Directors: David Kew & Neil Thompson

Starring: Parminder Nagra, Jonas Armstrong, Kaya Scodelario, Michael Socha, Nichola Burley, Stephen Dillane

Running Time: 102 Mins

Certificate: 15

Synopsis: Fashion executive Deeva (Nagra) returns home to the UK when her brother is arrested for a fatal gang shooting in East London.  Convinced of his innocence, Deeva takes it upon herself to investigate, only to uncover a much wider conspiracy surrounding the shooting.

A London based conspiracy movie from the mind of Paul Abbot (SHAMELESS, STATE OF PLAY), TWENTY8K is an engrossing, albeit predictable little thriller that is as absurd as it is interesting.

The main problem with the film’s narrative is that it takes a massive leap of logic in its opening 10 minutes, by having its lead character Deeva (played by BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM’s Parminder Nagra) automatically turn from Paris-based fashion executive into a bonafide private investigator in the blink of an eye.  She seemingly comes across as an expert in such matters immediately, but also manages to convince others that she’s an actual detective and at times, this all seems a bit too convenient. The film is also, as already mentioned, a tad predictable.  Without spoiling, it’s fair to say that this reviewer guessed who was involved in the wider conspiracy way before the onscreen reveal, which is a darn shame, as it takes away the shock value, and thus renders the film slightly redundant.

It’s still a competent enough film, and is in no way boring.  The performances from Nagra, Jonas Armstong, Stephen Dillane, Michael Socha, and Kaya Scodelario are all very enjoyable to watch, the cinematography and direction make for some great visual flourishes, and the original music score, consisting of a mix of both modern urban and full orchestral, is a delight to listen to.

TWENTY8K is easily watchable fare, but the lack of originality in its depiction of gang warfare and state conspiracies, as well as it’s guessable twists will probably leave you wondering if you’ve already seen it all before.

 Twenty8k is released in UK Cinemas today.