Of all the major films this year, PROMETHEUS was arguably the most anticipated. Thirty-three years in the making, it promised to return artistic integrity to one of cinema’s most beloved but consistently disappointing franchises. It mattered not that Ridley Scott hasn’t made a solid film for years, or that LOST ‘writer’ Damon Lindelof had penned the script – it was sure to be epic, terrifying, and most important of, a satisfying exploration of the most intriguing questions posed by ALIEN all those years before. What a crushing blow to discover that, in fact, PROMETHEUS sucked balls. Nice and shiny to look at perhaps, and aided by an absolutely sublime performance from The Fass, PROMETHEUS was an incoherent mess, the result of nonsensical plotting and delusions of grandeur and intelligence… And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for the ALIEN movies. Apparently, the sequel PARADISE is already in the works, looking to answer the questions PROMETHEUS just point blank ignored. To ensure PARADISE doesn’t also suck major balls, THN has put together this wish list for Scott and Lindelof, who will take note if they know what’s good for them…

Make It One Thing Or The Other

‘ALIEN DNA,’ said Ridley Scott during production, emphasizing the fact PROMETHEUS was not a prequel, but was nevertheless set in the same universe. It turns out that the phrase had double meaning, as genetics played a major part on the story. Yes, Scott and Lindelof fancied his movie to be a cerebral piece about the nature of creation and the discovery of dangerous truths. But that didn’t stop them cramming as many horror conventions into middle act as humanly possible, which can be summarized thusly: characters wandering into places they shouldn’t and doing silly things that completely oppose commonsense or contradict earlier actions for the sake of being killed or chased. That’s fine for a horror B-movie, but for a film apparently looking to answer the meaning of life, something a bit more challenging is required. That doesn’t mean PARADISE can’t have sequences of high tension and horror, but for the love of god, think about what you’re writing. Isn’t this meant to be groundbreaking cinema? Then make it fucking groundbreaking and don’t wheel out every tired convention we’ve seen a thousand times. Any ambition of tackling weighty subject matter in PROMETHEUS was quickly undermined by the piss-poor plotting. We all love a bit of terror, but it’s much scarier when it makes sense.

Aliens, Aliens, Aliens, Aliens, Aliens, Aliens, Aliens… Did We Mention Aliens?

Despite Scott’s protests that PROMETHEUS was not an ALIEN movie, did anyone actually expect it to feature no Xenomorphs? Of course not. We were all hoping for some poncing around for 90 minutes before the alien turned up and murdered everyone to a chorus of cheers. But no, he had to be fucking difficult, didn’t he? And tacking that bit on the end during which the Xenomorph-in-the-making bursts out of the Space Jockey… sorry, Engineer’s chest was just rubbing the extra-salty spunk in the gaping wound of disappointment. This time, let’s have some sodding Xenomorphs. And failing that, let’s have a proper substitute. For instance: no big squidgy mandible vagina monsters – they are not interesting or scary; no wormy penis things that look like facehuggers but aren’t – they are also not interesting or scary; no rubbish interpretations of characters featured in the previous films that sparked imagination and debate for 30 years – see PROMETHEUS’ race of butched-up Richard O’Briens… sorry Engineers – they are especially not interesting or scary. Let’s make sure PARADISE has some proper monsters, ones that make sense and enhance the ALIEN universe – not water it down further than it has been already.

Make It… Erm, Make Sense

Why would the crew of PROMETHEUS travel all that way without knowing what their mission was? And why does Peter Weyland pretend to be dead? Why would you not be at least a little cautious when coming into contact with a little alien species that clearly look quite dangerous? Why does David infect what’s-his-face with the black goo? And what is the goo? And why does it affect what’s-his-face in one way but the other fella nobody cares about another way completely? And why’s that bloke suddenly a crab monster? How come Guy Pearce has been cast even though he’s meant to be old as shit? And why is no one relatively surprised when it turns out he’s alive? Or when he ventures out to find the meaning of life? And how come Shaw is running around even though a set of salad tongs has just performed an abortion on her? And why hasn’t she told anyone about the vagina monster she’s locked in the room and abandoned, like a wasp trapped in a pint glass waiting to hurt someone? AND WHY ON EARTH SHOULD WE GIVE A SHIT?! Whoever is in charge of PARADISE, please – make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Let Somebody Else ‘Engineer’ It

Time for some straight talking. Ridley Scott – this has apparently been a passion project of yours for 30 years, yet this is the best you can come up with. That, my friend, is worrying. But your films look nice and you can still amp up the tension when needed. But you need a trusty writer, someone who can meld the admittedly fascinating themes you’ve provided with a thoughtful and engaging story. Time for some even straighter talking. Damon Lindelof – your scripts are shit. I’m sorry, but they are, and you had no business writing a film with as much potential as PROMETHEUS. Basically, you’re off the team. And don’t give us that crap about the film not being complete without the sequel – all films should stand alone as a singular coherent piece of work. And it’s fine to leave questions in the ether, but not at the expense at answering absolutely nothing and not concluding your story properly. Also don’t start endorsing theories from random bloggers as if that’s what you secretly had in mind all along just because their ideas are better than yours. Make way for someone who knows what they’re doing, something who can ensure PARADISE is everything PROMETHEUS should have been but wasn’t. You’ve only got yourself to blame – you ballsed in right up.

PARADISE is set for release 2015. May god have mercy on us all.


  • Right on the money. While each part alone may have been interesting, if developed properly, it becomes a cluster of confusing creatures and mutations and plot twists. The biggest let-down of the summer.

  • Jam99es

    The people that say this movie sucked, need to add: ‘in my opinion.’ Many of us thoroughly enjoyed it and reviews were mostly positive according to rottentomatoes and metacritic. So pipe down.

  • Luke Ryan Baldock

    It’s completely unnecessary to add ‘in my opinion’ because anyone with a brain knows it is the author’s opinion. Can you imagine reading a review (good or bad) where the author continuously had to state that it was their opinion? “The acting was good in my opinion, but in my opinion it was let down by…”

    Anyways, I’ve yet to see Prometheus, so unfortunately I cannot read this article yet, but I’m looking forward to doing so once I give it a gander.

  • Ted

    “in my opinion”… This review sucks. Prometheus has been very well received & is the highest grossing film in the Alien franchise. So yep… Pipe down.

  • this guy is an idiot

    what a terrible review written by a junior high drop out.

  • Markus

    I enjoyed the movie quite a bit, but not as the masterpiece everyone hoped it would be.
    So, enjoyable movie, but everything in this review still rings very true.

  • keltari

    The good news is that Prometheus was better than The Dark Knight Returns, but then again, TDKR was horrible…

  • try again

    If you really need every question answered and every character’s motivation to be explained to you, try reading a book. All we needed were hints at the motivations of David and Weyland to make them interesting characters. Besides, his dying nature alone is reason enough to make him disregard safety procedures. Geez. Sorry you wanted it to be more explanatory. I guess seeing Xenomorphs kill would have made sense to you because you’ve seen it before.

  • Paul

    The Dark Knight Returns? Get the title right before you comment genius.

    And Prometheus (while very good) wasn’t even close to the epic nature of TDKR.

    Beat it FFS!

  • silent j

    i am shocked to see so many pro prometheus comments on a talkback. i’ve got admit i was highly disappointed by the film for exactly the reasons this reviewer laid out. the best part of the film was the theological debate my wife and i had after seeing it, she thought it was an atheist movie while i thought it was about faith through adversity. but the movie itself, beyond the great effects and acting, was a mess.i don’t need everything spelled out for me but if i have to fill every plot hole with my own explaination then why do i even need to know anything about what happened in this universe pre ripley.
    if the sequel doesn’t answer all the questions they left hanging, whatever. i don’t think they have the answers anyway. but at least give me some more logical plotting and motivations. in my opinion, for what its worth.

  • Arco

    The thing I’m most amazed at, is the desperate intensity with which a small amount of viewers try to defend it. Believe me, I WANTED to like it! But this reviewer is correct in everything he said. Hell, I could write a sizable essay about all the many ways in which this script was in incoherent mess! What a crushing disappointment…

    And the defenses usually boil down to a few types:
    -“Well, *I* liked it!”
    Brilliant argument, as always…

    -“You shouldn’t CARE about the stuff that you care about, like all those plotholes, lack of common sense from the characters or the writer, or all the points/subplots/questions and themes that in the end, go entirely unresolved or addressed!!”
    Well, many of us DO care about movies we really hope to enjoy. Sorry.

    -“Here’s a huge bunch of theories that desperately tries to explain away all the many faults and cracks!”
    Which, as the article already pointed out, usually just results in demonstrating greater skill and imagination from that fan than the scriptwriter had. And I’ve STILL yet to see an attempt at this that really succeeds.

    Between this and his previous work, I’m kind of avoiding anything that says ‘Written by Damon Lindelof’ by now.

  • CG

    No wait, you suck on understanding the whole picture of the film. Quite different.

  • Elijah

    In my opinion!.. I enjoyed the movie and thankful for the new material that was presented. I don’t care much for the minute details about why such and such person didn’t do this or say that because it’s a movie made to entertain and I was entertained. 30 Years from now when all the loose ends are tied up everyone will love the franchise as a whole. If people have such trivial problems such as those mentioned, put yourself through school, write a script, get it made into a movie that no one will probably watch. Can’t wait for the sequel!

  • Ali

    The best Prometheus review out there.

    On point.

  • silent j

    Don’t get me wrong i wanted to like this movie, Alien and Aliens are 2 of my favorite movies. Ridley Scott wanting to expand on the most mysterious aspect (space jockey)of the universe he helped create was an incredibly interesting idea. And since the subject matter of creation and meaning of life is meant for the viewers to question for themselves, i don’t expect them to wrap everything up nice and neat. I just want something close to the level of story telling that I got from the original.
    My biggest problems with the movie weren’t even listed above. *Spoilers* Why did the mapmaking geologist and the cowardly biologist, after not wanting to open the vault and leaving the party, only to get lost (he was the one who brought the mapmaking tech), then decide to set camp in the very room they were trying to escape? And when running from a crashing circular starship, why do continue to run into its shadow instead of sidestepping it? Have they never seen a cartoon?
    Its these seemingly little mistakes that take you out of the movie and make you ask Are you Serious? rather than Why are we here? I’m still looking forward to a sequel but they have step it up. You don’t have to make movies to want to appreciate a good one.

  • steve

    When they saw this cut they should have done some reshoots, Its almost like they thought “the audience is stupid, watch them eat this crap up and call us geniuses” Ego got in the way of this one

  • LOL

    “did anyone actually expect it to feature no Xenomorphs?”. Yes if you paid fucking attention before the film was released. Going to watch the film with preconceptions is the writers problem, noone elses.

    The only point I agree with is the one about characters doing utterly stupid things just to keep the story heading one way, they have years to write a script and still can’t think of something clever.

    As for the rest…

  • 911critic

    okay first of all Prometheus didn’t suck, it explained ever point of detail extremely well. Not only that they had amazing plot and detail. Your opinion is very biased due to the fact this was a PREQUEL explaining how Aliens came to be. I loved the visual effects, and storyline. Its a shame people get paid to talk crap about good movies, that don’t get recognized enough.

  • Art

    Damon Lindelof might be a great writer for SpongeBob-Squarepants. LOST was complete idiocy and the writing for PROMETHEUS was worse than pure abomination. That’s it for me, no more wasted time on Ridley Scott movies until such time as he hires a WRITER.

  • Art

    Thank you Tom Fordy. You wrote what is in many of our minds. More precisely, those of us with an IQ above 80 that is. To defend this film as great is to be conned by visuals. Yes, visually stunning, but the story, the actual STORY could have been better written by High School students. Yeah I know, lots of commentators here RAVE and LOVED this film but I suspect most of them are have ADHD, sorry to say.

  • Mart

    Couldn’t agree more. So much in this movie went unexplained (certainly not every point extremely well). There was a complete lack of humanism and common sense in every character except Fassbenders robot. My pet peeves are the main character running around after her abortion, not even stopping for a coffee and a nice sit down, let alone telling anyone what she’s just been through. Also, on such a small ship, how come we don’t see the rest of the crew until so near the end? And my favourite- ‘Right lads, we’re going to fly into that spaceship over there, OK?’ ‘Sure, I’m in!’

    A confused mess that explains nothing, but just throws in new situations to keep the plot moving. So disappointed.

  • Landon

    This movie sucked. All of you saying “It made lots of money” or “it got good reviews” still haven’t been able to make a clear argument as to WHY IT DIDNT SUCK?
    I found myself counting ceiling tiles and fans in the theater less than halfway through and couldn’t bring myself to leave only cause I was broke and couldn’t stand to waste my $10!

    Ive seen old b movies from the 1950’s that used the same predictable pilot points in much smarter ways, other than the visuals, there was nothing redeeming about this..a true let down.

  • antonio

    I will admit that Prometheus wasn’t the best but it is no where as bad as everyone is making it out to be. It was clearly made to be a franchise, if u haven’t notice. Also its ok if u dont like a movie but please avoid cussing and coming off as pompous cause it makes you sound like an angry ranting idiot that does not know what he is talking about and you don’t get points across.

  • THGhost

    Prometheus rocks, stfu Tom Fordy!

  • BuckarooTrooper

    Amazing how much this “terrible” movie has generated dissertations on what was wrong with it. I agree with one reviewer that said in five years, this movie will be shown in college film classes for the masterpiece that it is.

    The symbolism, overtures, imagery and brilliance were top notch.

    I’ve seen this four times at the theater and could easily watch it three or four times again. Oddly, every person I’ve seen it with has absolutely loved it.

    The love of this movie is not for what it could have been but simply for what it is. Fun, engaging and perfectly executed.

  • mr boogity

    prometheus was a teaser but a fascinating movie. the rewatch value of the blu ray is gonna be major.

  • IGotBupkis, Legally Defined Cyberbully in All 57 States

    }}}} “Prometheus Sucks! How To Make Sure The Sequel Doesn’t”

    Don’t make it.

  • common sense

    I will say straight out that I liked this movie. I don’t think it left any unanswered questions as it only took a little bit of thought to connect the dots and the plot flowed from the first scene to the the last with absolutely no strain on the brain to keep up with what was happening.
    So many comments about the woman being up and about after the fetus extraction, well it is a sci-fi movie…set in the future, so is it not too much to imagine that the machine dispenses more superior drugs than are available today. Also in the aftermath of that who would be thinking clearly as to her behavior. Saw one comment on another site about the two women running away from the falling ship directly in its path, watch a few other movies and see how many people run away from cars chasing them….straight down the road in front of the car. If anyone had a ship like that coming down threatening to make you a smudge on the landscape, they would be able to think straight enough to think..oh I have to run to the side or it’s going to flatten me..yer right! Most people would just freak and run.
    Re the in my opinion comments, the author of this whiny “critique” does imply that he speaks for more than just himself by the use of “we were all hoping for…”so while he doesn’t have to use “in my opinion”, he should also not tone his comments as if he speaks for all of us who have seen the movie and in fact totally disagree with his comments. Like someone else up there said, if you are so damn good, make your own movie instead of tearing down the work of others. In my opinion, movie critics should have been marooned on the planet along with the hairdressers and advertising salespeople in Douglas Adams’ story!

  • common sense

    Sorry, I meant to say ..for all of us who have seen the movie and in some cases totally disagree..

  • Bear

    I have to agree. Prometheus was very shiny, but apart from that it was mess. The script was dreadful. Fortunately I had a $10 coupon code and saw it at a matinee, making it effectively free, and fortunately it was mostly forgettable.

  • Garrett

    I will come out and say, I fucking loved this movie. I can’t for sure say if it’s the mystery provided or the simple fact Ridley Scott ‘fans’ just aren’t getting the picture at all. Now that you know what I will say is totally opinionated(like everyone already mentioned) and biased, I really want to find out how people get jobs or their work published on sites like this. If all I have to do is bitch and moan about the smallest and most inferior details of a movie and then add the all so witty SUCKS BALLS or SUCKS ASSHOLE or FUCK THIS MOVIE, you know, those phrases every great journalist and writer uses in published articles, then I would be a millionaire. Seriously people, watch the movie and shut your brain off. Stop thinking about it for one second and watch it. If you watch this movie with the sole intent of ‘I read some douche-nozzle’s article on a movie website that said this sucked and this and this and this didn’t make sense and there were SO many questions to be answered!’ then you will watch the movie looking for those flaws. Take one second and think about literally(and I am not joking here) EVERY single movie you’ve seen in your life. When you(author of this article) were watching Twilight and drooling over how great the acting was and how there were no plot holes whatsoever, there are still questions you ask either out loud or to yourself or in your brain. When you ask questions about a movie, that means something didn’t make sense to you the first time. It DOES NOT automatically render the plot to swiss cheese and completely discredit Scott like he’s never made a god damn film before. Stop asking questions if you aren’t wanting answers(which he clearly stated he left unanswered questions for the sake of a prequel and to, you know, make you think a little bit).

  • Garrett

    And to add, I didn’t even read the point’s the writer made until just now. Your point’s have more holes in them then you were even able to pull out your ass for the movie.

    ‘For instance: no big squidgy mandible vagina monsters – they are not interesting or scary; no wormy penis things that look like facehuggers but aren’t – they are also not interesting or scary;’

    Nah none of that stuff is interesting or scary. It’s all dick’s and pussies. Now here’s what he states in the NONE OF DIS MADE A LICKA SANSE! point:

    ‘Why would you not be at least a little cautious when coming into contact with a little alien species that clearly look quite dangerous?’

    BECAUSE MAN! YOU JUST SAID THAT’S UNINTERESTING AND NOT SCARY! DUHHHHHHHHHHH! Why would a couple of scientists who deal with crazy shit all day be scared of a little dick monster that pops up out of some water? You said so yourself, that is nothing to be scared of, why the fuck would they be scared?

    I really don’t want to reduce your whole entire article to a pile of steamy human by-product, because I really don’t care, but I did want to let you know how it feels when someone COMPLETELY disregards anything you say and goes straight to defense looking for any holes or mistakes you might have made.

  • Qner

    I get slowly the idea that people who like Prometheus also like Lost 🙂 Such people are really strange to me. What would we be without a bit diversity. But I really hope that such people aren’t at the top of the society let alone in the scientific area…

  • Am I the only person that understood Prometheus? Although slow starting; I found the plot to be very foundational towards the history of the Xenomorphs. It even left the doors wide open, for the history of the Predator race, and the giant Predators. They’re all weapons in the Engineer civil war.

    Admittedly, acting was an issue. Elba should have been cast differently. Fassbender was amazing.

  • Red

    The losers are the one’s that want everything to be perfect and tip top about a movie whether it’s directing, writing, or acting. I for one found District 9 to be poorly directed and acted in some aspects yet told a very good but not very new story. With Prometheus, it had good directing and acting, and that’s good enough for me, the script was written by an idiot, so there is news the sequel will be without that specific guy. So let us hope a very imaginative and fairly enjoyable movie like Prometheus has a sequel that involves a better open window for a much more sturdy writer like Duncan Jones or Neil Blomkamp. Prometheus was a let down for fans, but it’s a very well told sci fi flick to be honest -_-

  • matt greene

    Tom Fordy thank you i will now ignore anything you have to say about any movie from now on…wow…sucked balls? really?.. haha so if they answered all the questions for you why and how would they make a sequel? it was an amazing set up movie and i can’t wait for what is to come in 2015!!! you are clearly an idiot trying to get hits on your website by jumping on the “i hate Prometheus” bandwagon…if you want an intelligent hypothesis on the movie check this out

  • matt greene

    and Garrett amazing post 🙂

  • a reason for the running in a straight line to avoid the falling ship(which also annoyed me) i only noticed after watching it again.. there was flying debris landing either side of the ships shadow, In my opinion(lol) they were trying to avoid it until they found a safe spot to dive out of the way that didnt have lots of falling metal.

  • opps forgot to add great review… agree with everything you said.. also loved the comment of one of the readers who said something along the lines of “if i have to fill in the plots holes and use my imagination to come up with my own answers,, then why dont i imagine the whole movie and save the 10 bucks 🙂 classic….

