Following in the same footsteps as ESSEX BOYS, RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER and BONDED BY BLOOD, we have another take on the savage events of 1995 during which three gangland heavies were found executed in their Range Rover in Rettendon, Essex. Tony Tucker, Patrick Tate and Craig Rolfe’s bullet-ridden bodies were uncovered one cold December morning, with ‘business’ associates Jack Whomes and Michael Steele subsequently convicted of the crime. However, questions have been raised about whether they could been involved at all.

THE FALL OF THE ESSEX BOYS is the latest film to offer a different perspective of the notorious events leading up to that horrific crime. Producer Jonathan Sothcott says:

Our take on the iconic Essex Boys story is deliberately different to previous versions – we wanted to tell the story, but didn’t want it to look like yet another Brit gangster film, so we avoided casting ‘the usual suspects.’ This is Essex Boys for 2013 – brutal, fast-paced and with a cracking soundtrack. Anyone who liked White Collar Hooligan is going to love this.

We have a bunch of exclusive stills and banner from the film directed by Paul Tanter and starring Nick Nevern, Robert Cavanah, Kierston Wareing, Kate Magowan, Peter Barrett, Charlie Bond, Jay Brown, Tony Denham, Simon Phillips, Lucinda Rhodes, Ewan Ross, Joe Stamp, Eddie Webber and Peter Woodward. It arrives March 2013.

Source: CHATA Pictures