It has been announced that Fran Kranz – star of CABIN IN THE WOODS and MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING (2012) – is to take on a kitty cadaver in MURDER OF A CAT, directed by Gillian Greene-Raimi, wife of SPIDER-MAN director Sam.

Kranz is to play a now ex-cat owner, after he comes home one day to find his feline friend has been killed – by a giant crossbow arrow. Vowing to bring justice to the killer, Kranz discovers that his cat had been leading a sneaky double life and had been living with a female neighbour. The pair team up to find the murderer, only to uncover that not everything is as it seems…

With Sam Raimi producing his wife’s directorial debut, this could be brilliant, especially as he’s had experience dealing with the funny (SPIDER-MAN trilogy) and the horrific (THE EVIL DEAD, DRAG ME TO HELL). It’s also great to see an ‘unknown’ score a lead role and we’ll be eagerly awaiting to see who will be cast as Kranz new lady-friend.

Source: ComingSoon