Stephen Fung, the director of HOUSE OF FURY (2005) has a new film on its way, TAI CHI 0. It’s a steampunk kung-fu film that sees a young man called Yang the Chen village, but the villagers refuse to teach kung-fu to outsiders. However, they may not have much of a choice when a man tries to build a railway through the village. The trailer has a very humourous tone that seems to satirise the genre. The martial arts and special effects look stunning and this is certainly one that will make an immediate entry onto my Watchlist. The film will also be followed by TAI CHI HERO which is already in post-production. Zero to Hero, it’s almost as though they are hinting at some kind of character arc.

TAI CHI 0 doesn’t have a UK release date yet. It stars Tony Leung Ka Fei, Angelababy, Qi Shu, and Daniel Wu.

Source: First Showing