As the legendary music mourner Morrissey once proclaimed ‘Shoplifters of the world unite and take over.’ And with that THN can now confirm Winona Ryder has joined fellow celebrity thieving bastards Richard Madeley and Lindsay Lohan on action-thriller GOTTA PICK A POCKET OR TWO. Well not really, but that is a film I’d love to see. In truth, if negotiations are successful with Millennium Films then she’ll appear opposite Brit beefcake Jason Statham and James Franco on HOMEFRONT, which has a script by Statham’s fellow expendable Sylvester Stallone.

The film is to be directed by Gary Fleder, who gave us the superb all-star thrillers THINGS TO DO IN DENVER WHEN YOUR DEAD and RUNAWAY JURY. It will see the Stath as a retired DEA Agent who’s pushed too far when his family is threatened by hoodlums in his hometown. Franco is said to be playing the main drug-dealing villain with Ryder set to play his partner in crime. They may also be a small role for Stallone. Kinda like the one he did for STAYING ALIVE, where he thought John Travolta nicked his wallet and with Ryder around, I’d expect they’d all be watching their belongings.

Source: THR