  • tom

    I would normally leave a well worded and intelligent response on this type of report so as not to cause offense and generally….play the game, but on this occassion, as Mr Fordy likes to use colorful langauge and bash other people, I’m happy that I have an excuse to talk normally.
    TOM……you are a fucking moron! You are obvioulsy so thick and have so much shit for brains that people like you are the reasons that thought provoking, brain teasing, original and dynamic movie making doesn’t get funded, because arse holes like you are too fucking thick to understand the plots. I didn’t see anyone wander into places that they shouldn’t. People do silly things when they are confronted with fear and the unknown. The movie expanded on the Alien franchise, it didn’t water it down you fucking donkey! How do you side step a gigantic crashing star ship?? The black goo was never explained so why make a comment on the different effects that it has on its hosts. We are after all dealing with substances and beings that are millions of years more advanced than us. You make so many assuming comments that it is mind boggling. The movie is meant to be open ended and original. Thank fuck you had no hand in it because you are a total nonse!

  • tom

    Oh and by the way…GARRET…you are the man! I’m on the same boat as you. I was going to poke a million different holes in this article but Tom Fordy is obviously such a fucking moron that he would just get lost. The sad thing is that soeone lets this dickweed write for a major web site! That’s confusing!!!!!

  • John

    Tom Fordy’s right, Prometheus blew chunks all over the Sci-Fi genre, and I blame everyone involved. I can’t believe that not even Ridley Scott can make a good Alien movie, then again he hasn’t done anything good since Black Hawk Down and Damon Lindelof can’t be trusted to write a elementary school play. At least they ignored those awful AVP movies, I’ll give them credit for that. The Alien franchise is so screwed up now it’s practically reboot proof.

  • John

    @Big Shef What the hell do the Engineers have to do with the Predator race. Don’t tell me that you’re referring to those god forsaken AVP movies. Those aren’t canon. Predator is a separate franchise.

  • tom

    @John. The alien franchise is so screwed up now it’s practically reboot proof???? Erm….If it is so screwed up does that not make it good for a reboot? Normally when movies have stopped making money and the franchise is no longer viable then they go for the reboot. I think we have confirmed that with that comment then your opinion is about as viable as the complete dobber that wrote this article.

  • silent j

    Thank you, Nathan, for giving the most reasonable explanation so far for trying to outrun a crashing space- horseshoe. Still wouldn’t it have been better to chance the debris? Its still like trying get away from a speeding train by running down the tracks. And how could a woman shown to be in peak physical condition, be out run by a post op patient? Whatever. Its another fill in the blank question that I shouldn’t dare to ask while watching all the metaphorical symbolism, apparently.
    I get that people like this movie. I’m not trying to say you shouldn’t or that you’re stupid for doing so, but no one is saying why its good or why its a masterpiece or what all its detractors are missing. I’m not even saying Ridley Scott is past his prime. I’ve always enjoyed his movies (even A Good Year, a movie i can’t defend beyond that i liked it). But if you really want to argue with this reviewer, then say what you took away from this movie rather than question his qualifications for saying he wants the sequel to be better.

  • Scoop

    Everything was explained pretty clearly. Though I still agree the movie was a letdown.

  • waltongoggins

    Still laughing at “The Dark Knight Returns”.

  • Alex

    This “critic” has no idea what is he is talking about. If he actually paid attention and didn’t expect the movie to just hurl answers to him then he probably would have had a better time. If he wants a movie that just blatantly answers your questions then go watch a kids film. This movie was so suppose to be the “hypothesis” of the series, have some patience and everything will be answered. Unless your an idiot like this guy.

  • Art

    I’ve noticed that the “critics” here who really really enjoyed the movie generally are the ones that write things like “f**king moron”, “DUHHHHHHHHHHH!”, “I f**king love this movie”…

    I see a trend here.

    The movie was visually stunning. The disjoint nonsensical script was really written for LOST I think.

  • Steve

    So by the comments it appears I either have to defend the movie with my dying breath or discredit anyone who liked it as a drooling moron. No room for anything in between. Well, it’s possible to see Prometheus’ many flaws (all in the script) and still feel it was a worthy and fascinating addition to the Alien franchise. But I don’t generally think in binary so maybe that’s my problem.

  • Canalus

    People really need to realize that “I like it” and “it’s good” are not the same thing. I like Prometheus for what it was, a fun B-movie and a quasi-prequel to one of my fav horror/sci-fi films, but I’m smart enough to realize the script sucked and made no It’s OK if you like it, but don’t fool yourself thinking it’s good for you.

  • Canalus

    Duh, I erased a line. I meant “it’s kinna like fast food, it’s OK if you like it, but don’t fool yourself thinking it’s good for you”.

  • tom

    No people that is not the case at all. The writer is a fucking moron because of the nonsense points that he makes! It’s as simple as that! People on this page are making the most staggering and idiotic comments. THATS what gets people wound up! If you ar going to say something, then make sure that it makes sense. No one is saying that everyone has to love the movie and people ar entitled to opinions but at least make your opinion make sense or piss off out of it! The movie is not supposed to answer questions, it is supposed to make you feel confused and leave room for a follow up. The whole idea of the crew going on a journey into the unknown is what the director wants the audience to feel too. Our journey is not complete yet, our questions aren’t answered, we never found what we were looking for, we are unsure of what the future holds….JUST LIKE ELZABETH SHAW!!!! It’s called talented movie making. The reason why not so many of these movies get made is because of pig shit for brains western society Americans don’t wan to see a thinking persons movie!. Look at the quality of the movies coming out of Middle and Eastern Europe these days…..they are far better in terms of the shit that gets churned out of America. British director Ridley Scott broke off from the norm and shot a movie that was modern, inquisitive and different. Aimed at people with an IQ higher than 80. How did a post op female outrun a perfectly fit one, Silent j??? Because she was trapped in a ditch that she couldn’t get out of, she was running on flat ground. Had you watched the movie properly, you would have saw that dip shit! And Canalus……a B movie is a low budget, cheap cast and inexpensive movie, sometimes an arthouse movie or a movie shot to try and draw attention to up and coming actors or directors. As Prometheus does not tag any of the these facts that makes you a moron too!

  • Luke

    I’m sorry. I title was interesting, but I could not get through all that. I think it was written terrible and I am not writer. Rather embarrassing I feel. It is like going to the movies with your friend who swears too much and then bags the movie afterwards for days.

  • stan

    One of the better reviews I’ve seen ,Prometheus was not an awful film,but it wasn’t a good one either. the following is very true.

    “Time for some even straighter talking. Damon Lindelof – your scripts are shit. I’m sorry, but they are, and you had no business writing a film with as much potential as PROMETHEUS. Basically, you’re off the team. And don’t give us that crap about the film not being complete without the sequel – all films should stand alone as a singular coherent piece of work. And it’s fine to leave questions in the ether, but not at the expense at answering absolutely nothing and not concluding your story properly.”

  • Tue Sorensen

    This is a monumentally arrogant and self-important article which is incapable of seeing the bigger picture. In my opinion, Prometheus is, like other Ridley Scott movies have been (say, Blade Runner), deeply misunderstood and will gradually become a cult classic in the eyes of posterity. Let me tell you why: This movie is about *alien ethics*; the inscrutable spirituality of an alien culture. Those aliens create other sentient cultures (like humanity on Earth), and try to shepherd them in the direction they think is right, and have no compunctions about eradicating them again if they’re developing in a direction they don’t like. Hence, Jesus was such an alien shepherd and when he was crucified, the aliens realized that humanity was evil (in their eyes) and decided to destroy us. Only, their own weapons got out and they didn’t get the chance to destroy Earth at the time.

    The movie is about the encounter with incomprehensibly alien creatures, complete with an alien spirituality. In Prometheus, this concept comprises a super-structure on top of the basic theme of all the Alien movies: that messing with things we don’t understand, incl. mother nature, is deeply ill-advised and leads to catastrophe.

    The culture and practices of the human aliens in Prometheus are not supposed to make sense to us; they are too alien. Their culture exists and acts on a much broader canvas than we can immediately apprehend.

    That’s why this is a GREAT science fiction movie. And also why the sequel will be extremely interesting; it will give us the other half of this story.

  • Donna

    Thanks for the laughs.
    Nothing will ever come close to Alien or Aliens,
    and Prometheus had me scratching my head, but still
    fun Sci-Fi movie.

  • Liam

    U real mate! Is a good movie and if your after rampaging aliens it’s been DONE! let me guess your the guy who thinks alien vs preditor is epic!

  • tom

    @ Tue Sorensen. Never a truer word said. A good take on the movie if not a little too religously indepth. At least you have the intelligence level to see that the movie was a little more than just a magnificent set piece with crashing space ships and confusing characters. Lets look at it this way. If the world wss full of intelligent people then we wouldnt need governments would we? It is in actual fact full of fucking morons including people like Tom Fordy who do not know their arse hole from their elbow. Let people like him be at peace with themselves, it’s pointless to try and make them see any sense, it’s just the way of things I’m afraid and there isn’t much hope left.

  • Terry

    Finally got around to seeing this move at the dollar theater. Thank goodness I waited and saved my money. I agree with the writer of the article completely. This movie was horrible. This movie was slapped together so sloppily that halfway through I knew that I had been scammed. It was like Ridley Scott saw what was happening with the Transformers movies and knew that all he had to do was crap out any movie… any fucking movie… that had an Alien tinge to it and he would make millions. I also doubt that the the director and/or writer have even thought about what the sequel to this piece of crap will be. If they even think for a second that they have everything all planned for the second to explain away all the crap from the first… the they are full of shit. They pieced this first POS together so shabbily that I seriously doubt they even have clue how they are going to put the second one together. This felt like they were filming and writing the script at the same time. Contrary to what others have said, I understood what was happening but it doesn’t change the fact that this was 2 hours of some really stupid shit. I will go as far to say that I hated this movie… it was that bad.

  • tom

    The reason that you, Terry, are struggling to see how they will put together a second movie is that you are so dumb that someone should have cut off your balls at birth to save you contaminating the rest of the world. If you are goinbg to save any more money, why not save up for a ticket into space and throw yourself out the nearest air lock?

  • Rob

    Tue & Tom I agree with the tío of you. Apparently all of the nay sayers leed to be spoon fed a plot and dont hace the capacity to open their minds and sed the bigger picture. To them I say “douche bags Ridley said it wasnt an Alien movie just part of the same universe”. Ir you want to see Xenomorphs watch all of the previous films. Im exited to see where Ridley takes us next.

  • Lucy

    Spoon fed a plot? Would help if the plot made any sense at all. You talk about Scott saying it wasn’t an alien movie but part of the same universe, yet you will forgive the film for its open ended plot lines as there will be a sequel that will explain all as its part of the franchise?? Make your minds up, its either an alien film or it isn’t and if you need help with that then the alien bursting out of the gut at the end gives you a big clue!

    I love the alien films and did enjoy this film, however this does not mean I am not disappointed. I’m all for using my own brain to fill in the gaps but it is not the viewers responsibility to create their own story! If Ridley Scott is so passionate about his theories then he should make more effort into finding a writer that can communicate them effectively rather than leaving everyone hanging.

    And all you smart arses that reckon you understand it all… please fill me in… what is the black goo? Why does it affect everyone differently? Why does Shaw give birth to a weird squid when it starts off as a worm kind of thing? Why does the first alien film show the engineer sat in his ship even though he leaves to chase after Shaw and then dies? Why is there a statue of the alien similar to as we already know it in the chamber of black goo? Please enlighten me cos these questions only scratch the surface and I think Scott has ripped viewers off with his half arsed film that does not even make sense having seen all the other alien films, let alone being a stand alone film.

    I really hope the sequel restores the what is otherwise excellent alien franchise.

  • Tue Sorensen

    The nature of the black goo is pretty self-evident from the events and the context, I think. The black goo is genetically engineered biological nano-weaponry designed with the plasticity required to adapt to every sort of environment (host organisms, typically) and prey upon it. The black goo is the original genetic template for the aliens, which are in a state of constant evolutionary flux, suiting themselves to whichever specific environment they find themselves in. Every host organism is different, and the first couple of generations of the goo, once activated, will adapt in subtly different ways, creating different kinds of monstrosities. But what we see at the end of Prometheus (the squid-like thing attacking the human alien) is clearly a large version of what will later evolve into the classic facehugger.

  • Tim

    Ok. I seem to be seeing a lot of Prometheus defenders. I would like to say that I like a good mystery. Prometheus was not a good mystery. Like LOST it would ask a lot of questions and not answer any of them. If you want to give a reply of how I’m some driveling moron who needs to be spoon fed everything, just shut up. That’s ad hominem. Don’t attack the person when you disagree with them.

    I saw the movie with some family. A few cousins, my aunt, and my dad. We all went in with some positive expectations, but nothing extreme. None of us liked it. At all. In the words of Noomi Rapace, “We were wrong! We were so wrong!” My aunt had picked the movie, and apologized to all of us for it. I was the only person who hadn’t seen Alien or Aliens, so I didn’t know anything about the franchise. Even then I was disappointed with how this movie was a disjointed mess. I could go on about how none of the movie made sense (it didn’t), but I’ll just give a few points.

    I don’t need everything spoon fed to me, but I want some answers. If all you do is ask questions, and then never elaborate on them, you’re not doing something smart. That’s bad writing. Just because something wasn’t answered doesn’t mean you made a point on the human condition. This is what made LOST so interesting, and then disappointing. There were so many mysteries that you were trying to come up with answers for, and when they were answered, more questions popped up. Prometheus seemed like it didn’t want to commit to anything. Following a random events plot, people doing stupid stuff and getting killed left and right, there were no real answers. I left the movie feeling as if I had missed something, and when I talked to my family, they all felt the same way. Speaking of a fear of commitment….

    Inconsistent themes. I can’t decide what the theme of the movie was, mostly because it couldn’t figure it out itself. Was God fake? Do all religions lead to heaven? Were the Engineers really our “gods”? Should I be hopeful about the ending, or was it all just some nihilistic take on life? I was so confused throughout the whole movie. Not in an Inception way, where in the end you go “Ahhh, I get it now.” I was just…confused. It felt like there were half a dozen drafts that were chopped up and then taped back together. I really don’t know how anyone could really enjoy this movie. I guess if you liked the convoluted mess of a story LOST was, you’d love the convoluted mess of a story Prometheus is.

    Forgettable characters. Really, how am I supposed to care about characters when I can’t even remember their names? There’s David, played by the immensely talented Fassbender, and….Shaw. I only remember her name because I saw it here in the comments. There was the geologist and biologist guys, who were underutilized as characters. There was the guy who was in Dark Blue. There was Vickers, the captain, And Weyland. Do you really expect me to be sad to see characters that I don’t really know die? It was more frustrating that they were just so stupid. I was rolling my eyes at the deaths, and looking away because the deaths were disturbing. I expected death, but gosh dangit. Do you really have to go out of your way to cause them that much pain? I found it more of a distraction than anything. It’s a failure of storytelling if people don’t care about what happens.

    If the movie requires me to come up with all the answers, there’s something wrong. Yes, leave a few mysteries for the audience. If you answer absolutely everything then there won’t be anything to talk about. But if you answer nothing, don’t expect me to step up and do the hard work for you. Lazy writing like this is what ruins stories. They don’t want to really commit to one idea, or answer any questions because there is no answer. That’s the hard truth I learned from my years of watching LOST. Prometheus, whether you enjoyed it or not, was not a masterpiece of storytelling. If you like it, fine. I know people who I consider intelligent who liked the LOST ending. It baffles the mind, but it happens.

    Here are some articles that might help.

    You can disagree with me all you want. Prometheus was even more disappointing than The Legend of Korra. I welcome a respectful rebuttal, but if you’re just going to insult me, don’t expect a reply.

  • Tiger

    You must have been asleep the entire time to not get a movie. If this was hard to get, you must have exploded watching inception.

  • Tim

    I was very disappointed in this movie, I just could not get away from the stupid stupid decisions of the characters, did not care for them either and thought the writing was clumsy-how it tried to jam all the separate themes together. It doesn’t work, its not scary, not tense, not epic – just messy and stupid.

  • Jorge

    Did we actually see the same movie?
    Do you even know ANYTHING about the Alien franchise or about FILMS??
    I think that probably (I don’t know why) you were expecting an action/horror film, thank God, Scott took this franchise to a completely different level.
    I think that many people here should either read a little bit of the diverse theories of the origin of life or at LEAST watch the first Alien movie and then you can start giving an opinion of something that you obviously didn’t understand.
    Or just when this kind of movies are released ignore them and watch your Twilight DVD.

  • tom

    Ha-ha…high five Jorge and once again, thankyou Tue Sorensen for your words of wisdom. Now enter the next moron who doesn’t read any of the above posts and wades in and complains about the confusing story line. Tim and Lucy…..our eyes are on you. These movies aren’t for you types of people. Lol at Tim. You went with your Aunt and you have never saw the Alien movies? People like you who then come in and complain about the movie make me want to give up hope in the human race in general!!!!!!!!!

  • LaTerra

    Prometheus is not that bad.
    It certainly add more questions than answers, and has some stupid points like, how these two guys get lost, or why the biologist behaves like a kid when they find the “snake”.
    However looking at the current cinema scene, with a lot of crappy films, it’s a must see movie.
    Btw Scott is Alien’s creator and he deserves to tell the story as he likes, the same can be applied to Lucas for example, many people criticized the Star Wars prequels, but hey!, they are the story tellers.

  • Lucy

    You are mis-understanding my problem with the film… I am not a moron who just feels the need for a rant. I am massively into films and love Alien and am just disappointed with Scott’s quite frankly lazy effort at a “prequel”. I am not stupid and can come up with my own theories on the film but Scott does not even try to give it any structure.

    For example, if the engineers are meant to have created humans using the black goo (which is only ever implied by the characters whose intelligence is questionable) then that would have been billions of years ago? So they have had this goo all that time and all of a sudden this intelligent species can’t control it to the point where it wipes them out? Even though they are on separate ships it all still goes wrong at the same time (I only assume this since Shaw manages to walk straight on to another ship and took off so I’m guessing the same happened to them). Also if they really were intending to destroy humans (again only implied by character) then why did that engineer go after Shaw at the end when he let her go previously? Surely he would have just boarded another ship and continued on with his mission?

    Also I was under the impression the aliens are meant to have been created as weapons, and judging by the mural of one in Prometheus these creatures already exist (and obviously were not created by such a tenuous link as – goo ingested by human – sleeps with other human – give birth to facehugging squid – mixes with engineer – gut busting alien) So if this is the case and the aliens already exist, which they must do since the remains of the engineers show their chests have been burst through, then where the hell are they all? If these are the creatures they intended to create as a weapon then how did it go wrong? And how did the squid thing still end in the same result?… I say the same result but the alien is clearly different to the aliens in the original films so not quite sure how Scott intends to explain the evolution process there but hey what do I know… I’m just someone who shouldn’t be watching this kind of film apparantly!

    PS I did read all the above posts, just disagree. And Tue whilst I mostly agree with your black goo theory it just doesn’t follow completely… if the goo affects everything differently then why does it still come to the same conclusion ie the alien, through a different source as I mentioned above?

    And Tom people like you make me want to give up on the human race as your last post was purely to just attack others for having a different opinion… heaven forbid, rather than saying anything constructive yourself. And I don’t think that you can laugh at Tim for not having watched the Alien films, as I am pretty sure it is not a requirement, otherwise they would have bouncers at the cinema doors checking your knowledge on the topic before you went in you elitist moron!

  • Swampy Thang

    When film watchers generally and screen writers like DL particularly stop thinking like machines programmed into submission by major Hollywood players, movies like “Alien” would still be possible. Reboot!?! Do our heads really need to be unscrew-able like David’s and are those re- this re-that state of minds the products of extremely undeveloped imagination remains to be seen. When, in 30 years, we possibly praise “Prometheus” as with much vigor and intensity as “Alien,” then really god help us. Hm, I forgot where I was going with this…Anyhoo the script is underdeveloped, it doesn’t pull you in, doesn’t make you a part of it. It’s just thrills and bad acting…I like the scene where Shaw administers herself an abdominal surgery. And the storm scene. If there is a sequel, let someone else, older and experienced, write it. How about Cameron?:)

  • tom

    @lucy….are these the thoughts that go on in your head….where am I, what day is it, I like fluffy clouds, la, la, la, la, la…..???? It certainly seems so. I haven’t made any points??? I did make points in my very first post, you obviously missed that. I haven’t made any more because it’s pointless. Would you try and talk a slevering fool out of paying £100 for a handful of magic beans? Probably not as you would have more luck trying to teach a monkey how to drive a tractor, in this case both scenarios being an effort in futility just like trying to explain the story line of Prometheus to twits! Are you honestly that thick that you believe a talented film maker like Ridley Scott would leave so many plot holes in one of his movies. Years and years of film making and script writing and direction in the industry and you think that HE is the onewho has made a movie full of holes? Or do you think maybe….just maybe that the only thing that is full of holes is your brain? I’m not elitist, just a realist and people that go to see prequels for movies or even a movie that is based around another movie and hasn’t had the forethought or the sense to see the movie that that movie is refering to is an absolute lunatic…fact!

