (about 30 mins journey outside of London), as I type this. The film has been given a superb Christmas-sy release date for the US next year (UK unconfirmed), which is December 20th, 2013. James Bobin and Nicholas Stoller are writing the screenplay and Bobin will return to direct the sequel for Disney. Jason Segel is apparently not appearing in the sequel (although there are reports he may briefly cameo).

We know that Christoph Waltz has already been cast as an Interpol agent in the film, which will be set in Europe and feature all new Muppets! Collider are also reporting that Brett McKenzie is writing all new songs for the film following his huge success on the original where he picked up the Academy Award for ‘Man Or Muppet’, which is quite simply one of the greatest songs written for a non-animated film in recent years, or at least since this one. Here’s to a Muppet-tastic 2013!

Source: Collider