It seems an eternity since production first started on a remake of John Milius’ 1980s teen action-thriller RED DAWN. Former stuntman-turned-director Dan Bradley’s forthcoming film was shot way back in 2009 but – much like the latest James Bond production and this years THE CABIN IN THE WOODS – became entangled within MGM’s financial woes and was delayed a release until later this year.

RED DAWN will see a group of rag-tag teens band together and attempt to save their town from the onslaught of hostile foreign invaders (rumoured to be North Korea, as opposed to the Russians in Millius’ Cold War-set 1984 classic) intent on taking over the US. We have the first clip from the film headlined by THOR himself Chris Hemsworth, who takes on the role of Jed, previously played by Patrick Swayze (God rest his soul).

We’re still awaiting a release date here in the UK, but RED DAWN is set for cinemas in the States 21st November. Hemsworth co-stars alongside Josh Peck, Josh Hutcherson, Adrianne Palicki, Isabel Lucas, Connor Cruise and Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Source: Aintitcoolnews