  • tom

    and BTW, it is Elitists that govern the planet and are in charge of the rest of the morons. Don’t make sweeping statements. If it wasn’t for them you would be sitting in a mucky puddle somewhere wondering where your next meal was coming from. No offense, it’s just the way of things I’m afraid.

  • Manny

    What a mean spirit, badly written and stupid article, shut the fuck up and fuck you!!!!!! Thanks!!

  • Lucy

    You made ONE point about the black goo being unexplained and that we shouldn’t be wondering why it affects everything differently and just accept it as gospel hahaha… and every post since then you have just abused everyone who has a different opinion than yours. No offence?! Believe me, none taken from you. And yes maybe I am thick enough to expect your perfectly talented director Scott should have created something with a bit more substance and depth rather than just throwing everything hes got at it without piecing any of it together and idiots like you lapping it up and bowing down to him thinking it’s genius.

    Enjoy the sequel…

  • tom

    Lucy, do you know what a sweeping statement is? Probably not. ‘The characters are paper thin and unbelievable’. That is sweeping because that is not true, even though that is something a lot of people say about the movie. Some characters were written that way, they are called ‘supporting actors’. The characterisation in the movie was no different from Alien or Aliens, but no one has EVER mentioned that those movies suffer from bad characterisation. Alien was such a diverse movie in 1979 that it never even gained critical or marketing success until the idiots of society caught up with reality and what eventually was recognised as talented film making. 50% of the characters in Alien were dead within the first hour of the movie….making stupid decisions like entering into a confined maze of tunnels to battle an 8 foot high creature that just lifted a grown man off of his feet and mauled him to death. So when people make idiotic statments like the characters were stupid and gave us nothing to care about, well…..have you ever heard of jumping on the band wagon? Probably not. That’s the power of the Internet for you! A place for morons to congregate and spout off a pile of hot steaming turd without fore thought or the ability to form a solid arguement without borrowing statements from other idiots. What I said about the black goo was that it was so alien to us and that it was manufactured by beings so far ahead of our understanding that we are SUPPOSED to be confused and jump to conclusions about the stuff. We are MEANT to feel that we can no relate to this alien culture or their technology. Tue Sorensen has a stab at explaining it. Maybe he is right and maybe he wrong…make up your own opinion. But wait…your opinion is just pointless! You just bitch and moan that it was too complicated for you and it doesn’t make sense without any other reason than you think that the director just plucked the idea out of his arse hole and went with the first thing that came to his mind. In actual fact when you look at the talent behind it, he done nothing of the sort. Any way, I don’t know why I’m wasting my time even trying to get you to see why people like you who make ‘sweeping’ statements wind me and other people up….jeez.

  • Coltaine777

    This writer of the article has made many good points. While I overall enjoyed the movie, it did have many holes and characters doing many non sensical things. Lindelof did butcher the script, just like he did the ending of LOST the bum the door and bring in a new writer. Is David Benioff available ?

  • Listen

    Terrible piece by someone who obviously hasn’t understood the theme of the film. The ‘Make It… Erm, Make Sense’ was a joke as all the answers are within the film.

  • Andrew

    Let’s just hope that the sequel will have a simple user guide to help those, like Tom, find complex, dynamic movies hard to follow. Perhaps there should be a pause function in the movie theatre, so that watchers can engrossed in the best movie in the year can help those who, like Tom, need a movie to join up all the dots for them. For those of you who wondered why Elizabeth got up after a caesarian, did you notice the cute, alien 10lb baby suspended above her. She wasn’t going to wait for the nurse to arrive with cup of tea. Scott obviously left some behind by focusing on a tough heroic female lead, and not the helpless wimpering kind we’re all used to. Again, perhaps a bit unfair to some of you who needed that shift pointed out a bit more clearly. The slow laners might have missed the fact that the “aliens” were actually us…you know, so there not really aliens. It was explained in the movie, but not in powerpoint form, so some may have missed it. Lets just hope that Scott dumbs it down enough so we can all get it next time.

  • tom

    Andrew, I’m not too sure what your post means or who it is aimed at. Your use of English and your grammar is horrendous. Lets not hope that Scott dumbs anything down next time!

  • @Tom Fordy: I was late in the game making it to Prometheus, but I’ve watched it 6 times in the past month. It’s not that it was so good I couldn’t stop…I have been trying to see if there was something tiny that I missed that would make it all “work”. No. The film is a 2.5 * at best. But I think the movie we all wanted is in there somewhere.

    This is now better than a month since your posting, and I wonder if your feelings have changed by now? The “extras” I have seen cut from the film…to me…means that there was a shit editor working on it.

    I disagree with some of your critiques such as when David infect what’s-his-face with the black goo…the effects upon the different people is fairly well covered. And makes sense. But you also have some excellent points.

    I thought the “abortion” scene was the worst part of the whole piece. It was kind of poorly done, poorly written, and just didn’t work.

    That was in Charlize Theron’s private quarters…wouldn’t it have been noticed? No alarms or anything? How about the bloody footprints? No one noticed those either?

    The “Shaw” character was the least interesting in the film. which sucked, because they tried to hang the whole film on her, and ultimately the sequel. The David android, by contrast, was fascinating.

    I think with the right “Director’s Cut” or something later, we’ll get 75% of what we want. But for the next film, if they have the same writers and editors…I think I’ll skip it. Sadly.

  • tom

    now…there is how to carry off an opinion on a movie. Thank you Chuck. I do not agree with you one bit but what you have written here is your opinion and you have explained that well with well founded and defined points. Sadly, Tom Fordy and almost everyone esle in here just blethers aa lot of prententious shit. Making sweeping, nonsense statements that have been borrowed from other reviews.

  • fissionchips

    Looked forward to seeing Prometheus and I have to admit it was a pot mess from start to finish.

  • uckermanf

    While Prometheus was not as good as I was hoping it to be, I think all of these people claiming that it “sucked” are so far off in LALAland that I can’t even take your opinions seriously anymore. There is absolutely nothing balanced about such a perspective. How can a movie suck “from start to finish?” The start of Prometheus had some of the most gorgeous cinematography I have seen in a film, yet, some Neanderthal here claims the movie sucked FROM THE START? Get real! I do agree with some of the complaints that have been leveled–the abortion scene and the behavior of the lead character thereafter was difficult to take as it required a level of “suspension of belief” that was hard to muster. I thought some of the behaviors of the crew were quite stupid, but I have seen very few sci-fi movies were they aren’t in some fashion. But then again, we are talking about situations NONE of us has ever been in or ever will be in and we’re carping on how some fictional character behaves in a fictional setting as if we have any FRIGGIN’ clue how we would behave in a similar situation. I don’t know about you, but it hasn’t been very often that I’ve found myself stranded in some subterranean alien world with weird canisters and snakelike creatures. About the only thing I can tell you with certainty is that I would crap my spacesuit at least once, but that likely wouldn’t make for an interesting movie! Yes, Guy Pearce cast as Weyland was just dumb (or at least the makeup was horrible), and I didn’t quite understand why he needed to fake his own death, but WHO GIVES A FLIP?! Is it honestly THAT important? As for there being no Xenomorphs, was it not made clear early on that this was NOT going to be a story about the Xenomorphs? I thought the way they handled this was fine…they gave an explanation as to where the Xenomorphs came from. I don’t really understand what it is people were expecting…why doesn’t one of you enlighten us as to what you wanted to see the Xenomorphs doing? It seemed to me to be quite obvious why David gave the black goo to the male scientist…so I don’t understand why people are questioning this. As for “plot holes,” can someone describe even ONE “plot hole” which can not be explained away as “you are thinking much too deeply about something which really doesn’t require that much thought?” Honestly, I think some of you people obsess about stuff like this just to make yourselves feel important or something. If you are such a great writer or director THEN GO MAKE YOUR FRIGGIN’ MASTERPIECE, ALREADY, so everyone can learn from you how it’s supposed to be done! Verbally wanking off in some comment area about how your highly-evolved film tastes were offended by the work of someone who has already established themselves in the industry is BEYOND STUPID. Please make sure that’s the name you give to your production studio–BEYOND STUPID–because I have no doubt that it will be an accurate description of the drivel you put out.

  • tom


  • Dylan

    To be frankly honest, the film was just fine. Not because it made lots of money or looked amazing, it’s because from the last half-hour of watching it, you can see everything becoming crystal clear and that the movie is setting a pace for something new to enter.

    It was specifically centered around WHO made humans/xenomorphs/life itself, it wasn’t made to answer HOW (that will more than likely be explained in sequels hence the cliffhangers and plotholes and whatnot)

    You should never answer all the questions in one movie as it is a prequel not a conclusion. I and probably numerous others understood the movie every minute of the way through (the love story was a bit of a shamble but everybody got their just desserts in the end am I right?). If it was a standalone movie I would’ve probably been disappointed but instead I am eager to see where they take this new development. It was a pathway to re-introduce the monsters we all know and love (or hate) while adding a refreshing new story, characters and setting to the Aliens universe. The horror aspect made perfect sense as they clearly activated the “Pandora’s Box” as they tried to find the meaning of life (with life comes death I’m afraid) and as you all hate to admit it, it wouldn’t be an Alien movie without death (also the horror scenes were amazing so quit the bitching)

    P.S. David the Android is the f***ing boss and is probably the most epic character I’ve seen all year.

  • Ralph

    I love any comments that attempt to reduce discussion to the level of “pipe down” and “beat it” (while reminding everyone of the harmlessly opinionated nature of the article) and encourage analytical thinkers to “go read a book” if they have to think about what they’re paying $10 or whatever to sit through for 2 hours.
    I want to reassure you guys making them that such sentiments appear completely unbiased and natural. Furthermore I’m 100% positive that everyone who reads them will instantly assume you are correct and adopt your point of view.
    No, I’m serious. You win.

  • tom

    Ralph, when people like you leave comments like the one you left , you are bound to get peoples anger going. You either have not read any of the posts or you are a complete twit, which is it with you? Tom Fordy began the whole debate with his ridiculously entitled article’Prometheus sucked…’ If I was employing this guy to write articles for my company, I would have showed him the door, he’s obviously a baffoon! Whilst people are entilted to their own opinion it should be considered by them to be put forth in a manner that is fitting with common deceny. Tom Fordy (for example)talks like a 4 year old kid trying to figure out their first 12 piece jigsaw. The guy is a cretin.He says…’all films should stand alone as a singular coherent piece of work.’ This is only one of his f****ng moronic comments that I have chosen. Such an idiotic sweeping statement and we are supposed to take this guy seriously? If you think that the article is harmlessly opinionated then more fool you. It’s people like you and him that contribute to the ar****les of todays Western society. It’s then up to people like me to hand your ass back to you on a plate for spouting pure s**t. As for your final statement, you did proove that you are indeed an total numb nut. There are litterly countless of critically acclaimed and commercially successful movies out there that need repeat viewings and an analytical approaches in order to understand them and believe you me…this is the future of cinema, whether you like it or not. Whilst twerps like you and Mr Fordy who are happy to sit and watch the same old American drivel that has been churned out of Hollywood for the last 15 years, there are other more dynamic dirctors from all over the world making ground breaking movies (English and foreign language) that depend on more than a flash of someones tits and ass and teenagers staggering around full of drugs, a couple of explosions, an idiotic director who has two fingers up his a****ole from the Film Studio to do what they think is best or the usual start, middle and end that ultimately leads no where. So Ralph ‘beat it’ and go and watch Avengers Assemble or 21 Jump Street. Better still, how about one of the Foreign Langauge remakes that Hollywood likes to do because Americans ar so f***ing thick that they can’t read the subtitles!

  • Viruswrap

    Those of you who says this movie sucks clearly do not know the Acient Astronaut theory. Do yourselves a favor and go watch Acient Aliens. Btw I thought this movie was very enjoyable, sure the story has holes into but that’s what these kind of movie does, it’s suppose to let us use our own imagination to figure it out. Stop whining and think. When did we all stop using our imaginations? Are we supposed to always be spoon fed all the time, maybe that’s why the “Engineers” had enough of us and our lazy asses.

  • bfg666

    That Tom Fordy dude doesn’t seem to have understood much of the movie… If your sorry excuse for a brain really needs to be told what’s what, there are many answers to what eludes you here:

  • geoff

    IMO Prometheus was disappointing. Beautiful to look at as you’d expect from a RScott film, but the story was disappointing. What was he thinking?

    Just when you think things are coming together and the “prequel” is going to match up with Alien, they blow it. In doing so they ruin the entire experience. In my case I have no wish to watch the next movie. I feel the points made in the opening article are mostly valid.

    Letting the person who wrote Lost be the screenwriter was probably a mistake. That is where the problems come from, the screenplay. I also blame Scott for that after all he was the Director.

    It wouldn’t have taken much to fix the script and the motivational problems etc. the question is… why didn’t they? Perhaps the writer should have spent more time watching the original movie, because the plot mistakes are glaringly obvious and big disappointments.

  • Sam Carey

    Regardless of if people understood the links to Alien or whatever, the film is deeply flawed. It has a first hour so tremendous my bladder could barely take it, then the second hour looses its way badly.
    The end feels rushed and the feeling is the DVD/Blu-ray version will be a different cut. Not new territory for Ridley but it will be welcome as the cast, the visuals and the technology mean this could be as awesome as we’d all hoped.

  • Tinky

    To summarise the movie chaotic movie plot:
    1.Lets go into a cave on a alien planet.
    2.Lets touch the weird looking snake on a barren planet with extinct alien superspecies, that should be a good idea to survive.
    3.Lets infect the guy with some goo in a glass to make him grey, then burn him, call that a scientific method.
    4.And finally, brace yourself for chaotic finish. Rush into a cave once again to meet your maker, who beats you with bare hands without a word, then gets eaten by a child squid you forgot to feed, at the end producing a black alien. Yaaay.

  • Mike Dub

    Awesome movie.

    It was just like the first in most good franchises. It set the tone, explained the back-story, had an interesting premise, and great effects.

    Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but this was no disappointment. I like the fact that there is mystery in the future.

    Anyways, this article reeked of fanboy far too close to the material to have a unbiased perspective. Sure they didn’t make it how YOU liked it. But reading what you have scribbled on this blog, I would doubt you would have what it takes to write a screenplay.

  • alba

    you mum sucks,stupid journalist wannabe
    stfu and get over it,u u didnt like the move ? we dont give a fck,just cause it sucked for YOU doesnt mean its for all of us @ss tard.

    go back to your cave nab and let the reviews to pros kkthxbb

  • alex

    Every1 has his opinion and should be respected but this movie sends a message. It is more like the old testament in the Bible, moast of you want kids movie, whit loads of action and killing. If you are narrow headed you will see nothing. In my opinion it was very good, watched 3 times at the cinema to understand it better.

  • tom

    My opinion is that the earth is actually flat and sits on the back of a giant tortoise floating through space. We don’t actually live on earth either, we are actually all inside a giant spaceship in a kind of hyper sleep. Respect my opinion!!!!!! Oh hail the internet and the great power it gives us all to spout great amounts of garabge from our mouths. A place where all can be heard. In actual fact it’s actually worrying that through the internet one can see that most peoplecan’t actually string a coherent scentance together, what chance have they got in following Prometheus?

  • Mikey

    This review was spot on. I like many others was anticipating greatness – kinda like how I felt waiting for the second Matrix film. Both my sons and I all couldn’t believe what a total POS Prometheus turnded out to be. And like many others have already said – it was the script. Even drugs couldn’t improve this garbage.

  • Seriously

    I even think this review is too positive though my expectations were already lowered from the reviews before I watched the film! Following a top scientific team on a billion dollar quest to find the meaning of life makes us expect… at least SOMETHING! Not necessarily all reason explained but at least some hint, other than “alien DNA”. Instead we get a totally pointless mess that survives only on reproduction of elements we’ve seen over and over in the “sequels”. But at least in the original the hidden agenda of the voyage made sense as did the actions of the humanoid; Ash. Here, Davids actions are totally contradictory while the actions of the “scientists” are purely idiotic at best! To the guy who called this a master piece to be discussed in art classes in the future – you are just so far out of it. Any mid-range high school kid could have written a script for the Alien prequel that would at least have sparked a good discussion of science vs. religion but this garbage manages none of that. Instead it offers poor character building and lack of originality on a plot so dreadful that that it ranges all the down around the Blair Witch Project, which was at least only stupid for half as many minutes!

  • jon hynds

    I endorse your comments Tom & add that this 30 + year in the making prequel is perhaps the most disappointing drivel filmed that I can remember; even more astoundingly poor because the creator of arguably the most ground breaking scifi horror movie ever was at the helm of Prometheus. My biggest problem, aside from the crammed ‘B genre The Blob’ conventions was the stupid plot. The brilliance of the original ‘Alien’ – light years from earth mind blowing discovery of Giger’s nightmarishly rendered, petrified space jockey in an equally horrendous, original bio space craft crashed on an incredibly hostile world, the zenomorph & the infamous John Hurt chest burster, is reduced in this prequel to an Erich von Daniken contrivance & to add to the formulaic Hollywood bs, the Engineers were on their way to earth to destroy it! Prometheus didn’t restore the integrity & ingenuity to the Alien franchise, it perpetuated the stupid Aliens vs Predators standard Hollywood max cash box office formula. What could have been, a discovery of some incredible Alien intelligence – benevolent or nasty, not humanoid, nothing to do with humans, nothing to do with earth – this event was meant to take place on the other side of the galaxy. What could have been

  • Grb

    I love Alien. It’s plot is as tight as a bowstring, it’s pacing ominous and inexorable,and it’s characters true in a way unlike most Hollywood fare, where character traits seem like balanced entries in some kinda spreadsheet. The entire movie is infused with mystery and terror as it winds down tighter and tighter to it’s end, each plot step flowing naturally from the last. It created one of the all-time epic movie monsters, built from a squeamish subtext of bodies violated and pregnancy perverted. And it created one of the all-time great movie heroines in Ripley. The entire flick hums with razor-sharp creativity.
    And I love Aliens, tho just a bit less. Cameron tends to build films from other films, with many of the Aliens characters stock cliches from every Platoon in Battle movie ever made, but the man is damn good at what he does. The plot was the proverbial well-oiled machine and Cameron found extraordinary clever ways to build on his predecessor. His ending, The Battle of the Mothers, has a kind of epic genius.
    Prometheus, however, was a total mess. It’s characters were cardboard thin, it’s plot was one random effect piled atop another, the scriptwriters didn’t bother a whit to have the characters behave like real people, and the muddle of unresolved story-lines is writer incompetence, pure and simple. Yes, I saw it (twice) and, yes, I can work out all the puzzles in a logically consistent manner, but that’s not enough. The film’s proponents seem to say – if – a movie has some wham-ban effects and – if – they can talk endlessly about it afterwards while doing bong hits back in the dorm, then – ergo – it’s cinema for the ages. They’re not asking a lot from the films they watch if characters, plot, pacing and coherence are all irreverent. The movie could have been as brilliant as Alien (it’s not) or as wretched as Plan 9 From Outer Space (it’s not) and what difference would it make to them? They could still relentlessly work over their theories in just the same way. The film itself is irrelevant. A plot synopsis would work just as well…..

  • Film-nerd

    Prometheus was a terrific film, save a few bits of bad acting. The plot was intended to be open and ambiguous, I think, in order to let our imaginations attempt to fill in the gaps. A wonderful idea, to let the viewer engage in the film rather than be simply passive.

  • konstantine

    I agree with this article completely
    In fact the viral video teasers directed by Ridley Scott’s son are more dynamic
    intriguing and engaging in all of their two minutes than the hours of crap handed to
    us by Lindleof.
    I recomend they use Ridley’s son instead , nepotism be damned.

  • Dale

    Not to me the movie was good and the atmosphere was as good as the other film. I really enjoyed the disturbing squid parts with the main character and the cliff hanger got me excited for the next movie. Dont know people did not enjoy it.

  • Dale

    I think the next will even be better and the prequel was not meant to be sequel to the other movies.

