Did you know there was a 3D motion capture version of TARZAN on its way? I sure didn’t. But I guess that’s why we have teaser trailers and the like, to inform the ignorant masses of such titles. TARZAN will tell us the story of the King Of The Apes himself, with Kellen Lutz as TARZAN. TARZAN will team with (You) Jane Porter to take on a mercenary army sent to the jungle by an evil CEO.

The trailer has some beautiful scenic shots, but the animation of the characters looks fairly standard. It certainly didn’t take my breath away in the way the trailer for the Disney version did back in 1999. At this point I think I’d prefer the whole film shown as the guys in weird costumes that can be seen in the behind the scenes footage below. At least that would be something I’ve never seen before. However, you have to give German production company Constantin Films some balls for going up against the bigger names in the business.

TARZAN is released next summer. It stars Kellen Lutz, Spencer Locke, Jaime Ray Newman, Robert Capron, Mark Deklin, and Trevor St. John.

Source: Constantin Films