The original and only Chun Li from 1994’s STREET FIGHTER is gearing up to take on more of the world’s evil doers, as Ming-Na has been cast in a lead role in theupcoming THE AVENGERS offshoot, S.H.I.E.L.D. Wen is set to play Agent Melinda May, an expert pilot and a dab hand with weapons, but has been suffering from mental fatigue due to the things she has seen in combat and because of that drunken run-in with Nick Fury at the Christmas party last year.

The show will feature on ABC, and will look more closely at the mysterious organisation of the Marvel universe. Joss Whedon is all set to direct and write the pilot episode at least. Fan favourite Agent Coulson, played by Clark Gregg was reported earlier as reprising his role from the previous Marvel films, but in a small role. Ming-Na is a fantastic addition to the show, as she brings a vast array of acting background from the world of television including roles in ER, A TOWN CALLED EUREKA, STARGATE UNIVERSE and TWO AND A HALF MEN. She is also known as the voice of MULAN (1998)

Source: Collider

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