  • Dom

    Your an ass. Prometheus was a great movie. It showed me exactly why and how the ship Prometheus crashed like we already know in the story. It also shows the making of the alien. Everything else in the film is w.e you want to call it to fill in 60mins+ for people to watch. I like how Prometheus kept to a realistic form..such as the Engineers looking like a better, more advanced human. The biologist and other characters acting, for the most part, how someone would most likely react in real life to the events they faced in the movie. I’d like to see how many of you wouldn’t act like he did if you were trapped inside an alien tunnel system, on a planet you never knew existed, while knowing there is some freaking shit going on right now or in the past. I read your entire article waiting to see something good told about the movie, but man, you are a horrible critic. Maybe you should stick to movies that dont require a lot of thinking, creativity, and just good old brain power to properly right a review on.

    Now, what I think went wrong with this movie? Advertisement. I think the movie wasnt advertised properly. 9/10 people I know didn’t see the movie because they didn’t know what the hell it was about. Some people don’t give a damn who writes the movies and cant catch on…Also, I know people who went to see it and were terribly disappointing because it was a movie having to do with the Alien series. The adverts they put out had little to no information on the movie. That was their flaw, in my opinion.

  • your an idiot. type in mary shelley. understand the real meaning behind it. recognize your talking ridley scott, a guy who knows how fucking idiots never get his shit, til it gets rereleased properly on home video, then after decades those home videos get placed back in theatres. the context then understood and you imbeciles who will never write a screenplay anyone wants to produce, or create movies anyone wants to see, shut your fucking fingertips and just smile. idiot.

  • zamoranthief

    I don’t agree with your rant review. Prometheus was great! I enjoyed it very much. It connected quite nicely with Alien. You must be too — to understand it.

  • Sholotov

    You are spending to much time comparing it to alien, if it had been a stand alone film you would be all over it.

  • Gom

    Prometheus explain what is Xenomorph, where it come from. the truth is, i don’t know what this movie was all about untill i hit the cinema. completely blank from trailers, preview articles or anything else, i don’t know that this was a (supposed to be) prequel to Alien. it’s true! my attention is not in this movie back then. my circle of friend also never talked about this. well, you know, we were talked about TDKR and The Avengers a lot, haha.

    so i don’t have any idea or any expectation, and guess what, i love it at the first moment on screen that told me and made me realized that it’s got something with Alien. “Wait, is that elephant alien from Alien?”, yea something like that. and that surgery scene was just sick. haha. after i finished the movie, i felt… happy. i don’t know, maybe just because i didn’t expect Prometheus to be Alien prequel. to me it’s good.

    i’m not a huge Alien fan of course, that’s why i’m not into details. but i love that franchise it’s scary grotesque horror about alien. and when i realized Prometheus is it’s sequel, i just love it. it feels nostalgic, you know… maybe from an avid fan view it’s not that good, as i later read here and there about how Prometheus is another failure Alien franchise. but well, i just love it. and of course now i’m waiting for the sequel.

  • Tim

    “Sadly, Tom Fordy and almost everyone esle in here just blethers aa lot of prententious shit. Making sweeping, nonsense statements that have been borrowed from other reviews.”

    “You either have not read any of the posts or you are a complete twit, which is it with you?”

    “If I was employing this guy to write articles for my company, I would have showed him the door, he’s obviously a baffoon! Whilst people are entilted to their own opinion it should be considered by them to be put forth in a manner that is fitting with common deceny.”

    “Tom Fordy (for example)talks like a 4 year old kid trying to figure out their first 12 piece jigsaw. The guy is a cretin.He says…’all films should stand alone as a singular coherent piece of work.’ This is only one of his f****ng moronic comments that I have chosen. Such an idiotic sweeping statement and we are supposed to take this guy seriously?”

    “Lol at Tim. You went with your Aunt and you have never saw the Alien movies? People like you who then come in and complain about the movie make me want to give up hope in the human race in general!!!!!!!!!”


    I know I said that I wouldn’t reply to insulting comments, but you are just pissing me off.

    What is wrong with you? You complain that others aren’t putting forth their opinions in a manner of common decency, yet all you do is attack people and insult their intelligence. You have called others (pardon my use of your language) “twit,” “moron,” “baffoon,” “cretin,” spitting out “pretentious shit”. And we’re the ones who are dumb? I feel sorry that you can’t hold a conversation without insulting everyone who disagrees with you. I listed a number of points that I backed with examples. If you disagree, fine. But do so in a way that doesn’t make you look like a complete jerk.

    And all you do is attack me. I make you want to give up on the human race? Really? I’m pretty sure that I didn’t go around insulting people left and right just for disagreeing with me. And why does it matter that I didn’t see the Alien movies? I said that the rest of my family had seen at least the first Alien movie and even they hated Prometheus. If you’d like to argue please actually argue with reason instead of insulting people. If this was a sequel I sure as hell would have watched the previous movie. It’s like going into Return of the Jedi expecting everything to make sense. You have to watch A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back to get the full context. The prequels (no matter how much people complain about them) can be watched on their own without needing to watch the original trilogy. If Prometheus required me to watch the other Alien movies there’s something wrong.

    Thank you Lucy for defending me. That is much appreciated. 🙂

  • A lot of people, including the author of this piece, are too dunder-headed to watch a film that doesn’t hold their hand and explain EVERY detail in DEPTH.
    Sooo much whining…

  • Tim


    Would you mind elaborating on how we’re so stupid? Or can you only call us dunder-headed? I’d reply to you, but I’ll just redirect you to my first post.

  • Tue Sorensen

    It has already been tried, in vain, to explain it to you. Prometheus is about *alien spirituality*, and how helpless and backward the ideas of the human race are in comparison. The Engineers also have religion, but they worship the only thing worth worshipping for those who have a scientific world-view: Evolution. They make ritualistic experiments in the evolution of both themselves and artificially created lifeforms, and they worship evolution even to the extent of being dedicated to the principle of predation that makes evolution possible. Hence, their world is one in which things change very fast; far too fast for the immature human civilization to understand, keep up with or defend itself from. It’s a great and complex science fiction premise which is truly innovative in its vision.

  • Tim

    When was this explained in the movie? I don’t remember learning anything about the Engineers other than that they (probably) created all life on earth and that they want to kill us all for unspecified reasons. I’m not talking about peoples’ different theories; we know nothing about the Engineers that isn’t speculation. And don’t try to feed me the whole “You’re just too stupid to understand Prometheus.” There was nothing definitive given in the movie.

  • Tue Sorensen

    Good movies don’t have to explain themselves explicitly to intelligent viewers. I have just seen the extra material on the Blu-ray, and it is quite clear to me what the movie is about. Spot the clues, baby.

  • grb

    A lot of the proponents of Prometheus seem to make two errors. First, somehow they take criticism of the movie personally – as if you kicked their dog, keyed their car and said vile things about their mommy. This. Is. Strange. Their second mistake is even more fundamental. If you don’t like the film, they say, it’s because you “didn’t get it”. It’s like your new car is a lemon but someone claims the problem is your driving skills rather than the dealer who sold you a shoddily-made piece of crap. Prometheus is a shoddily-made piece of crap. I figured out all things possible to infer from the information provided, and then freely speculated on the issues left. But guess what? The movie is still a shoddily-made piece of crap. It’s characters don’t remotely resemble real people and the plot is riddled with cringe-worthy nonsense while stringing together one random event after another. Nothing holds up to a moment’s thought. For instance, David poisons Charlie. On the surface – which is as deep as this movie gets – the reason is simple : To discover a “cure” for Weyland’s old age. But just try thinking about that a sec, will you? This android with his super-duper ultra-computer calculating brain somehow assumes a drop of alien goo secretly given to one test subject is gonna magically cure mortality? Weird. So Charlie sees worms in his eyes and does nothing. Then the poor guy is incinerated and his lover is upset for twenty seconds of screen time before forgetting him. Then she cuts a alien beastie from her belly and doesn’t mention that to anyone. And from outta right field, Fifield goes all zombie on us, flinging folk about merely as filler to pad the plot a bit. And so on… And so on…. As for “alien spirituality and how helpless and backward the ideas of the human race are in comparison”, consider our representative Engineer : He wakes up in his bio-weapons depot, the Geneva Protocol of 1925 apparently not banning those weapons in space. After barely time for a morning yawn, he’s ripping people’s heads off and pummeling bystanders to death. Then off he flies to commit planet-wide genocide against Earth. Thwarted, he tries to pick a fight w/ Shaw, just for a spot of recreation. Thru his entire screen-time he acts like a Pro Wrestling villain on mutant alien steroids. So even tho we Earthlings are spiritually “backward” to these angels of light, perhaps we might be able to catch up? With better screenwriters, I definitely think that’s doable…..

  • ekaj

    You have so many questions but im able to pretty much solve all of your self-explainable “mysteries” from the film. I dont understand why most of these questions got asked but anyways heres your answers, one by one.

    Reading your questions makes me feel as you never even watched the film cause some are pretty self explanatory.

    Why would the crew of PROMETHEUS travel all that way without knowing what their mission was?
    They got paid a shitload of money and depending on the amount many people would do almost anything but of course depending on that person.

    And why does Peter Weyland pretend to be dead?
    He doesnt “pretend” to be dead, he is cryogenically frozen so if they find a cure for life or extension to it, he can use it on himself…like what?? lol

    Why would you not be at least a little cautious when coming into contact with a little alien species that clearly look quite dangerous?
    If your talking about the two guys that got trapped and then the one is treating the alien like a pet then ok i see the point on that one….id be running like hell not talking to it lol to give some kind of insight, everyone is different as the one guy is freaked the fuck out…things happen like that, we can only speak for ourselves when we say we wouldnt act like that and we dont know if everyone would act the way we do.

    Why does David infect what’s-his-face with the black goo?
    David doesnt, at least in my memory i dont remember David infecting anyone, please elaborate.

    And what is the goo?
    This has to be the stupidest question on here as they explain what it is IN THE MOVIE. Its a biological weapon that the engineers made, i find it really confusing that you would ask this question especially if you watched the movie.

    And why does it affect what’s-his-face in one way but the other fella nobody cares about another way completely?
    Well im not sure exactly which two your talking about but the only things that got infected with the black “goo” lol were the engineer at the beginning of the film and then one of the two guys that got trapped in the temple when the storm hit. He fell into it and then the other guy got attacked by that worm thing. Now if you mean Shaws lover the main scientist then well your mistaken cause he wasnt affected by the black goo, he was infected after having intercourse with Shaw. Who had the alien inside of her while they had intercourse.

    And why’s that bloke suddenly a crab monster?
    Again im not sure who the “bloke” is but i assume you mean Shaws lover, and its cause he was affected by whatever was inside of Shaw and of course we dont know why it affected him like that cause its alien…maybe in this world if you have sex with someone that has a alien aby in them it causes you to morph into some weird creature.
    How come Guy Pearce has been cast even though he’s meant to be old as shit?
    Agreed but im assuming hes gonna be apart of a future project of Ridley Scotts maybe playing the character at a younger age, thats really all i have. I did hear that Blade Runner might be set in the same Universe so maybe. If not i totally understand that question cause he should of just casted some older man.

    And why is no one relatively surprised when it turns out he’s alive?
    Okay again this is a weird question because Shaw did act suprised at first but what is there more to question, he was frozen in time. At this time and future that is a rather normal function as everyone wakes up from cryostasis anyways…so what there to question.

    Or when he ventures out to find the meaning of life?
    That one is a little confusing but Shaw is and really thats all who matter thats left besides the pilots who repeatedly keep saying throughout the film that they could give a shit less about any of this because they are “just pilots” and going back to the first question….they are all getting paid an obscene amount of money so why question anything if you want your paycheck

    And how come Shaw is running around even though a set of salad tongs has just performed an abortion on her?
    Honestly I asked myself the same question during the movie but no one knows what she injected into herself, some kind of really potent drug for pain, healing, etc…Everyone seems to forget that you cant question logic in SCI-FI movies cause thats one of the best things about them, they kinda dont always have to make complete sense to us because it is SCI-FI and they already bend the laws of logical thinking…otherwise there would be so many questions being asked, you just have to sit back and enjoy the film. With sfi-fi it is entirely what the creator creates and pretty much anything goes and you cant be questioned because its you movie or subject matter to begin with, that YOU created.

    Thats like asking, Why can people go through peoples dreams in Inception? No one would ask that because in that world that ability is truth and able to be performed but obviously not in real life.

    And why hasn’t she told anyone about the vagina monster she’s locked in the room and abandoned, like a wasp trapped in a pint glass waiting to hurt someone?
    And wow finally ONE question I cannot fully come up with an answer to cause i do agree she probably should have told someone but then again her boyfriend was just lit on fire for being infected by something. Do you think she really want to risk death by telling these people.

    #1 she might be infected and
    #2 You think she wants to tell Charlize Therons bitch of a character that she just fucked with the really expensive machinery that she specifically told her not even touch…yeah idk i think not.

  • Tim

    I hate to burst your bubble, ekaj, but Shaw was impregnated with the alien baby after she had sex with her boyfriend (was it Holloway, or something like that?). He WAS infected by David (possibly on Weyland’s orders, who knows?). Don’ you remember when David comes up to him with a drink (which is after David was messing with the black goo), and then sticks his finger into the drink? I can’t remember if there was a focus on it, but that’s one of the only things they made clear. Don’t you remember the weird thing going on with his eye right before he has sex with Shaw? It’s after that that David’s all like “It’s not a normal fetus lol.” I don’t know how you mixed that up.

    And when was it ever explicitly said that it was a bioweapon? As far as I can remember, the only person who said that was the Captain, and it was a theory that came out of absolutely nowhere. How are we supposed to trust this?

    And we were lead to believe that Weyland was dead. It was a surprise when he popped up. You’re assuming that everyone knew he was cryogenically frozen. Just because it’s normal in the movie doesn’t mean that everyone knew he was still alive. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t it pretty much said in his hologram in the beginning that he was dead?

    Shaw running around after the abortion scene confused me since I was pretty sure that she didn’t inject her self with anything. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the movie, but I remember that Shaw did it without any anistetics. Not to mention that she just had her belly stapled shut. You’d think that would slow here down a little bit.

    And I hate your statement about forgoing logic and enjoying the movie. That’s just wrong. Just because it’s Sci-Fi doesn’t mean that you just shut off your brain. If anything we should be able to have a conversation about the science of the setting, no matter how goofy it is. You could talk about the science of Stargate SG-1, even if a lot of it is just technobabble. It’s a concept called Magic A is Magic A (check TV Tropes if you’re not familiar with it). There are rules set that are followed, and logic can be used to figure out how things work based on these rules (things like the sarcophagus healing people but driving you crazy the more you use it, or hooking up to an Ancient “brain sucker” will kill you after a while due to knowledge overload).

    The comment about Inception is out of place. The dream machine doesn’t need to be explained. That’s the difference between Inception and Prometheus. Inception explained what needed to be explained. We found about about Mal and what was up with her. We found out why Cobb was on the run. Sure, there were some mysteries, but none of them were necessary to understanding the plot. Prometheus never cleared anything up. If you watch Inception again, you’ll say “Oh! I get it!” That is a film that I would recommend to watch again if you didn’t understand it since it can be confusing if you’re not paying attention. You could try to figure out the dream machine, or maybe some of the characters backstory, or even if the top wobbled in the end (it did). These mysteries only add to the story, instead of being the basis of the plot.

    And it might be important to tell Charlize Theron about the vagina monster since it’s a danger to everyone. Just because her character has been a bitch doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t be aware of a dangerous creature in her quarters. And who cares at that point that Shaw messed with the machine. It’s not like anyone else is going to go in there.

  • Tim


    Sorry. I thought I sent this already, but apparently it didn’t go through.

    You can forgive me for not watching anything on the Blu-ray. One, I don’t have a Blu-ray player, and two, I hated the movie, so I have no desire to buy it. The movie failed if I left without wanted to watch it again. If I needed a whole bunch of supplemental material for things to make sense, there’s something wrong with the writing.

  • grb

    Tim : You’re right that the Captain’s opinion alone doesn’t establish it’s a weapons depot. And it’s true said opinion miraculously appears outta nowhere. Although the Weapons Theory is plausible, it’s by no means the only possibility. So exactly where did it come from? Nowhere. The scriptwriter needed to impart the info, was too incompetent to establish it on-screen, so he just shoved the words in a character’s mouth. It’s sometimes a subtle tactic to mislead the audience with a character’s unreliable opinion or facts, but Prometheus is a film lean on subtlety. This is a movie script written by crayon. The degree to which the Captain’s opinion sticks out like a sore thumb suggests we’re dealing w/ writer laziness, nothing more. Also : Scott, in his director’s commentary on the Alien dvd talks of weapons depots. Different planet, different ship, but still…..

  • @attackresist

    I liked this article. You twat. #PerYourTweet #Liked #RudeName

  • Tim

    @grb That’s the problem with the movie. As someone said, “Simply not explaining something in your story does not make it enigmatic.” And since Damon Lindelof cowrote the movie, this is only to be expected. I would have accepted the Weapons depot theory if it was set up properly. If we were supposed to think that the facility was a weapons depot, then at least one of the characters (who for bonus points could be established as an expert in weapons or something) point out how the black goo could be used as a weapon, or that the design of the facility is reminiscent of military bases, or something along those lines. That would have been a better way to introduce the idea without it sounding stupid or ham-fisted. Though the commentary with Scott does lend credibility to the weapons depot theory, I believe that all information relevant to understanding the plot should be in the story itself. It just should have been explained better.

    And I need to correct a couple of typos in some previous posts. In my post to ekaj, the first “don’t” doesn’t have a ‘t.’ My response to Tue says “wanted” instead of “wanting”

  • Kurt

    There is a answer for almost all your questions. I just dont understand how people were confused watching this movie. All the answers are right in the movie and for the few “plot holes” it was just open ended writing. For the possibility of a sequel and for fans of the movie to come together and share their own theories based off of the content they were given in the movie and not say “it was bad because it was confusing”.

  • Tim


    What are the answers? What exactly am I missing? There’s a difference between open-ending writing and bad writing. And by no means am I saying that Prometheus is bad just because it’s confusing. It’s bad because of unlikable characters, a poorly constructed plot, lack of answers, inability to maintain a consistent theme, stupid decisions that existed solely to put everyone in danger, and a confusing narrative that left everything to the imagination. Please tell me how the movie answers all the previously stated questions without resorting to your own interpretation.

  • ekaj

    See again though i do believe that people will never the fact go that Lindelof wrote or at least somewhat wrote this film. That being said no one will accept the things that arent explained and left to our imaginations because he is a shitty writer and just not capable of doing so i guess. When some great writer leaves holes or things to our imagination it is considered a great thing, in order to speculate and use our imaginations to interpret the film in different way. Thats what i find was great about the movie because apparently it worked, we are speculating as we speak. I hate when movies sometimes that try and explain every little detail in the film and treats the viewers like idiots that cant imagine or speculate on ideas, for example mainstream viewers.

    I can admit defeat in some areas as any good debater can do, and i admit that the part where David infects Holloway was not seen. I did not see that part and rewatched and admit i am wrong coming to that but cant we speculate on why he did it instead of just saying they didnt know what they were doing when writing this scene in the film. No? well i feel i can and feel that the character had some agenda to doing so by saying “big things have small beginnings”. Watching it again it seems he had the intention on infecting Shaw, maybe? As we dont know why now but maybe will later or maybe more speculating but i love when movies do this and leave me wondering.

    I do believe this movie was all a movie about speculation as the entire story is one big speculation on what it would be like to meet our makers, so there will be plenty of moments in the movie where we asks ourselves why? or whats the purpose? But again i think it was the purpose of the film, for example a movie about a serial killer will have plenty of deaths in the movie, aa movie about love will have plenty of people falling of love, an action movie will have a sub par story and focus on action….this movie i believe was focus around speculation and therefor there will be plenty of moments in the movie involving speculation, in some peoples eyes maybe a bit too much but again i think it was the purpose. A movie about speculation needs to have many moments to leave the audience going WHAT?!

    Well they dont of course know for a fact thats its a bioweapon but thats what the character thinks. This theory didnt come out of “absolutely nowhere”, it came from what was presented to us. We can of course speculate and think whatever we what, or for some people not think about it at all and just say that they did it wrong and should have to explained it but i like to believe the theory that its a weapon as of now cause thats what we are presented with. Why though would they have to explain it when indeed the characters dont know themselves, so what is to explain? The captain even says maybe cause he doesnt know himself, he is just speculating on what he believes. They dont know, so why should we? We should know what the characters know, no more and no less. We follow a character or characters in a film as we did in Inception and we dont know anything that is not presented to us unless the character presents it to us, which i believe is the way it should be. I also was a little wrong for bringing Inception into this and only meant it in the right that the movie leaves you to speculate as good sci-fi movies do, plus the dream machine in my recollection was never explained but is just apparent that it works the way it does. Christopher says himself, he likes letting the mind create what it wants and make their own assumptions because its what film is all about, creating. Why not give the audience the tools they need to create also? Its a great gift to have, the ability to have a mind that can create something original and add to an existing one but only an interpretation of one. Speculating is something he loves to do himself so he loves to have this in his movies, even though in my opinion most of his movies are indeed explained with an amazing storytelling gift he has but i believe that Inception was a film to leave the mind wondering and to speculate. I understand what he means by this cause i love to speculate myself, obviously lol.

