Yes, I know it could a spoiler in the title but really, it’s just a terrible play on words. However *CHARACTER SPOILER ALERT* from THN as we’ve discovered there are some set photos with certain familiar faces roaming the web. Any DOCTOR WHO fan will know that usually, it’s very rare to see any behind-the-scenes photos before the series is released but the Christmas special (Episode 6 of Series 7) can be a different beast, with stars clambering for their moment to get into the TARDIS. It’s already been announced that Brit acting hero Richard E Grant will play a part and there is also intrigue in space and time over which specific role, what do you think?

Add your comments below but just before, here are those stills…let the ideas of plot begin!

It’s safe to say that a Victorian theme going with Tom Ward and DOCTOR WHO’s new assistant Jenna-Louise Coleman. There is also Liz White (LIFE ON MARS), Catrin Stewart and Dan Starkey who were both last seen in A Good Man Goes To War plus Neve McIntosh as Vastra the Silurian. DOCTOR WHO returns this autumn to the BBC.

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