If you’re eager to see Jason Statham reprise his role as Frank Martin in a television series based on his TRANSPORTER franchise, then we’re afraid you’re going to be sadly disappointed. Chris Vance, who was last seen as a serial-killing sadist in season 5 of DEXTER, will take the role onto the small screen, and we finally have our look at the forthcoming series with this first trailer.

As you’ll see, French actor Francois Berléand does return as Inspector Tarconi and the trailer is certainly in keeping with the style and tone of the Luc Besson and Mark Robert Kamen-written and produced action trio. Take a look!

There is currently no scheduled release for this new series, however we’ll keep you up-to-date as soon as we have confirmation. The first season will have a total of eight episodes and if a success, expect a follow-up season to contain even more.

Source: Cinemax