    No i never said though that everyone knew that he was frozen and yes they all did believe he was dead cause he did say this in the message. The only characters that really even saw him were Shaw and she acted accurately to me, she was surprised…and wanted to know why. Everyone else except the captains i think knew about it as they all were already in the room with him we he was being tended to, you ask why they werent surprised cause maybe they were already briefed being the doctors and so on. The captains i do understand that they didnt know but who cares cause in my eyes its really not that big of problem to be like “why werent they upset?” because there are more pressing matters for them, they are worried for their lives not why was he still alive. At least he could care less why hes still alive when under his knowledge(the captain) there are weapons of mass destruction on the planet they are on so who cares if your employer is still alive.

    Sorry to burst your bubble as you would say, she does inject herself actually three times, once before the surgery, once immediately after, and then again before she finds the room where Weyland is being tended to by everyone. You must have not seen it in awhile as you stated but i have it and im watching all these parts as they are being brought up. She does get slowed down, shes falling on the walls and stumbling and showing all signs of being in pain maybe not to the point where she cant walk anymore but like i said we dont know what she injected in herslef maybe they have some amazing pain killers in the future and cant really say how well they would work cause well we dont know.

    I never ever said to shut off your brain but to speculate is completely different, you CAN and will speculate on what you believe but no one can say whether or not that some things in the movie are just not logical, who are we to say its not logical? It could make complete sense in the universe in the film but doesnt to us in our world. THAT IS the beauty of sci-fi or at least for me. They create these beautiful worlds with different beliefs, technologies, and ideas that are absent from ours. Thats what makes them so easy for the audience to get lost in, you cant necessarily disagree with them unless certain things ARE explained and then contradicted within the film.

    Your statement about Charlize is irrelevant cause i said its a question that i couldnt necessarily back up, i could only speculate why and do honestly believe she should have told someone, which i said. I also proceeded to speculate and say her boyfriend was just LIT ON FIRE for being infected by something, so after she gets it out you think shes gonna tell them that it was inside her. They would be lead to believe that she is in fact infected herself and then light her on fire. I mean they arent gonna light her up but im sure they wouldnt let her live after the situation. They took extreme measure on her boyfriend, why would she wanna say anything? In all though i do believe the pros out way the cons but im sure she was just thinking of herself at the time.

    Any other questions and ill try and explain with fewer words haha but please dont be in complete disagreement cause i was able to admit i was wrong a couple time, be a good sport and debater and try to understand my side as well would be appreciated.

  • ekaj

    Oh and you didnt have to take the “bitch” thing so literal, I was just simply stating shes a bitch in the film.

    I on the other hand do agree with certain aspects of your post and obviously disagree with some, i DO think the characters are likeable and for me were easily relatetable but i guess thats just me. I believe in ancient astronauts theories myself so especially the two main character were for me, but that is opinionated of course.

    I on the other hand also belief the movie was all about speculation and letting your mind wonder into your imagination, so why wouldnt they have plenty of it. As i gave a pretty good example of above.

    I believe SOME of these answers are given in the movie but i know some arent and CANT be answered without our own interpretations because that was the POINT. We come up with our own interpretations in order to TRY and answer some of the questions. I dont know i love when movies do that, i honestly think if it was written by someone better you wouldnt be having these “problems” because you would know that they are actually capable of writing a good script and would think they also did it on purpose. They in your mind already have been established and actually know how to put the pieces together so then it would make sense to you.

    Kinda like when we know a director flops a movie on purpose because he is in fact a good director but didnt like the source material. So we just wait for his next film and say he it did it on purpose.

  • Andre

    The film seemed to lag and trudge along.

    Also the Creatures that attacked the “Prometheus’ Engineer” seemed not to be consistent with the “Alien” Movie Creatures.

    And there were other ‘lil things that I hoped would have came together better …all said it was a Disappointing Marginally Oh-Kay addition to the Alien Movies Saga/Franchise. Drabo. B-}

  • ekaj

    @Andre Just to let you know they are only spiritually contected not actually physically linked together.

    Kinda like Darren Aronofsky’s trilogy of mind(PI), Body(Requiem for a Dream), and spirit(The Fountain). They have nothing to do with each other but are connected.

    I really hope you dont honestly think that Prometheus was supposed to be connected in anyway, people need to stop trying to link them cause like i said its only spiritual. Its not supposed to be linked physically in every way. Stop trying to connect them and the movie would be better cause when i went into the movie i had no intentions of it being good cause of what i had read and then also KNEW alredy not to connect them in the way your trying to do.

    Of course the monster wasnt consistent with the one from Alien cause ITS NOT THE SAME MONSTER.

  • Kane

    Why do people defending this movie feel the need to insult those who don’t. I personally didn’t like it, because I thought it was a fudged mess of Alien and non Alien Sci fi. I haven’t gone insulting people who like it though.

    The movie would have been better disassociating itself completely from the Alien franchise, then it could have stood alone, but it was always going to draw comparisons with the original with so many references thrown in.

    Jon Spaights’ original script, which he talks about on the Blu Ray extras, was a straight up prequel and made a lot of sense. Apparently Scott’s original idea with no ties to Alien made a lot of sense, but Damon Lindelof’s involvement apparent changed it into the amalgam that it turned out to be. For me, this is a bad thing, as one or the other would have been better. As it stands, apart from Fassbender and Rapace, it comes across as a mixed up mess leaving too many questions unanswered, especially when they didn’t even know they were going to get a sequel green lit.

  • ekaj

    Well I hope you weren’t implying that first comment to me because I have nothing but friendly debates and have not insulted anyone. Now if you read my post I said it is called a spiritual prequel. Now of course they can have references but for example the original Psycho has a character named Norman Bates and there is a 90s film with Christian Bale called American Psycho and his name is also Norman Bates, the movie also uses references from the film but in no way are connected.

    I also can’t remember what the movie is called but there’s also a dark comedy that uses the last name Bates for the main character and the writer said its a spiritual sequel to American Psycho with Christian Bale. The main character is supposed to be the little brother of Norman Bates from American Pyscho. Not all sequels or prequels have to be what were used to, where every little dot is connected for you and use the same ideals just in a different way.

    In no way shape or form can references be used the way your using them to justify this. When I watched the film I could clearly judge this movie solely by itself and honestly can’t understand how people don’t or can’t, its confusing to me. The movie its does dissociate itself enough to do so, and even if it didn’t stop wishing it was just like Alien and wanting more to be linked and referenced cause IT IS its own movie and only a spiritual prequel as I explained earlier. Your judging the movie with a complete biased point of view only wanting MORE ALIEN WHOOOO, calm down your not getting anymore Alien out of this film so stop trying. Stop getting mad at the movie because it didn’t touch the subject matter that you wanted it to or include it cause of course its separate movie that touched on its own subject matter.

  • S. Blaize

    Horrible review. I’m always leery of the analogy of oral sex to make point. Basically, someone needs to stop jerking off, grow up and seek counseling. Prometheus was a damn good movie, and one of the better additions to the Alien franchise. Instead of writing a juvenile review, just save your money next time, stay home and play your video games…child!

  • Wow… You couldnt have missed the point of the film anymore if you tried.

    If you wanted to watch a cheesey horror show with xenomorphs running around for 90mins, go watch Alien: ressurection, it seems to be right up your alley and perfectly inline with your IQ.

    For someone who is reviewing movies, one would think you would have the common courtesy to at least understand what the film is about before watching it, reviewing it and slating it.

    Why are you even writing for this site…?

  • Ryan

    Basically the best piece I’ve seen on Prometheus, and I’ve read a few.

    That twat Lindelof should be shot for what he did. Thank God he’s off the sequel.

  • ekaj

    Agree with both M. Ohare and M. Blaize but I really do wish people would stop trying to link the to as I’ve already said. They have nearly nothing in common and really don’t have many references either. People gotta stop with cause that’s what is ruining peoples judgement on the film and they aren’t judging it by itself. It has completely different subject matter than Alien.

    I already answered most of the questions but with that said some questions cannot answered that part I agree with but most movie have questions or plot holes, there are very few movies that I myself can call perfect and not find a problem. I have watched so many movies wanting to be a filmmaker myself and judge movies very differently and folk the technical aspect of things but movies even with problems can be enjoyed.

    This guy just wrote a horrible review and seems to make it out to be sooooo bad when in fact its not as bad as he makes it seem. Most of the questions that cannot be answered are really not THAT big of a deal, I answered a handful of them perfectly.

  • grb

    It’s kinda amazing people obsessed over someone else “missing the point” and ever eager to denigrate the IQ of other commentators seem to lack basic reading comprehension skills themselves. Go look at Mr Fordy’s review again. You’ll find no indication he couldn’t follow the movie’s plot. He simply claims the film is a pathetic mess. The characters bear no relationship to real people, they do unbelievably absurd things, they’re nearly impossible to empathize with, and the dialog is all too often cringe-worthy. The plot is just a collection of effects with almost no structure, flow or continuity. Try this thought experiment: Remove a scene from, say, Alien and see if it affects the movie and plot. Now, try this w/ Prometheus. The killer storm? The wacko scene where they “stimulate” the severed head of a two thousand year-old corpse? The Captain bedding Theron? Fifield suddenly popping up as Super-Zombie? Even supposedly important stuff in the movie isn’t really critical, cause the movie doesn’t go anywhere anyway. And every five minutes there’s something embarassingly stupid. A biologist tries to pet an alien snake. David poisons Charlie – because a random drop of alien goo given to a single random test subject is to magically “cure” death. An archeologist travels a zillion miles, discovers an alien complex with active machinery, inexplicable artifacts and alien bodies strewn about – this, mind you, from the race he thinks created humans – and yet he mopes and sulks like a petulant child because no one’s around? Nothing in the film makes any sense. I don’t say a flick is required to be 100% logical. Take Aliens : Would they really send such a massive ship so far to transport such a small fighting force? Would they really leave no one aboard the ship while down on-planet? But with Aliens these are tiny things buried in a sharply written script. And they actually serve an end. We need the force to be small to better identify with them. We need them to be alone on the surface with no one to look up to for help. With Prometheus, however, it’s just non-stop pointless imbecilic stupidity. And for what? We wait for the Engineers the entire movie. We assume we’ll experience a revelation or epiphany – feel awe, wonder or terror. And what do we get? A hulking brute trying to pound everyone into the ground with his fists. A scriptwriter who can come up with so pointless a climax has a special skill for having no skill at all. In the end, Prometheus is a giant cinematic leech : Because it’s connected to Alien and Aliens, it can be grotesquely stupid, pointless, mindless, clumsy – deaf, dumb & blind -and yet still people will be “inspired” to see something which just isn’t there.

  • Mike

    Ya know, for all you people who thought this movie and movies like The Dark Knight Rises “sucked”…. first of all, move out of your parents’ basement, get a job and become an adult. Seriously, I just see you all sitting around on your computers arguing about which multi-million dollar epic film sucks the most. It’s pretty sad.

    Secondly, I don’t think enough of you watch enough films to know which ones “suck.” I mean, that’s a really negative term to use on a film that was made by some of the best filmmakers of our time and starred some amazing actors, as well.

    Seriously, if all you see are the mega-blockbusters that have been molded into the nearest version of perfection by dozens of rewrites, thousands of hours of edits, computer effects, sound effects and the several years of manual labor it takes to create one of these things, and you never watch any indie films in your local art-house theater or give a chance to some random foreign films on Netflix or anything, who the hell are you to say what “sucks”?

    Prometheus did NOT suck. I really enjoyed it… and what’s more, IT MADE SENSE TO ME! So suck on that.

  • grb

    Mike says all us sitting ’round on our computers arguing whether a film “sucks” is “pretty sad” – as Mike sits at his computer arguing over whether a film “sucks”. Mike, apparently, lacks basic irony awareness.

  • Tim


    Who said The Dark Knight Rises sucked? And Prometheus isn’t some masterpiece that has been perfected by dozens of rewrites. Inception would qualify, but Prometheus was written by Damon Lindelof, so yeah.

    Oh, And I’m glad that Prometheus made sense to you. That must mean that everyone else is an idiot!

  • Alienator

    Was it a disappointment? A little bit, it didn’t come out as high-end concept as I hoped it would. But I still liked it, and hope the sequels do clarify some things as well as expand on the overall concept.

  • uckermanf

    “Inception” was a masterpiece? Hardly. It was certainly interesting, but it had its own flaws. When people make grandiose comments like this, it makes me question everything else they have to say. And if what they are saying is that “Prometheus” was some piece of film drivel, yet another grandiose comment, then all the pieces fit. The puzzle picture that gets created is “you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    The problem with this review, and with most of the comments here in support of the review, is that none of it is balanced. It isn’t even necessarily sane. Not a single one of you people could create a movie that was even visually WATCHABLE, let alone coherent, yet you will happily sit here and try to tear a new asshole for a movie that was quite watchable, if flawed. You’ve lost your minds expending so much energy on your hatred of this movie.

  • Tim


    Ok. I may have been exaggerating a slight bit with Inception (I very much enjoy the movie, and it’s one of only a few movies that I would watch more than once.) Though I didn’t really say what I meant. I was more refering to how the movie went through dozens of rewrites. The masterpiece bit was more refering to what some call Prometheus. That was a mistake on my wording.

    “Masterpiece” is always subjective, so what I find a brilliantly told story someone else thinks is convoluted. Inception certainly has its flaws, but you can’t say that Prometheus is better that it. And the “grandiose comments” bit? I’ve heard supporters of Prometheus claim it’s some brilliantly written sci-fi epic that I just don’t understand. So yeah.

    You seem to be very angry at this “review.” Why is it that some people think that this is even a review? The title is “Prometheus sucks! How to make sure the sequel doesn’t.” Why in the world would you think you it would be balanced?

    And when did I say that I make movies? I may not make movies but that doesn’t mean that I can’t critique them. That would mean that I can’t critique a book because I haven’t written one. I can’t critique a video game because I haven’t made one. What kind of logic is that?

    And we’re not “sane?” We don’t agree with you so we must be insane! What I find insane is people who keep shouting that we “don’t get it.”

    Please tell my WHY Prometheus doesn’t deserve any of the flak that is has received. Please explain without going into personal interpretations or guesses, and without any ad hominem.

  • grb

    Sigh…. At least with Mike the only hurdle before I was “allowed” to critque Prometheus was whether I’d paid my dues reading subtitles in the local Art House. Which, in fact, I have. Uckermanf, on the other hand, pretty much aims to outlaw film criticism altogether. Unless you’ve ran a move production, designed the mise-en-scène, and – no doubt – personally processed the film in the lab (do they still do that?), uckermanf says zip yer mouth boy and keep in your place. I wonder if this rule apply to ALL films, that set of films he personally likes, or just Prometheus alone. Yes, I admit to being a bit persnickety about uckermanf’s precious Prometheus. Guity as charged. You see, I really looked forward to this film, marked down the date, ate up every trailer, and then found myself watching a product where the director and scriptwriter were too sloppy and arrogant to trouble getting even the most basic things right. But that alone didn’t bring me here. The final straw was all the commentators above insisting P. is an exalted work of art (it’s not), that people don’t like it because they’re stupid (they’re not), and basic stuff like plot, characters & writing is irrelevant if the film is “serious” enuff. Even if very little of that “seriousness” makes it up on the screen in any kind of tangible form. As for the charge of insanity, could you give me some specific grounds? Because it seems a rather, well, insane accusation. Pot meet kettle, maybe? As for Inception, I found it a great flick, tho maybe not the perfect example of film as heuristic house-of-mirrors as the director’s previous Momento. My only objection w/ Inception was the villians couldn’t shoot straight. Of course, the villians can NEVER shoot straight in the movies, but Inception pushed it just a smidge too far.

  • uckermanf

    I don’t claim Prometheus to be a masterpiece. I didn’t even claim Prometheus was better than something else. I found it to be visually appealing, but it definitely had its issues. I didn’t like the caesarean section scene at all. I most certainly DID NOT find the movie to be some confusing mess, as others here want to claim. That is a wholly exaggerated statement which I believe comes from these people demanding to see certain things which they did not see. These people are creating their own confusion by trying to overanalyze the goddamn thing and insisting that the movie meet their demands. If you want a movie to meet your demands, MAKE THE MOVIE YOURSELF.

    I don’t mind people expressing an opinion about a movie. What I mind is people getting all bent out of shape over a movie when they don’t have any acumen whatsoever in making movies. Armchair quarterbacks are the absolute worst. If people would TEMPER their comments with some modicum of common sense, there would be far fewer problems with what is being said. For example, these nimrods keep talking about the “unrealistic” way the characters acted in certain situations. I don’t know about you, but if I were on an alien planet in some cavern with a giant head and canisters with black goop all over the place, and snake-like creatures swimming around in pools of water on the floor, while these holograms of other alien beings run around the place, I don’t know that I would be thinking very rationally. About the only thing I could gaurantee is that I’d shit and piss in my spacesuit a couple of times! If I had just seen the spacecraft that brought me there crash into some other alien ship kamikaze-style, and then that ship crashed back down onto the planet and began rolling towards me, I don’t know that I’d be thinking logically about where to run. People often freeze in complete panic in situations, but all of these guys know EXACTLY what they would do. BULLSHIT! I get sick of people telling me what they would do in certain bizarre situations they never could have had any experience with. It’s ridiculous to even argue about something like that. That’s why I made the statement about these comments aren’t even sane, and I stick by that comment until people start making SANE comments.

  • uckermanf

    I’m not even going to bother to address anything grb said, as that person clearly has trouble reading. My “precious” Prometheus? You’re a fucking fool.

  • Tim


    Don’t be mean to grb. Most people who act like complete dicks have been blindly defending Prometheus. There’s no need to cuss.

    I didn’t know you were a mindreader! How do you know that I’m overanalyzing? I had a lot of these questions just by watching the movie. I only demanded a decent story. Is that too much? I only get upset if something just absolutely pisses me off. Prometheus managed to do that.

    I don’t bring a lot of expectations when I watch a movie. That’s how I enjoyed The Other Guys so much. I only expected what I was told. It was a decent movie. It is made by Ridley Scott, who I’ve heard good things about. I had positive expectations for the movie. And I came out utterly confused. I’m overanalyzing?

    And please shut up about our lack of qualifications. Just because we don’t make movies doesn’t mean that we can’t criticize. Is there any movie, book, video game, tv show that you’ve criticized before?

  • jon hynds

    To all those doyens of film critique, I guess you’re right. None of us plebs know the 1st thing about movie making & the immense skill required of drawing it all together; from hawking a (dud) script, to hamming the pitch to studio honchoz, blowing precocious actors to sign on, conning investors, stocking the star wagon fridge with contraband etc. The only measure of critique us lowly cinema patrons have at our disposal to try prove a point is ‘box office receipts’ – you know, that oh so lowly, unimportant $ ledger thing that keeps people on the payroll, keeps exhibitors happy & keeps studios afloat or filing for a section 8. FYI (courtesy ‘Box Office Mojo 18 Oct ’12.'Prometheus‘) = Production Budget: $130 million; Domestic gross: $126,477,084, Foreign: $276,009,603, grand total todate: $402,486,687. Extrapolating Hollywood accounting practice at 3 x film budget for the film to be in the black, ‘Prometheus’ has made $12,486,687 at the cinema box office after 15 wks release. This film certainly didn’t wear out the box office cash registers nor more importantly, put bums on seats relative to its overblown production budget… says it all really!

  • uckermanf

    Don’t tell me not to be mean to someone who makes it sound as if I am some kind of twit Prometheus fanboy. I take issue with his statement of “his precious Prometheus” as if I expressed some love affair with the movie. He obviously can’t read clearly, which makes him a fool. If he doesn’t want to be considered a fool, then he shouldn’t make foolish comments.

