The year has been a quiet one for horror and despite a few big-grossing features, there have been very little that have impressed and lived-up their promise. Still, the year isn’t over and with the infamous date of 31st October creeping round the corner, a slew of scary stories are going to infest our multiplexes over the coming weeks. Scott Derrickson’s SINISTER is one such genre effort that some of us here at THN caught at this years FrightFest and definitely does not skimp on the scares!

We’re able to bring the brand new red-band trailer for the demonic supernatural-thriller that stars Ethan Hawke as a struggling crime author who finds the ultimate inspiration in the attic of his new home, which unearths some SINISTER secrets:

SINISTER hits our cinemas 5th October and co-stars Juliet Rylance, Vincent D’Onofrio, James Ransone and Nicholas King.

Source: Yahoo! Movies