Just when you thought the found footage movie had been rinsed for all it’s worth, a collective of directors come along and try to entirely reinvigorate the format. The film, of course, is V/H/S, which has achieved a certain notoriety from its festival run, including a well-received screening at Sundance.

The film is directed by eight individuals altogether (inclusing Ti West, David Bruckner, and Adam Wingard), and follows a group of burglars who break into a house and find a collection of videotapes, each of which contains footage from a horrifying incident. How long before the terror finds it way from screen to reality?

Whilst there’s no fixed UK release date at present, let’s still have a gander at this new poster. To see what THN thought of V/H/S when screened at this year’s FrightFest, see here.

Source: SlashFilm