    Coming out of a movie like Prometheus and being “utterly confused” (your own words), makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE. Utter confusion indicates that you had no clue whatsoever what was going on the entire time you were in the damn theater. If you want me to believe that, then I really have no reason to be speaking to you at all, since you can’t be very bright. I think most people who saw the movie understood enough of what was going on that they were NOT “utterly confused.” This kind of stupid hyperbole is what is getting people angry at you for expressing your views. I have never walked away from a movie feeling “utterly confused.” Things may have been left unanswered or not explained to my liking, but I’ve never felt “utter confusion.” So, you will need to explain how you could possibly be so incredibly beffudled by this movie if you want me to express anything but contempt for what I see as rampant hyperbole.

    Do you understand?

  • grb

    uckermanf : Since I have trouble reading, I went back to double-check. I found someone who claims no one can offer an opinion on a movie unless he’s made a movie – or, of course, unless he’s uckermanf. Because, in case you lack the self-awareness to recognize it, you were free enough giving YOUR opinion. Being consistent, I bet, isn’t something you lie awake worrying over. Poor dear, you weep tears of impotent rage over me saying “your precious Prometheus” – even after you pronounce people with a different opinion than yours are insane. Some difficulty holding yourself to the same “standards” you apply to others, maybe? Or perhaps you have a doctorate in psychology which “permits” you to offer cartoonish beliefs on mental health? Or maybe insulting people is OK, just not movies? I’m trying to understand you here, uckermanf. It’s difficult, but I’m making a effort. And Tim, needless to say, is right; you’ve not lived a life of critical purity, never daring to say a disparaging word over a single creative endeavor. But – hey – what difference does that make when time for some hypocrisy and posturing over the internet? With your latest entries, we learn you never confuse yourself over-analyzing things, you have an exceptionally high threshold recognizing inconsistency, and – despite your own baby-tender sensibilities – you just LOVE to toss those insults about: Tool, Nimrod… Yawn. To round all this off, we get a paragraph on what you’d do in a dark cave on an alien planet. Uckermanf, some friendly advice: Please spare us. We don’t wanna know. Best Wishes, grb

  • uckermanf


    To Tom Fordy: you want to know the way to make a sequel which doesn’t “suck” for somebody?


    I hope Hollywood takes this advice. Since certain people with nothing better to do with their time seem to insist on being such complete drama queens about a movie, and expect their every wish to be fulfilled in the most minute detail, even though they have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the production of the movie, Hollywood should just take the hint that they can not possibly please everyone, so don’t bother trying.

    Honestly. This was a bit of escapist entertainment. You didn’t get entertained. We got it! MOVE ON, ALREADY! Why can’t you people get a grip on yourselves? Either that or GO MAKE THE DAMN MOVIE YOU WANTED TO SEE. It bears repeating since some of you don’t seem to get it.

  • ekaj

    Okay well first I have to address the most offensive comment so far which has to be jon hynds. I really hope your not implaying that the only way we can really prove a point is “box office receipts” cause THAT is the most illogical unconventional way to rate or judge a film. No way in hell that any movie can be judged solely on box office receipts cause movies like the AMAZING Transformers, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Big Mommas House, The Last Airbender, The Mummy franchise, 2012, and Van Helsing are prime examples…so i really hope thats not the case.

    To Tim i hope you know that this movie was subject to the whole “rewrites”. The movie was actually wrote three ways, one was a direct prequel to Alien, second was more leaning towards a stand alone film about the creation of man and meeting our makers, then they got the writer everyone believes actually wrote the movie Damon Lindelof and yes i agree he kinda fucked it up a little cause he is a shitty writer and the only one who’s given credit. Probably cause the others wanted to clear their names after reading the rewrite haha.

    However this is one thing i will debate forever is that people did exactly what someone else said earlier in a comment saying that its a leech sucking from the Alien franchise and I’ve already explained myself on this one and its easy, STOP COMPARING IT TO ALIEN. It is only a SPIRITUAL PREQUEL and has no REAL connections to the Alien franchise whatsoever and little what you guys call “references” are not enough to even say that they are remotely connected in any other way besides “spiritually”. That’s not even something that can be speculated upon because a reference of the same organization is not enough to be physically tied together. You have to view the movie solely on its own as a stand alone film and you wont pick at every little detail which you all love to do so much.

    Im sorry but most of the time meaning the majority of movies come out as shit after being rewrote so many times. There are exceptions but the majority of anything always has exceptions. Plus you have to have a great script supervisor that stays the length of all the scripts to even make sure it doesn’t or one hell of a director that is continually staying involved with the film and in every aspect of it. If your in touch with film as much as I am then you know it doesn’t happen very often as is why there’s a job usually for every different aspect and most of the time directors dont get involved with other peoples work.

    Some of the greatest films of all time are usually not only helmed by the director but they are involved with every aspect when they want the once to cme out seemingly flawless and near to no movie comes out perfect in my eyes but i judge very heavily on film and am usually very picky with things like Cinematography(my favorite), direction as a whole, script supervising, continuity, editing, acting, camera placement, and overall balance and flow of the film.

    Oh RIGHT and to MIKE!! I already know you guys gave him enough but i gotta say something…I myself have seen thousands of movies and MOST were independent and a good fraction was foreign. Foreigns are great because they dont have the same ridiculous restrictions that american producers give. They are almost the whole and utterly vision of the directors, most movies from foreign countries are depicted as the original visions and makes the that much truer to the art form, which i consider film an art form and the best we have so far. Even though im into most anything that has artistic value and can appreciate anything that has so. So shutup with your horrible accusations cause im sure a good percentage of these people commenting have that under their belt also.

  • ekaj

    With all this said i am not at all defending this movie in that fact that its the best sci-fi movie ever but certainly not AS bad as what this guy is making it seem. Soooooo many stupid questions and some can be answered maybe not without interpretation but im sorry i honestly love movies that let you speculate rather than putting all the pieces together. I like when everyone comes up with there own “interpretations”…stop ripping on the movie and just COME UP WITH YOUR OWN INTERPRETATIONS. Dont just bash the film because the answers aren’t answered, make your own answers. You guys here go way too hard on the fact that its a collection of effects with almost no structure, flow or continuity OR that the characters bear no relationship to real people, they do unbelievably absurd things, they’re nearly impossible to empathize with, and the dialog is all too often cringe-worthy.

    Agin im not saying its AMAZING but the structure, flow and continuity were all FINE and not as bad or a “PATHETIC MESS” as you guys claim. Judge it ALONE AND NOT PART OF ALIEN AND IM SURE IT WOULD HAVE BEEN FINE. As someone else said you guys are getting mad just because it isnt giving YOU WHAT YOU WANT, SO WHAT. I have gone into movies so many times expecting something amazing and walked out less than impressed but have never gone and said so. I think an opinion is more satisfying to ones mind when its giving in a positive light rather than negative, so go out to some movies that people dont like and post your opinions there and tell WHATS UP? lol

    But at the end of the day we all have our opinions which is great and no one should ever take an opinion and turn it into an argument, only a debate. What i find beautiful about peoples opinions is being enlightened by them and its easier to be enlightened by something positive rather than negative. 🙂

  • ekaj

    Also i really have to agree majorly with Tim and say i really think Uckermanf didnt make any logical sense. You dont make sense posting that for us to make a movie that satisfies us, we probably would if given the funding and doesnt mean we cant critique a movie, what?!!! So illogical cause im very very sure you have critiqued a movie before that YOU havent made so then what gave you the right, oh right cause you wrote this right?

    Also there is almost NO movie that is an absolute masterpiece cause EVERY SINGLE movie that i have seen i will pick at or critique(ive seen A LOT). Its a movie though thats the point cause movies can have flaws and still be entertaining, to some even the small things make a movie bad. In the world of film and i mean from a technical aspect of artistic integrity Inception was a near perfect masterpiece, YES it did have SOME flaws but like i said no movie is without flaws. One that has the least is sure to be close to a masterpiece and most questions can be answered and yes some will be answered with interpretation but as Christopher Nolan said himself speculation is a wonderful thing and loves to the human mind guessing and interpreting its own answers. Like i said opinions are great but what is the best part about them, everyone has a different one. There is a fine line between interpretations of a film and opinions of a film. You can learn and gain from others in the form of opinions and in the process create your own if the person give an intellectual and logical opinion of course. You may find you disagree with some portions of someones opinion but an opinion on a seperate matter might be the same like how i agree with Tim about your comment being illogical but disagree with him about this film, but as i am only assuming we are not upset with each other or at least im not. thats why i said i hate arguments cause arguments are stemmed by anger and debates are usually or supposed to be a sharing of opinions and thats all, no anger and no one getting pissed off which people do rather often.

  • cecilofril

    Wow…just, wow. Did this guy even WATCH the movie? I thought it was excellent, vintage Ridley Scott. But, you have to “critique” the HELL out of it, don’t you? Why not watch it for what it is: ENTERTAINMENT. If it doesn’t entertain you, then WHY WATCH IT!?!?! Go think about your career, you “critic.” Leave movie reviews to people who know what a REVIEW is. Like me.

  • Phoenixnova

    OK, where to begin with this movie, let me see?

    First, the good news. Well. I only lost a tenner paying to go and watch this dreck at the flicks, but I wasn’t going to get conned by buying it on DVD. As soon as I heard DL had been given script-writing duties, I knew it would suck complete monkey balls. I think the only reason people are saying they liked this is because they are too ashamed to admit that they were mugged by Ridley and the Fox execs, so they are attempting to justify the money they threw down the drain by pointlessly claiming this was the best film since Casablanca.

    I downloaded this POS from pirate bay just to confirm to myself how bad it sucked the first time I saw it, and let me assure you, even though it was free, I will not be attempting to justify this sub-par offering from the Riddler, and the download time and 1 gig it took was squandered. I should have got Dredd, instead.

    If this is the future of cinema then I will stick with the old classics, such as Alien and Aliens. I am a huge fan of these films, and this crapped out dire-trite almost made me throw my Alien collection away with disgust. It served only to piss all over my fond memories of the Alien saga, and then finish up by taking a massive dump all over the already established Alien continuity and universe. Even Alien Res had some decent dialogue, and a cohesive structure. Prometheus had neither of these, and a whole lot less in every other department, oh right, besides the nice visuals.

    It felt as if the Fox exec’s had decided they wanted to put a final nail in the Alien coffin, and if that was the case, then job well done. I should imagine that just one of these films is enough to dupe the public only once, if a sequel, or prequel to the prequel is made, it will bomb at the box office, I don’t think people will be daft enough to fall for Ridley’s spiel a second time, And if they are, then it’s only down to their lack of good judgement and pathetic taste in films. It’s no wonder the studios think they can get away with putting out any crap and that fickle Joe Public will continue to part with his hard eared cash to see a film made by amateurs (Ridley is the so called master, yes?)then be stupid enough to defend it whenever it’s serious flaws are pointed out to them.

    For what it’s worth, I’ll get accused of being a moron now for not “digging” the planet sized plotholes, or loving the non existent character development, or failing to understand the lack of coherent plot, no doubt, but I sincerely agree with Tom’s article, but say as you will, this was still an outright piece of garbage. As somebody already pointed out, it’s as though they tore up a bunch of scripts, then bolted random bits together, with the aim of tricking Joe Public into thinking they created an intellectual movie, when all they actually did was create a nice piece of eye candy that was both shallow and lacked any substance whatsoever. I bet the Riddler and DL are sat laughing their backsides off at the dunces trying to make head nor tail of this thinly written, poorly plotted trash.

    It stinks.

    I could go on all night about the various bits and pieces that made this boring, cliché ridden monkey balls a tedious watch, at best, but I believe all the points have been covered nicely by the other posters already.

    Just because a film is a box office draw does not automatically mean it is of any decent quality. This film was churned out for the unthinking FB/Ipad generation, so they could swoon over the visuals, that will look rubbish in only a few years, and believe they are intelligent because they “got it”.

    Fact is, there was nothing to get.

    A lot of the Pro Prommie’s are saying that people are disappointed because it wasn’t spoon fed, or a direct prequel to Alien etc, no, a lot of people are disappointed because they waited 30 years for Ridley to make a masterpiece and what we got instead was less than mediocre nonsense that was a chore to watch. If, as you Pro Prommie’s claim, this wasn’t intended to tie into Alien, then wtf did Ridley shoe-horn a chest burster scene in at the end? He has had you all over. Ridley as ruined the entire concept of the space jockey race. by making them large, bald albino humanoids. How is that incomprehensibly alien???? It’s just a poor rip off of the creature’s from Avatar! Give me the Giger inspired jockey’s any day over this pc, dumbed down muck.

    I cannot express how angry this film as made me. But I should have known what to expect from modern day Hollywood. So you suckers go and throw more of your precious money away to watch the sequel, because I won’t even be bothering to dl it. That’s how good of an impression I had of it.

    How docile have the public become when they will buy this pap and then claim it’s good? I despair for the future of our species if you can’t see that this patchwork of poo is utter crud.

    The geologist guy’s line sums this movie up in one; “I like rocks, I fucking love rocks, but I’m only here for the money!”

    It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and is totally contradictory in it’s presentation and the way the writer(lol) as attempted to convey across the meaning of his story to the audience.

    You’re probably all going to scream “You hate Ridley”, well you are wrong, I loved Ridley’s films, but even Robin Hood was better than this and I’m laying the blame at DL’s door. But that must have been one hell of a sales pitch he gave to Ridley, either that, or Ridley just didn’t give two hoots either way, but claimed he did on many interviews to con the morons out of their cash.

    Is it the worst film ever?

    No, but it soured the legacy of Alien and sealed the fate of the Xeno, in my opinion. Instead of menacing, shadowy creatures we now have vagina-squids, penis-snakes, and Hitman 47 rip-offs, dyed blue.

    At least Ridley can afford that new house now, so it’s not all bad.

  • Phoenixnova

    Addendum, to all those screaming into the face of people who saw this film for what it was, that we should go and make the movie instead, if Fox had handed a $150.000000 bucks to me, I would have made a much better film than this, I’m quite sure Tom would have too. In his sleep! Fact is, Ridley is a tried and trusted director and so many people put our faith in him to reclaim the Sci-Fi throne and he let us all down in a big way.

    Ty to justify it how you want, and call us “Fans” what you want, but it changes nothing, this movie will be forgotten in a few years. When the inevitable sequel is crapped out by Ridley, or whomever, I doubt there will be a third. Nobody in the right mind will want to see three of these turds. Only a handful of bleating Riddler fanboys will go to see “Paradise”.

    You hear it here first.

    Let’s hope Ridley doesn’t slaughter Blade Runner in the same way, I won’t hod my breath.

  • kyri

    how about you make your own film and let Ridley make his own.

    Prometheus was the best science fiction film since Children of Men. it’s not an Alien film deal with it.

  • Phoenixnova

    Or to put in blunter terms, the Prometheus blind fanboys will understand, this film was a pile of wank, with a good turd and the odd bit of first class piss mixed in it for good measure.

    Aside form the pretty star chart visuals

    Did I mention how much the big blue guys sucked?

    Space Jockey’s my butt-crack. They were hardly scary, tbh. This is one of those so called “mature rated R films” I would have no problem letting my five year old nephew watch. It’s almost as if Ridley set out to make a parody of Sci-Fi films. Was that his intent? It sure does seem like it. there wasn’t one single moment of tension or fear in the entire film. The Squid birth scene was blatantly ripped from Alien, but a damn sight more pathetic. The way she is pretending to act pain, and then her pretend “ouch” every few minutes or so just so we don’t forget she is injured insults your intelligence. Ridley said the AVP films weren’t cannon to Alien, so why did he rip characters and scenes straight out of both those films, as bad as they were, at least they didn’t try to be overblown pretentious pap. They were exactly what they were meant to be, mindless fodder, whereas Prometheus tries to be so many “big things” yet succeeds in only being utter shite.

    Did mention I liked the geologist guy who loved rocks, but was only there for the cash? He wasn’t there to make friends, was he?

    And what about the incomprehensible dialogue from Idris Elba? The guy who leaps tall buildings in a single bound and jumps to the wild conclusion, of “Ho yeah, these chaps built a WMD base out here” Now there’s a leap of faith if I ever saw one.

    Did I mention the part where Idris decides to sacrifice the other few surviving crew members, whose soul plot point in the movie is a bet on whether Idris beds Theron, and they don’t even have a slight conversation about their imminent fate, they just unreservedly wholeheartedly agree? You see them for all of four seconds, I’m meant to care what happens to these anonymous un-seen fellows????


    I know it’s Sci-Fi, and that one requirement of these type of films is to suspend your belief, but come ,on, this is just taking the proverbial at this point!

    That’s after we see Super Woman have her guts ripped out, get stapled back up, leap the grande canyon, avoid a crashing behemoth ship, survive a beating at the hand’s of the SJ, come to terms with losing the love of her life after he got flamed alive by her fellow crew member, and not one hint of any physcological trauma or physical damage done to her, asides from a “whimper” here, there and everywhere. Come on! Did Ridley forget his film making 101 class? That your on screen talent as to sell this so called story to the audience????? By acting in a believable manner!

    Wait, there’s more.

    Nobody seems to have a definitive answer as to what the black goo is/does. Well, let me clear that right up for you, like that rash you caught off that unsavoury girl you once dated back in junior high.

    The purpose of the black goo was simply this, it was plot tool that did whatever it was required to di in order to advance the poorly constructed plot. It was not once elucidated upon, and yet the audience is supposed to grasp that this is some sort of super DNA formula that reacts in a plethora of different ways depending upon how it it is used, or how much contact it as with the host.

    Way to go on conveying that to the mindless plebs, Damon, you deserve a grammy at least for that sheer genius.

    Now let’s move on the exploding head. Er, so it like, just exploded once exposed to the atmosphere of the ship? So how come not one scientist took any decent precautions for such a viral outbreak? How about the way they re-animated it using an electrical charge? Straight out of Frankenstein. The brilliance of originality displayed by Damon in these moments is overwhelming.

    I must have missed the giant polar bear and the smoke monster, seeing as how my eyelids were shutting heavily, lest my sight be offended by the dross on screen.

    Please don’t get me started on the badly made up old guy, Guy Pierce. He served no function whatsoever besides, yet again, advancing the nonchalant plot. He appeared five minute before the end and was quickly dispatched by the pissed off Engineer.

    OK, Michael Fassbender. A lot of you seem to think this was a Godfather type performance from the guy, It wasn’t. No, really, it wasn’t. It was average at best, and I will be betting right now that he will want to put as much distance between himself and this film as is humanly possible in future. And I honestly can’t blame him. If ever their was a leaden weight around an actors neck, it was this movie.

    Snake-penis time. They took an idea from Giger’s seriously messed up, but genius mind, and worked it into a generic, un-threatening, pathetic looking “monster”. I won’t go into the poor performance of the so called biologist who just shit his pants five seconds before because he saw some dried out alien fossils, but then gets all brave and decides he wants to play poke the salami with a creature that you can see from the outset, is anything but friendly. (Poorly realised, of course)As is every single character in this flick.

    This was one of the worst two hours ever committed to celluloid. What’s with the SJ holograms? Why would they need them? Haaa, because Ridley needed to blow that $150.000.000 bucks some way, so we got some poorly rendered computer projections that showed very little.

    I can feel the fanboy wrath brewing and I know they will be sharpening up their knives as I type, ready to gut me, like a heavily Squid pregnant Shaw and a naff looking med machine that looked as if they made it in play school using cardboard boxes ala Blue Peter, but fanboy’s, don’t start screaming “You’re thick, you didn’t get it, etc” because it’s like this, if there was anything to get, I would have got it! There was nothing to get from the viewing of this film other than a headache trying to decipher your own backstory and apply it to all the plotholes. That, and a tenner less off!!!!

  • Phoenixnova

    October 18, 2012 at 10:42 pm
    how about you make your own film and let Ridley make his own.

    Prometheus was the best science fiction film since Children of Men. it’s not an Alien film deal with it.

    I’m not sure how to reply, Kiri, but if you consider that a good sci-fi flick, I don’t know where to begin. I’ll give you Children Of Men. It was an original, well thought out, well plotted, well acted film, and I have watched it many times. And will continue to watch it, because that’s what you do with a good film.

    So why won’t I be watching Prometheus a record number of times? Well, I may if I need to be bored to sleep, but otherwise, I won’t be watching it again because it has none of the things that Children Of Men had incorporated it into it. None. Are you so blind or brainwashed by Hollywood crap and cheap TV soap fodder that you can’t see the wood for the tree’s?

    I’m guessing that’s a big, resounding “YES”.

