THE WALKING DEAD is all ready to explode back on to US screens 14th October. You can read our Season 2 review here. It looks better than ever as the gang of survivors takes over a prison but encounter a small town under the control of The Governer. Season 2 hinted at dangerous groups of other humans and now we are going to see exactly that. Below, we have three character portraits. One of our very own Andrew Lincoln, looking grittier than ever as group leader Rick Grimes. Next up is Danai Gurira as Michonne. She arrived at the very end of season 2 wielding a katana and walking around with two zombies on chains to mask her scent. Finally we see another British actor David Morrissey. He will play The Governer, a man in charge of a community of survivors. He is not a very nice man, but for those that don’t read the comics, I’ll leave it at that.

Source: Coming Soon