Remember when some entertainment journalists speculated that Hollywood would never make a film about 9/11 until decades had past first? There was the expectation that any potential film project should put a certain distance between itself and the actual events. Well, 11 years later, there’s word that yet another 9/11 project is currently in the works.

Unlike previous films that documented the world-changing terrorist attack – most notably Paul Greengrass’ UNITED 93 and Oliver Stone’s WORLD TRADE CENTER – the script for SEPTEMBER MORN reportedly takes audiences behind-the-scenes to portray the discoveries made by the 9/11 Commission. With a top-notch cast featuring Woody Harrelson, Martin Sheen and Ed Asner, the film is being touted in some circles as a 9/11 drama styled in the same vein as Sidney Lumet’s classic 12 ANGRY MEN.

However, the independently financed film is slated to be overseen by former stuntman and straight-to-DVD director BJ Davis, working from a script written by newcomer Howard Cohen. For a couple of small-time Hollywood types, landing three big-name stars is a casting coup, yet it remains to be seen if production can be up and running in time to make its tentatively scheduled 2013 release date.

With Harrelson and Sheen now on board, SEPTEMBER MORN is one step closer to becoming the third attempt to come out of Hollywood that recounts the events of 9/11.

Source: First Showing