  • MerryMaker888

    Not sure (as I don’t have time to read all 160+ entries) but the film was initially a prequel, and the studio sent in someone to de-Alien it which is why it is an abortion on steroids.

    It is the studio’s fault this was a screaming train wreck, that and what was left included preposterously bad screen writing. Daddy Issues and people running IN THE PATH of a falling space ship.

  • Phoenixnova

    MerryMaker, I agree. But Ridley as a lot of clout and should have turned this film down knowing it would sully his legacy. Where was his backbone? Or did he just sell out for an extra few quid? Ridley is an epxert film maker, there is no excuse for him to take this on board and agree to llet the writer of Lost loose on this. He should have put his foot down. As it stands, I have now deemed Ridley as lost all credibilty in my eyes as a fiml maker of any decency. Sorry if there are any typos, its really late here.

    Ps, don’t forget the geoligist guy, he was jands down the best character in the movie, with the definitive best line

    “I fucking love rocks. And money, but yeah, don’t forget the rocks. Since I have nothing to contribute to the Avatar dead body arena”

  • Phoenixnova

    What can we expect in Prometheus the sequel? Well, how about a time machine planet, a few giant polar bears, a smoke monster and right at the end Shaw will wake up in cryo to discover it was all just a dream concocted by her overworked imagination.

    Then the geologist guy can turn up as a cameo and map out some big ass alien structure and get lost in another straight corridor, that ought to confuse the feck out of all the fanboys.

    They should let Jackie Chan direct it, at least it will be humurous instead of so bad it’s funny.

  • Quadra

    Who ever said Weyland was dead? Considering his age (and his later admission to have only days left) and condition, I wouldn’t leave the protection of my super-medical bed either until absolutely necessary.

  • Phoenixnova

    The holographic mission briefing they all watch on their ship implies that Weyland will be dead long before they reach their destination. His own words.

    But I guess Ridley needed to throw in the massively underwhelming revelation that Theron was Weyland’s daughter, like anybody cares. If anybody made it that far into this pile of poop, this revelation would do nothing to ensure the viewer remained awake for the remainder of the film.

  • josh

    Im just glad that im not the only person that loved this movie. Also i actually know a geologist and quess what they get lost just like anybody else, and if you notice the robot “babies” only sent mapping to the ship not to any personal device . I think alot of people went in expecting a different movie.visually stunnig and cant complain about unanswered questions because i have a great imagination and can fill in the blanks myself. Also i think this movie shows people just want to be told the meaning of life instead of going out and figuring it out for themselves.

  • Tim


    I have a great imagination, too. I love imagining things, but I don’t want to do all the hard work for the writers. It’s one thing to deliberately leave something vague, but Prometheus is vague on EVERYTHING. If I have to come up with an explanation for every single question I have then the writers are doing something wrong. The problems come when the writers themselves don’t even know the answers, and since Damon Lindelof wrote it, I think it’s very probable that he has no clue what’s going on. I fell for it once with LOST, and I won’t be suckered in by that kind of writing again. Heck, if I knew the man was involved with the writing in any manner I would not have even seen the movie in the first place.

  • josh


    I actually know nothing about the writer. And never cared enough to watch lost. And what i understand is sucked in the plot aspect. If You want to know what i think alot of people need their hand held during a movie to help them figure it all out. My wife being one of them. I watch this movie with out her and when she asked me if she should try it out i told her no its not her type of flic because i knew i would have to pause it to explainit. Not to say your one of them. You have a valid “personal” point. I personally think this

  • josh

    DFilm represents a true aspect of life. Seeing the beauty of the universe and trying to solve its questions only to find that the answers only spawn more questions. And the overall frustration of trying to survive long enough to answer just one. Not to mention i believe maybe our creator or” creators” might just feel like the engineers feel. But now im just rambling. But i wonder if you never watched lost would you feel different about the movie? Somthin to think about. Again just glad im not the only one that liked it. Oh and to all the people that wonders how a lady can do all those things right after surgery.three things 1: its amazing the pain youll endure to stop mass extiction.2: what youll do to survive like endure pain. 3: DRUGS she shot herself with futuristic pain medicine like 4 times has no body else had morphine.

  • PJS

    Dear Reviewers,
    Stop expecting that every character in every movie will behave in exactly the way that you are expecting them to behave. This is a story about certain people, who make certain decisions, which have certain consequences. Just because they don’t do what you think they _should_ do does not make a movie suck. Just fscken accept it as a story written to entertain, stop expecting every story to cater to your ideals of logical perfection. Not everyone makes perfect decision all the time, and sometimes people write stories about other people who don’t make perfect decisions, and this is one of those stories. Reality is not perfect, and this is art. Wow, someone made an art piece that mirrors reality? OMG IT SUCKS! I ONLY WANT TO EXPERIENCE FANTASY WORLDS WHERE EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING IS PERFECT, BECAUSE I MYSELF LIKE TO LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH SUCH PERFECTION FANTASY, BECAUSE MY OWN LIFE IS TOO IMPERFECT FOR OWN MY PETTY EGO TO ACCEPT.

  • Robie

    Wow ! The insults flow thick and fast don’t they. And sooo deep. I like a good film. I like a good storyline and I appreciate good acting. I didn’t think much of this film. Talk about full of holes? It looked as if twenty people were given a couple of pages of three quarters of the script to film then stitched it together. Anyone who really says they came away really satisfied by this cobbled together mess can probably speak klingon. Throwing a load of money at some thing does not gurantee success. Sometimes it just doesn’t work right but if it makes the obviously more enlightened amongst you happy then lets just pretend it was wonderful. P.S, I was really looking forward to this film. five out of ten.

  • Tim


    I hate being handheld, too. It’s almost as bad as there not being any answers. A good story will be able to convey all of the necessary information without shoving it in your face every ten seconds. I mention this a lot, but Inception did this well. We’re not constantly told what’s going on. The viewer has to pay attention. And it doesn’t explain everything. We never find out how exactly the dream machine things work, or all of the characters pasts. We can guess and speculate, but we’re not told everything.

    My problems with Prometheus stem not from the ambiguity itself, but from the fact that the ambiguity is detrimental to the narrative. The story itself was hard to follow. Not in the Inception way, but in the “Wait. What just happened?” or “Uh…that was really stupid” kind of way. I would list a whole bunch of questions that are spawned and not answered, but Red Letter Media (and the comments bellow) did this already.

    And about the super C-section thing. I saw one guy talk about how he had abdominal surgery and was bedridden for weeks. Even if we assume that they have some SUPER pain killers, that still doesn’t answer why her internal organs weren’t spilling out. The machine was calibrated for a man (which was really stupid. How expensive are these things again?), so wouldn’t it find the uterus as a foreign object? Would it not remove it? What about Shaw orchestrating a surgery when she (one, wasn’t tied down if I remember correctly. Even the smallest mistake can kill someone, and) has no medical experience that I’m aware of. And those staples? That’s connecting the skin. That wouldn’t connect the muscles or any internal organs. And Shaw wouldn’t be able to run or jump around like she did. She would not just go “owwie” every few minutes. She wouldn’t even be able to move. And all of the action she went through after that surgery would have broken the seal and she’d be carrying her guts around with her.


    I’m really loving how you took the time to understand our point of view. It isn’t just a few mistakes. I can understand that. Everyone makes mistakes, and fictional characters wouldn’t be interesting if they never made mistakes (Hello Mary Sue!). The problem is that these characters suffer from an inconsistent stupidity that ranges from 1 to completely effing moronic. Sure you could say that this is “realistic,” and that people would make stupid choices if they went through the events of Prometheus, but then why would I watch it? I don’t want to watch a bunch of people make insane decisions that get them killed. Pretty much every death felt ridiculously contrived. There was little sense in it other than “this character has to die now, so they’ll make a decision that will facilitate that no matter how idiotic said decision will be.” What comes to mind are the geologist and biologist guy. Ignoring the fact that these two bums got lost, they were genre-savvy enough to realize that being around the dead Engineer body wasn’t going to lead to good things (I cheered when they did that. I thought we finally had someone with sense!), but then the biologist guy suddenly wants to pet the…um…”evil penis snake” when it’s clearly not friendly. Who does this? If the characters are doing nothing but pissing people off when they do things, that’s not realistic. That’s not logical. That’s stupid. And your ad hominem is very welcome. All we want are perfect characters herp derp!

  • Tim


    The problem with Prometheus was that it didn’t know what it wanted to be. On one hand, we have Scott and a good part of the movie disassociating it from Alien, with a few references. The original writer wrote the movie as a direct prequel. Damon Lindelof came in and smushed the two together, so we get this odd amalgam of a prequel/not prequel. Yes, Scott wanted it to be more of a spiritual prequel, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, the movie wasn’t clear enough on this. It tried to be all of it at once.

    Personally, I haven’t seen any of the Alien movies, so I didn’t have any expectations based on any of those movies. I had heard it was a prequel, but I didn’t particularly care about that. I thought it was going to be a good movie just based on the movie itself. I was wrong. I didn’t enjoy the movie itself. I felt that I was missing a lot of stuff since I hadn’t seen Alien. I just got the feeling that if I had seen Alien or Aliens I would be enlightened. None of the people I saw it with could figure it out either (they had all seen Alien). And the Xenobaby at the end wasn’t helping. Some people actually thought that Prometheus took place on the same planet Alien took place on because of that.

    What I get from reading your posts is that you like speculating. That’s not a bad thing. I love a story that allows for some speculation. A story with some vague mysteries can be a good thing. It keeps people talking about the story long after they’ve seen it. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the anime Code Geass, but one of the mysteries (besides the origin of Geass) is whether Lelouch is alive at the end or not. It’s a pretty big discussion. Despite not liking a lot of the crap that happened in the second season, this is a good example of good ambiguity. The guys who made the show were deliberately vague on that part of the story. If you wanted Lelouch to be dead, then he was dead. He paid for his sins. If you wanted him to be alive (like me), then there was plenty of evidence that you could piece together to prove it and you could have a happier ending. It really didn’t matter. It’s not important to understanding the show. The narrative itself should benefit from the speculation, not be based on it. I don’t want do do all the hard work for the writers. That’s just lazy writing.

    I really would like to have a face to face discussion with you. This is just such an inefficient way to communicate.

  • grb

    The problem w/ Prometheus isn’t an ambiguous storyline which allows viewers different interpretations. The problem is there’s barely anything presented up on the screen to interpret. Basic plot: Aliens seed the Earth with life, tho there is already some level of vegetation when they do so. Aliens leave traces of their presence with several human civilizations over several ages, apparently directing their representation, apparently leaving a map of a star system for the future age when humans can travel through interstellar space. Weyland takes a ship there, looking for a cure for mortality. The planet turns out to be a weapons depot, the facility dead apparently by some kind of accident – though there is at least on alien alive in hibernation – and the aliens apparently were planning to destroy humankind two thousand years earlier. When the one alien awakes, he apparently still seeks to destroy humankind. Much of all this is barely established in the movie. We are spoon-fed the weapons depot theory by the Captain just blurting it out from right field. We’re told the aliens sought to kill humanity by David, who has an bizarrely implausible ability to operate the machines of a highly advanced alien civilization merely by studying the root languages of primitive human cultures. On no basis whatsoever, he not only declares certain knowledge that the aliens were on the verge of returning to Earth, but gives an explanation of their motivation. Of course this is just lazy scriptwriter nonsense, but – surprise! – it holds true when the one alien awakes. Incidentally, one more bit of mind-numbing stupidity from the countless examples riddling the film’s plot is when David is asked can he read an alien inscriptions. He says maybe, but no one then bothers to ask him what the damn thing says. So with a plot of aliens make humans; aliens wanna kill humans, the whole second half of the equation is a blank except for a few oracular pronouncements by characters who lack the means to know what they’re saying, but therein compensate for a scriptwriter too lazy and incompetent to establish the information on-screen. And nothing at all is given the viewer to understand why the aliens wanna murder humanity. The MAJOR plot question is given ZERO presence in the script. People can guess until they’re blue in the face, they may enjoy their guessing immensely, but their guesses will be based on nothing presented in the movie. There is much mystery and ambiguity in 2001 A Space Odyssey, but the film-goer is still given information to work with. I’m not certain what I saw in David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, but not because Lynch didn’t bother to put material on-screen to befuddled me. The director and screenwriter of Prometheus didn’t even try. And they didn’t trouble themselves with believable characters you can identify with, or dialog which sounds like real people speaking, or a plausible plot which flows from one development to the next. They had the franchise, Alien, a tiny bit of Heavy Meaning at the margins, and a luscious visual veneer, so why sweat the small stuff?

  • Tue Sorensen

    @grb: I completely disagree. The script and the movie have a lot of thinking behind them – much more than any run-of-the-mill Hollywood sci-fi movie – and it is deliberately being presented as mysterious, because how can an alien intelligence NOT be mysterious to us?! And also because we are supposed to think about it, and not get any easy answers. People who speak out against this movie in these comments seem to want all the answers neat and tidy, presented on a plate. Well, why don’t you get religion, then?

    If you theorize about Prometheus, you can come up with many possible and plausible explanations for almost everything, and that is enough for me. To me, this movie provides a vast canvas; a background universe which goes far beyond the Alien-franchise and gives a lot of interesting possible explanation. I believe (as I mentioned in an earlier comment) that the Engineers worship the principles of evolution and predation, and this is a great explanation for why they have seeded the universe with both various versions of themselves/us, and engineered creatures like the aliens (it is very clear, I think, that the Engineers are called so because they engineered the aliens primarily, and only humans on Earth secondarily). Using these assumption, most stuff in the movie makes great sense, incl. the annoying behavior of the geologist (as well as the hubris of Peter Weyland), as this is supposed to illustrate the kind of pettiness of humankind that the Engineers have a big problem with. In fact, more or less the only plot element that hasn’t been explained (via a bit of speculation) to my satisfaction is why the heck the Engineers repeatedly left coordinates to LV-223 on Earth, as there doesn’t seem to be anything particular important about that weapons depot. It doesn’t seem part of their plan that human beings from Earth should actually go there – but I suppose LV-223 could have been a major cultural center several thousand years earlier, and the weapons depot is just whatever is left of a once-flourishing Engineer colony.

  • bfg666

    Guys! Guys! YOU’RE NOT LISTENING TO EACH OTHER!! It was fun for a while to watch the lot of you bickering but you should at least try and pretend to acknowledge what the adversary is saying, otherwise this argument will be going nowhere anytime soon. And as of now, all I have witnessed went like this :
    – Team A makes statement B backed with arguments C;
    – Team D disregards arguments C and makes statement E backed with arguments F;
    – Team A disregards arguments F and repeats statement B backed with strictly the same arguments C;
    – Team D disregards arguments C again and repeats statement E backed with strictly the same arguments F;
    – And so on…

    Please stop now or learn communication 101.

  • Tim


    Can I point out a few key words that you used?

    “Possible,” “Plausible,” “I believe,” “To me,” “vast canvas,” “very clear, I think,” “assumption[s],” “supposed to,” “via a bit of speculation,” “I suppose,” “could have been.”

    This pretty much outlines what grb and I are trying to say. The only answers lie in personal interpretation. Now that wouldn’t be bad if the narrative worked on its own, but it doesn’t. I don’t think you get what we’re trying to say. We’re not complaining because things were a little hard to understand. We’re complaining that there are no answers in the narrative itself. That doesn’t make the story smart. That doesn’t make it clever or brilliant. What the narrative does is it FORCES us to come up with the story. It forces us to create motivations, explanations, and justifications for the story because it never does any of that itself. Just because you can think of something does not a good story make. The story was vague to the point of distraction. I remember trying to figure some of my questions with my dad, and we couldn’t really come up with anything because of the lack of anything to derive answers from.

    Good speculation comes from well-rooted evidence in the story. I’ll use my example of Code Geass here. Spoilers, by the way if you wanted to watch the show. My theory is that Lelouch is an Immortal now. He either took or received Charles’ Code of Immortality when he basically wiped him from existence. That is based on what I’ve seen in the show about Geass. Others disagree with my theory, but it’s just that. A theory. A theory built on established rules. Codes of Immortality can be forced upon someone and forcibly taken. Those two things are done in the show. It’s not inconceivable to think that it happened with Lelouch. Now with Prometheus, there’s just too much stuff that goes on without establishing rules. I’m convinced that this was done on purpose by Damon Lindelof since he can’t write something coherent to save his life (you see what I did there?).

    The comments about aliens being beyond our comprehension. The last time I heard that was from Sovereign back on Virmire. And we all know how that turned out. When Casey Hudson and Hac Walters tried to explain the Reapers, they failed beyond all comprehension since the motives were easy to understand (as well as moronic and a betrayal of previous themes). Actually, this could be done well in Prometheus. If we never really discovered what the Engineers were up to; in fact, let’s just never see an actual Engineer. There’s ambiguity for yah. How about all we see of them are some corpses and some cave drawings. We don’t need to know everything. It would have been better if we never saw an Engineer. There’s our mystery. We don’t know what was up with them. Then maybe we could drop all of the pretentious religious talk. I’m Christian, and I was disappointed by the ignorant view of religion in the movie. It was merely used as a faux plot device. The whole “meet your makers” plot was built up to be important, but it was lost in the many other themes and plots that were tossed into the pot. It was never developed due to a lack of focus and bad writing, coming across as shallow and vague. The theme was not clear.

    Yes. I like things to be clear cut. Is that wrong? Is it a bad thing to want information? I don’t need to understand everything in every movie I watch, but I prefer to understand what I watch. I don’t like uber vague stories since they tend to make it hard for me to enjoy watching them. I tried to figure out what was happening in Prometheus, but there’s really nothing of value here. You seem to be convinced that Prometheus is deeper than it really is. It’s a kiddie pool trying to pretend it’s the deep end by sticking a 12′ sign by it with a diving board. You can think it’s the deep end, but when you dive in, you’ll realize that you just jumped into 2′ deep water. I don’t remember if you said you watched LOST, but that’s exactly what happened with it. I think I posted a link to an article about the faux symbolism in my first post (and it’s kinda funny since I’m repeating a lot of what I’ve already said). What did the four-toed statue mean? What was up with the wheel that wasted over a season on time travel shenanigans? Why are several characters named after philosophers? Why are they at a church in the end? Why is purgatory like normal life, but worse? We could really go on all day about what the crap happened in LOST, but that’s the point. There were no answers. It was all about the characters. Apparently. It was never about the mysteries, which was the only reason I really watched the show. There were no answers. That’s the hard truth that I learned about LOST. Prometheus gave me the same vibes, and the more I discuss the story the more I hate it for being so bad.

    And I do have a religion. It’s called Christianity. What does that have to do with this?

  • Tim


    My argument is that Prometheus has a poorly written and constructed narrative, and a lack of focus in terms of themes, plot, character development, and common sense.

    My opponent’s argument seems to be that I like to be handheld through stories and just don’t get the brilliance of Prometheus because I’m not really looking into it enough. Either that or there’s some genius in the vagueness of Prometheus’ writing since it allows you to speculate. (we’re just going to ignore that tom guy who insulted everyone who disagreed with him)

    I have listened to the opposing side. I find the arguments unconvincing and delusional. I have given my reasons over and over. And it’s quite funny you mention communication 101. I’m currently taking an English Composition class with a focus on arguments. The reason that we keep volleying our opinions back and forth is because both of us believe that we’re the right ones. We both think that the other side has something wrong with their thinking.

    Though I do get the feeling sometimes that I’m being listened to but not understood.

  • Tue Sorensen

    @Tim: Sorry, I don’t really have time to argue with religious people (nor read all their chatter), and besides, it wasn’t your comments I was responding to. Religion never makes sense – religious people always have highly personal emotional issues underpinning their faith; not rational ones. Also, I think you have hijacked this comments section quite enough.

    I quite liked the ending of LOST. It made sense artistically.

  • Phoenixnova

    I see so many of you are still attempting to pull the wool over the rest of us eyes’ and sticking to your guns, claiming this was a film with great depth and a unique script that isn’t the average run-of-the-mill Hollywood fare. It’s interesting to read your arguments, considering Prometheus is actually less than average for a HW movie, in my opinion. Even Transformers, had a basic coherent narrative arc that anyone is able to follow. Prometheus didn’t even have this, I’m afraid. I admire your defence of this turkey, but in all honesty, Ridley, as an acclaimed, and long time film maker, should have known better than to ever put his name to this artificial turd.

    A few nights ago, I re-watched BladeRunner. This is considered a seminal film, at the time, and was way ahead of conventional film making of the era. It stands up well, even today. The visuals are stunning, and the plot, while convoluted, is all intact and accountable. It makes sense, despite being complex.

