Calling all Twi-hards, feast your eyes on more sleep inducing shit! For a change, I’m going to try and not bang on too much about just how terrible the TWILIGHT films are (other than that opening sentence obviously), as we here at THN are about as committed to the franchise as Kristen Stewart is (or rather was) to our poor Robert. ‘Couldn’t give a fuck’ in lamen terms.

We have the final trailer that runs a full minute longer than the recent VMA footage from MTV for Bill Condon’s THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PART 2, the ‘epic’ (stop sniggering non-fans) conclusion to, well, lets just be happy it’s bloody ended. You know the score; pasty-faced vampires, dire CGI’ed werewolves and a lead actress who always looks about as a happy as a homeless person with a soggy cardboard box. Anyway, here it is…

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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