He’s currently cracking skulls as hero-daddy Bryan Mills in the action sequel TAKEN 2, but Liam Neeson is also due to take to the skies in another action-thriller from his UNKNOWN director Jaume Collet-Serra. Neeson will headline NON-STOP, an airborne adventure in which he’ll portray a federal sky marshall who gets wind of a terrorist plot on board his plane. He must unearth the identity of the person responsible without alerting the other passengers, as the clock ticks down to the explosive deadline.

Nate Parker (RED TAILS) was recently included in the film, and today we have news of another three names to add to the cast. MONSTERS, KILLING THEM SOFTLY and ARGO’s rising ace Scoot McNairy, DOWNTON ABBEY stunner Michelle Dockery and Neeson’s CHLOE co-star – the ever brilliant Jullianne Moore – will take significant supporting roles for the film, set to roll soon.

Source: Variety

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