Concept Art For ‘Iron Man 3′ Shows First Look At Suit Mark...

Concept Art For ‘Iron Man 3′ Shows First Look At Suit Mark 47 Plus New Plot Details!


After AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, any further Marvel adventures are certainly going to be difficult to top, or even match. First up for their ‘Phase II’ set of films will be IRON MAN 3, which will see Robert Downey Jr’s return as billionaire wise-cracker Tony Stark in another high-flying effort, this time written and directed by the great Shane Black.

IRON MAN 3 will see the legendary ‘Extremis virus’ story-arch brought to the screen with villains coming in the shape of Guy Pearce’s Aldrich Killian and Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin. We also have news that the plot will see Stark in Tokyo, ready to suit up in ‘Mark 47′ of the metallic high-tech body armour. An upgrade that allows him to control all previous IRON MAN suits via this one very special outfit.

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Just name check that suit number again, ‘Mark 47′. Could this new hardware have anything to do with ITEM 47, the terrific new ‘Marvel One-Shot’ (we have interviews with stars Maximiliano Hernandez and Titus Welliver) that is included with the forthcoming DVD/Blu-ray of AVENGERS ASSEMBLE? I have a feeling the ‘alien’ weapon technology that has the focus on in the short film, Mr. Stark with the help of S.H.I.E.L.D., may just have figured out to utilise and integrate the powers that came from Loki’s villainous army, who were defeated in ‘The Battle Of New York’, with his own.

In the meantime, we have some concept art from IRON MAN 3, (showing suit ‘Mark 47′) which is released in cinemas 26th April 2013.

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  1. […] Originally Posted by Art Andrews Interesting. At Comic Con, we were told it was the Mark 42 which is why all of our photos from Comic Con are named that way: Iron Man Mark 42 Costume – the RPF Gallery Hmm thats strange cuz, well from what i've read they were saying Mark 47 oh hell Mark 42 or 47 Same difference LOL but i did find other stuff stating Mark 47. But they could be wrong as well. BTW thanks for the link…I needed that lol i was going off of google images..smh.. Concept Art For ‘Iron Man 3′ Shows First Look At Suit Mark 47 Plus New Plot Details! […]

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