There were recently murmurs of a dealine for 20th Century Fox to reboot/sequelize their DAREDEVIL franchise, or the movie rights to blind superhero would revert back to Marvel. Fox had tried pushing the project forward a number of times this year with HARD CANDY’s David Slade (who eventually dropped out to direct the pilot of serial-killer drama HANNIBAL) and August saw one last desperate attempt in asking Joe Carnahan to give them his pitch for a possible rushed production.

Now we can officially confirm that the deadline of 10th October has now passed and the rights to DAREDEVIL along with supporting characters Elektra, Bullseye and previously unused Purple Man and The Hand are now owned by Marvel Studios. What Marvel’s plans for lawyer-turned-hero Matt Murdock are still unknown, but word is Carnahan is still interested in bringing his gritty 70s-inspired take on the comics to the big-screen (catch the sizzle reel here). If Marvel agrees to hire THE A-TEAM and SMOKIN’ ACES director, it could be possible the film could move forward after shooting his remake of Michael Winner’s DEATH WISH, which is expected to star Frank Grillo and/or Liam Neeson.

We’ll keep you posted if Marvel give any more details.

Source: IGN