One remake of Paul Verhoeven’s ultra-violent works has already underwhelmed many film fans, including our very own heroic founder Paul Heath, with TOTAL RECALL disappointing to say the least. So, things do not bode well for Jose Padhila’s ROBOCOP reboot. Word amongst those in Hollywood is that the soon-to-shoot futurist tale of Alex Murphy’s ‘part man, part machine, all cop’ has a very ‘iffy’ script, which is said to border on laughable.

Early indications suggested a refreshing take on the original source was underway with previous minor characters being brought to the fore. Murphy’s partner Anne Lewis has been given a male makeover and some loveable (ish) characters from Verhoeven’s version even sidelined. The film is also expected to see ROBOCOP given a number of robotic overhauls over the course of the film, in much the same way as Tony Stark’s IRON MAN did. Even the Deroit setting is apparently compromised, with our metallic hero even being sent to sort troubles in Afganistan. (Yes, seriously!)

As we mull over these changes we can bring you news that British Oscar-nominee Marianne Jean-Baptiste has been cast as Police Chief Karen Dean in a role that’s similar to the one played by the late Robert DoQui in the original. She joins Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Abbie Cornish, Jay Baruchel, Jackie Earle Haley, Hugh Laurie, Jennifer Ehle, Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Kenneth Williams.

We can only hope Padhila’s vision is to bring a totally new and unique story that is separate to the 1987 classic. Whilst we generally shit all over bad remakes of our favourite movies, perhaps giving ROBOCOP a brand new spin will be a good thing, creating new fans and keeping the older ones happy. Let’s pray it’s not shit-worthy.

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Source: Variety