We’re always looking for a great white-knuckle frightener to be the next big thing. Some found it in the form of the SAW films, others with the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise or INSIDIOUS. For me, I haven’t been totally terrified at the cinema since Neil Marshall’s THE DESCENT had me hanging on for dear life at my local multiplex.

The possession theme has run through a number of features over the last few years; THE DEVIL INSIDE (dire) and THE LAST EXORCISM (decent) spring to mind. Here’s hoping the Sam Raimi-produced THE POSSESSION has something new to offer. This unnerving first clip shows a little of what’s in store for horror fans eager for more chills and thrills.

THE POSSESSION features Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Kyra Sedgewick as a couple who watch helplessly as their daughter, played by Natasha Calis, becomes a demonic puppet after the purchase of antique box at a yard sale. The film, directed by Ole Bornedal, is released 31st August. It’s also worth catching the creepy viral video we posted late last week, as well as the trailer. Fingers crossed it’s a good ‘un!

Source: Yahoo! Movies