As directors go, Brian DePalma has always been amongst an elite group that try to thrill, shock and excite with their stories in equal measure. It hasn’t always worked for him though as for every SCARFACE, CARRIE or BODY DOUBLE, there is the more mainstream fare like SNAKE EYES, MISSION TO MARS or THE BLACK DAHLIA, that just didn’t work. He’s always worked better when exposing the sleazy, psychological side of the human condition in his more personal works.

His latest seems to see him back doing just that as pair of strong-willed women, played by Noomi Rapace and Rachel McAdams, enter a battle of wits with each either that will test both of their limits. PASSION is the directors first film since 2007s military drama REDACTED and THN brings the dark, sexy thriller’s first trailer below. The film is a remake of 2010 French film LOVE CRIME and is expected in cinemas early next year , it also co-stars the intense Brit actor Paul Anderson. Don’t forget to check out those previous sultry images and here’s that trailer:

Source: Toronto Film Festival