Following our interview yesterday with co-star Jennifer Ulrich we were fortunate enough to also catch up with Anna Fischer (Nora) as WE ARE THE NIGHT hit the shelves:

How was it playing the fun part of the Vampire trio? It looks like you are having an absolute blast.

Both difficult and challenging; it was hard, not to cross the harsh line between fun and being a clown. Dramatic or serious roles are so much easier to act.

The movie is a fresh take on the vampire fable. The vampires aren’t the bad in this story. Was this what first drew you to the project?

I love the innovative concept as said above, but before even reading the script I was just thrilled by the opportunity to work on a project in the horror genre; a childhood dream come true.

Each of the main characters is who they are because of Louise. How do you view your relationship with her as the film progresses?

Good question, I do believe that the relationship to Louise suffers as Nora resembles a complete different generation. (interview connection lost)

How was it to work with Director Dennis Gansel, and co-writer Jay Berger? As it was a very personal project for them did you feel any additional pressure?

Working with them was very illuminating for me due to their prior experience, but I did not feel any more pressure than in other projects. On the one side they worked on the project for nearly ten years and had a clear vision on how the film should be accomplished, on the other hand all of my movies so far came out of a very personal project, I give always 100%, that`s my job.

There is a lot of stunt work in the movie. How much did you do yourself and did you enjoy it?

This could sound pretentious, but actually I did all the stunts by myself. On the one side because they were not too hazardous, on the other side the extreme well organized safety procedures made it possible. Anyway I do love action and through my experience riding BMX, I know how to handle certain situations quite well.

On the DVD there are a couple of alternate endings. Would you have been happy with any of these or do you feel Dennis’ choice was the only option?

Dennis choice was the one, he felt to be the best for release; anyway we all agree it was also a good choice to give the viewer the possibility to choose his favourite ending on the DVD.

WE ARE THE NIGHT is available now and reviewed here.