    Prometheus is not. And it isn’t because the writers made it deliberately vague, or intrinsic so the audience would have hidden depths to ponder, it’s because the plot appears to be written by a ten year old with a crayola, trying his best to lull people into thinking there is something intelligent hidden in there, when in fact, there isn’t.

  • Phoenixnova

    Yet another review that nails Prometheus, spot on. It seems that DL wrote teh script for the uber naff Cowboys ad Aliens. It figures. I bet all the Prometheus fanboys just adored C&A.

  • Benny Fofo

    Let me settle the argument, boys. It was a kind of a trainwreck. The fact that people like the “speculation” aka bad writing is the same reason Star Wars fan boys try to convince me that there’s love in the gaping grey areas of those movies, and then wallow in mindless minutia in hopes of justifying their deflating argument or the realization that something they’ve convinced themselves they love just plain sucks. Sometimes you just need to cut your losses.

    Prometheus is ALL over the place and is saddled by a befuddling story, some completely throwaway characters, nonsensical character behavior, bad casting, major continuity issues, terrible plot contrivances, and a laughable ending. Beautifully filmed, however.

    I’m all for speculation and interpretation and certainly good Science Fiction spurs the creative mind, allowing for endless possibilities and scenarios. But first and foremost, it’s a movie. It takes everyone the same amount of time to sit down and watch it. If the director, producers, writers, and actors can’t compose a coherent narrative within the confines of that space, then they’ve failed.

    Too many wheels fell off this vehicle for me to even come close to considering this an effort worthy of any further review or revisit.

    Apparently in space, no one can hear you sigh either…

  • josh


    Do you have kids? If yes were you in the room when they were born? Im going to assume you weren’t. I was holding my wife left leg on my right shoulder. After everygthing was said and done i was worn out ready to go to sleep while my wife seemed ready for round two. You would be amazed a womans tolerance for pain i know i was. Also the lady was wereing a skin tight space suit. Which in my understanding would serve well to reduce if not stop any stretching of the abdomen. Im neither a doctor or a astronaut so im probably reaching. I will give all of you this the running away from spaceship part was one of those run the otherway moron parts. I like those parts because they make me feel smart like i could survive in that situation. But generally people are not. Thats why we have a thousand ways to die not two. Old age and accident.

  • Phoenixnova


    So Josh, your basing your entire Prom-love on the fact your wife as amazing regenerative abilities during childbirth?

    Whilst I find your wife’s labour commendable, I can’t see how it justifies your defence of what is blatantly obviously a God-awful movie. I wonder if you would defend it on the same level if it had not been directed by Ridley?

    I sincerely doubt this. You would all be saying how rubbish it is, and that it’s ruined Ridley’s legacy.

    But since the great man himself helmed it, you blindly bleat out how much of a great masterpiece it is. Time will tell, I’m afraid. And even though we all know there will be an inevitable sequel, I can hazard a guess that both this and the sequel will be forgotten about rather quickly.

  • Benny Fofo

    BTW, I found it interesting that the scene in the very beginning was reminiscent of the lifting of The Shining aerial sweeps they tacked on in Blade Runner.

  • Phoenixnova

    Well, word on the street is that Ridley’s all geared up for the sequel which will hit theatres around 2015. Sounds like DL won’t be returning for script duties, which is a blessing. I hope they use J.J Abrams, I was more than happy with the Star Trek reboot. It didn’t suck half as much monkey balls as Prometheus did.

    Lindy is trying to blame John Spaihts. Spaihts original ideas sounded far more compelling than the trash which was served up. Apparently though, Ridley didn’t want proto-Xeno’s running around, and wanted to introduce the Engineers are God’s bs, we ended up with. So that being the case, I will ask yet again why Ridley shoe-horned in the Deacon-burster?

    I won’t be holding out any hope for the sequel. You shouldn’t need three movies to express the intent of what was meant in the first movie. That’s like saying we needed Alien 3 in order to understand the concept of the first Alien film.

  • josh


    Ok? No im not baseing my love for the movie on my wife giving birth. That would be obsured. Was just trying to give an explination to one of the complaints ive read. To me there seems to be a bunch of people that women are stronger than they seem. Which the way you put it seems like you dont understand either.( for all i know you could be a women if you are then im going to take a guess and say you dont have children) also your way off i dont give a crap about whether ridley directed it. But nice try.

  • Phoenixnova


    Er, OK, Dude. No need for a pulled hamstring, mate. If it sounded like I was being crass, I do apologise. One of the great things about my name is, it’s ambiguous, you don’t know which sex I am, or even if I’m human. See, that’s the difference between me and the crap that is this film, the ambiguity on my part, serves my script well, whereas in Prometheus, it’s just ambiguous because of the lack of any good central themes or ideas.


    I apologise if you thought I was being obtuse, I’ve just had my gut-full of morons defending this pathetically weak film. I was not being personal, with you, etc.

    I’m just rather upset that Ridley as destroyed the franchise he created.

  • Tim

    Alright. Looks like things were busy while I was sleeping.


    Really? You’re just going to dismiss what I have said because I’m a Christian? That’s insulting. I don’t dismiss what an atheist says about a movie just because I disagree with them on religious matters. Like I said, what does religion have to do with Prometheus (besides a poor use of it for bad symbolism)? I have put what I feel is a fairly logical argument. You haven’t put forth an argument that I find the least bit convincing. It usually boils down to there being some deeper meaning to Prometheus that I just don’t get.

    Who’s the one thinking emotionally?

    Oh, the LOST ending. I don’t like it when “art” is used as a defense for poor narrative. How did the ending make sense artistically? It made no narrative or logical sense. They took the interesting idea of the alternate timeline “flash-sideways” and in the last couple episodes it’s suddenly purgatory. And I don’t know about you, but I wanted answers to the mysteries. I was told over and over that all the questions would be answered. That was a lie. We got some answers to old questions, but those just raised more questions! Then the writers had the gall to say that it was never about the mysteries, it was about the characters. That was a slap in the face. Not to mention the ridiculous number of inconsistencies in just the last half of the last season. And it didn’t give any closure. I didn’t feel like there was any closure with the characters or the mysteries. I was told that everyone dies eventually. Uh…yeah, duh. I know that. There was nothing resolved in the finale. I was just told that it was the end. That is not artistic. That’s a cop out.

    And I’m sorry if you think I’m hijacking the comments. I’m trying to have a discussion.


    No, I don’t have kids. Sad to say, I’m not married. But I’m not saying that women can’t handle a lot of pain. I’m saying that it would be physically impossible for Shaw to run out like that when she had her abdomen sliced open. Muscles were severed. That alone would make it impossible for Shaw to move. I don’t care if there were super pain killers in the future (which is never explained if that’s true), Shaw isn’t going to be moving no matter how much she wants to. I’m not a biologist, but it was explained to me that the muscles of the back and abdomen work in tandem so that you can move. If one is screwed up, you’re not moving around (and I may be wrong. That’s just how it was explained to me. I’m an English major). If she could somehow subvert that and get out, her internal organs have been sliced up and her skin has been stapled. That sounds like a recipe for Shaw guts all over the place, even before she got into the space suit. And I wouldn’t think that the suit would stop the stapled area from rupturing when she’s jumping around and making more bad decisions. The machine was calibrated for a man (again, REALLY stupid), so it wouldn’t know what to do with the uterus or anything else unique to a woman. I don’t remember it taking the time to repair her internal organs. And Shaw wasn’t a medical doctor, correct? How did she create an effective surgery on the fly? Plothole…..


    I’m not going to watch the sequel until I can confirm that it’s a good movie. If there is any doubt, I’m not watching it. At most I’ll rent it. It’s a good thing that Damon Lindelof is off the movie. He couldn’t write a coherent narrative to save his life. I’m hoping that Ridley Scott learned his lesson and that it’ll better, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Phoenixnova


    Good to finally hear from you in person,so to speak, dude. I thought I was going nuts after watching this time and time again and still not being able to like it. Everybody on these forums kept assuring me that I must be completely dense because I couldn’t see the depth, the meaning, the overwhelming symbolisms and sheer genius of this movie. I mean sure, I got the lovely visuals, but everything else just seemed so shallow and empty, but I was almost convinced the problem was with me with. I was wired up wrong or something, how could I possibly be missing what everybody else seems to be able to pick up on first viewing of this almighty turd, yet I’ve never suffered from this before, no matter how bad a sci-fi film is, I can usually gleam at least a few things that I find satisfactory.

    Yet I could find nothing satisfactory in this drivel, and from the Master, Ridley, himself?

    Felt I was going a bit loopy. or at the least, I was getting too old (age 29) to enjoy a good sci-fi flick any more. Until I found your article. Then it all made sense. The people defending this “poisoned chalice of DNA super-goo” were the one’s in the wrong.

    It’s an abomination of a film.

    I would just like to thank you for confirming I wasn’t loosing the loosely connected, poorly constructed plot.


  • Tim

    When did Tom come in?

    Or did you mean me?

  • Phoenixnova

    Sorry Tim, I meant you lol, I thought it said Tom, for a second there. Made myself look like a complete moron now, perhaps the fanboys were right! I am dense, lol. Bloody eye strain after watching this poorly produced bunkum.

  • Phoenixnova

    P.S, I’m blaming it on having to watch the poor old guy make up:)

  • Tim

    That’s cool. Sometimes I hear my name when someone says “ten.”

    And I do agree. Prometheus was empty. I’ve enjoyed Syfy Channel original movies more than Prometheus….and that is painful to say.

    A good sci-fi movie should establish what kind of sci-fi it is, whether it’s soft or hard. We should understand if it tries to use real science or if it’s going to go the Star Trek technobabble route. I never knew what Prometheus was. On one hand it’s trying very hard to be an intelligent hard sci-fi, then ridiculously disproves that with some soft sci-fi. Then it throws out some religious hooie-phooey. Then rocks fall and everyone dies. It ends up as a soft sci-fi wearing science robes trying to act intelligent. It’s like a comedy where a guy is trying to impress a smart girl he likes by acting super smart, but only serves to embarrass himself.

    I couldn’t even buy Shaw surviving. She seemed like the most likely to die the second things went south. I’m not even convinced that she has an iron will. She just seems to be ignorant and delusional. Though she did sum up the decision to see the movie. “We were wrong! We were SO WRONG!” I guess that’s just typical of the movie. Either Weyland hired the dumbest scientists he could find or scientists in the future are moronic. (oh dear. Is this a sequel to Demolition Man?)

    I’ve gone over why I don’t like the C-section scene, but I just don’t like Shaw’s character. Noomi Rapace is pretty, but that doesn’t make me like her (ok, maybe a little). Her character seems devoid of logic, and a master of insane troll logic. Star drawings in a cave = invitation to meet our makers! Ignoring the fact that stars move and die, so unless the Engineers were able predict exactly where these stars would be by the time Dr. Shaw and Douchecanoe discovered it, they’re dealing with outdated directions. The film tries to convince us that she has faith. Faith in what? She has a cross, but she’s definitely not Christian. She just has a vague belief in a “maker.” It comes across as this:

    “She’s religious.”
    “What religion?”
    “I don’t know. I don’t know anything about religion.”
    “How do we show that?”
    “Let’s give her a cross! That’s religious, right?”

    I find it very hard to like any of the characters, but they try to put the whole movie on Shaw and David. Shaw survives on sheer dumb luck and plot armor. While I do appreciate Fassbender’s ability to act, I hate David’s character. He drives the plot, but his actions are either random or homicidal. Yeah, we get it. Robot goes crazy and kills people. We’ve seen this a million times before. I didn’t understand anything about his character, so I can’t appreciate what he does.

    Why were there no mercenaries on the ship? Seems like they could have used some guys with guns. Yeah it was a scientific exploration, but If I was spending a trillion dollars on the dumbest scientists known to man I’d have hired some guys to watch out for danger.

    *gasp* I talk a lot, don’t I? I’m actually tired now.

  • Phoenixnova


    I couldn’t agree more. I’ve spent months trawling over all the bad things this piece of baloney is, and it’s very apt that you should say (to paraphrase) “enjoyed Scyfy movies better than this” because that is exactly how I felt. I have seen hundreds of p*** poor sci-fi movies but not one I can recall to mind comes anywhere near being the omnipotent mess that Prometheus is. You can tell it was bad when the audience, at the theatre I attended, burst out laughing at the C-section scene, and one chap said something along the lines of “feck, is she taking a dump?” A lot of people pull AVP, me included, but when I saw that, quite a few people clapped at the end. I remember thinking to myself, how can you clap? That was bloody awful, and when I was leaving the theatre, after seeing Prometheus, trudging out with a load of people, all feeling the same as me, that is exactly how I felt again, what the hell? That was utter contemptible crap. I could understand it about AVP, it was what it said on the tin, brain dead fodder, but it never made any illusions to be anything otherwise, whereas Prometheus was nothing if not pretentious about it’s delusions of grandeur, or rather, Ridley’s. I can remember thinking, that was supposed to be the sci-fi epic of the decade? wtf??????? Al I could muster was the thought that I was blatantly mugged by Ridley and Fox, and that was two hours of my lie I would never ever be able to reclaim. It wasn’t even fun to watch. It was so dull, it was mystifying! After the initial waterfall scene, as soon as we got into the awakening on board the ship, the first lines uttered from the actors, I knew then it was a dud. A bomb, a fecking train wreck. I couldn’t believe Ridley would ever conceive of putting his name on it. All his credibility as a film maker, at least in my eyes, dissipated on the spot.

    I’ve seen it hundreds of times since, and now, it’s the default movie I put on when I need boring to sleep, seriously. Perhaps that was worth the Blu Ray price alone, but I got it from Pirate Bay instead. I am too ashamed to say, I’m not rich enough to allow Ridley to mug me again, 40 mins of unseen footage or not, they can keep it.

    I am dumbfounded any moderately intelligent fan of sci-fi drama/horror/thriller could ever like it. It’s an assault and an insult to both imagination and intelligence on behalf of the viewer. I can only figure that there are a lot of shallow people around who enjoyed this because it made them feel clever and smart because they took something from it’s undefined vagueness.

    False praise is no praise at all.

    Seriously, I thought to myself, after seeing it, and reading people praise it, that IQ’s most definitely have dropped since Ripley as been away.

    But then again, we are talking about the people who watch X factor and Big Brother type nonsense here, so it’s sort of understandable. However, it fills me with dread and sadness to think that this is the future of the sci-fi genre.

    It’s no wonder we nurture a planet full of Homer Simpsons if this is what they consider gripping, thought provoking cinema.

    Words fail me to express how much this movie, and the mindset behind it, and the mindset of those that “got it” disappoints and baffles me.

    Are people really growing more stupid by the day?

    By the looks of things, yes, they are. I pity for the future if this s what we have become as a society.

  • ekaj

    @Phoenixnova well I can only speak for myself when i say that i went into the movie expecting bleeahgg and came out fairly suprised but I i also am not really a Scott fan to begin with, he hasnt done GREAT work only “its fair enough”. Your problem is that you went in expecting something it was not ALIEN, as i said in my previous posts it was only spiritually connected and really has nothing to do with one another. Your too big of an Alien fan is why though, a lot of people went in expecting something similar and its not. The problem is people arent judging this movie as a stand alone film, they want it to be something its not but you need to take it as it is.

    Oh and i didnt pay for it as well so im not justifying to 0 amount of money i spent on it. Like i said people are judging it from the wrong aspect, that is true because I see in you comment is numerous references of Alien and how it in other words fucked Alien up. Alien was an ok movie and people really blow it outta proportion but maybe its cause by the time i saw it all these fanboys of the movie made the hype beyond unbearable and was completely let down. I dont know why everyone has been expecting Ridley Scott to make some “masterpiece” when he has never come close to it, he just isnt THAT good of a director to make a masterpiece. Alien got its rep because at the time it was something big jut like Jaws, both movies were just fresh and startling at the time but not good films. I have always been into the more artistic directors myself though like Darren Aronofsky, Christopher Nolan, Danny Boyle etc…

    And dude you cant just rip on the actors performances cause they all did pretty great and just because the lines they had to say werent the best doesnt mean they didnt deliver them wonderfully. You are actually picking so much on this film i just feel as if your a full fledge hater, and on the littlest stuff to but i will admit some i agree with. You wrote SO much and i think you should go find a movie you like and use your skills for positive rather than negative, its much more enlightening.

    Plain and simple the movie is not as bad as what a lot of people are making it out to be. Oh and stop expecting this “masterpiece” lol Ridley Scott is not capable of doing so and your just going to be getting more upset every time he releases a new film that will clearly not be one

  • Phoenixnova

    Forget the intense horror of Alien, the horror that people actually thought Prometheus was good, is a far more terrifying concept.

  • Phoenixnova


    That would be Jake, backwards then?

    Ok backwards Jake, when did I ever say that I was a Ridley fanboy?

    In my opinion he has made only three films of any merit, one being Alien, Dan and Giger made that what it was, two, Bladerunner, visually stunning, it still holds up very well today, and three, Gladiator, because I like historical epic stuff along those lines.

    With me so far? OK, cool, let’s proceed.

    I went into this film with my expectations set to rock bottom, and guess what? It still disappointed me. I couldn’t set my expectations any lower, not after I learned Lindlehoff was on script re-write duties, I knew, just knew, it was gonna suck so bad. And, at least in that department, it didn’t disappoint.

    All I wanted was a half decently acted film, with a bit of authenticity in the performances, and a bit of thought provoking material. We got none. OK, yeah, Fassbnder was half decent. But that’s it. Not one memorable line of dialogue besides ” I fecking love rocks, but gimme the cash, ‘cos I’m a real rock hard mean spirited unfriendly geologist guy”

    I mean wtf? That is z-level movie dialogue, man! and this is a film that cost $150.000.000 big ones! They could have saved a bloody country with that amount of cash, instead they wasted it, and so many peoples time and hard earned money on this heap of fly riddled, wretched, stinking, putrescent pile of garbage.

    AVP was crap, no doubt about it, it was full of B-movie actors, inc Lance, who I think is a fantastic actor in his own right, but the dialogue, story, and flow was far better constructed than Prometheus. And it was only a fraction of the cost, made by the rookie Paul W. S Anderson.

    Hollywood is a bloody crime syndicate, blatantly mugging people worldwide with any old nonsense and people like you come out to defend them every step of the way, when anyone dares to complain that they got ripped with sub-standard below par crap pumped out by a guy who really really should know better.

    There is just no excuse for something this bad. And as long as people like you are willingly, unquestioningly accepting it, things will only get worse.

    Sorry for calling you backwards, I meant it in a non-inflammatory way:)

    ‘Tis your name after all.

  • Tim


    Did you read any of my posts? What about me? I haven’t seen Alien. I don’t plan to. I didn’t come in with the expectation that it was going to be like Alien. Stop saying that as if it negates our points.

    And I don’t know why you think we expected Scott to make a “masterpiece.” I’ve said before that masterpiece is subjective. I only expected good things because I had heard good things of Scott, and that the guy who directed Alien was returning. I’m of the belief that the creator (in this case director) does it best. Except he had Damon Lindelof write it. 😛

    We’re not ripping on performances. The actors were good (they had Idris Elba and Michael Fassbender for pete’s sake!), but a bad script, a bad narrative, and a bad story subvert it. No way does good acting save a poor story (unless you’re Patrick Stuart).

    You tell us to use our skills for positive instead of negative. Who said this isn’t positive? We’re explaining what was wrong with Prometheus. Scott and Lindelof would do well to listen to what we (and many other people) are saying. Unfortunately they are hostile to criticism. I do hate Prometheus. It was a mistake to see it. I regret it almost as much as District 9. So yes, I am going to critique it. And I am going to argue that it is a bad film to anyone who claims otherwise.

    Though I do agree. Scott isn’t capable of making a masterpiece.

  • Tim

    OH MY GOSH. Phoenixnova, you just blew my mind, no joke. I did not think of Ekaj’s name as Jake backwards. Whoa.

  • Phoenixnova

    No problem, Tim:)

    Glad I could make your night a tad more enjoyable. I succinctly agree with everything you said in your last post. It’s too bad Ridley will only listen to the fanwank fanboyism of people like Ekaj, instead of actually learning from his mistakes when people like us, point out the massively obvious flaws in his movies. You’d think that after 30 years of experience, he would know a golden turkey when he see’s one. Alas, the fanboy qotiant will fool him into thinking he can never be wrong. Or that if he is, then the docile move goers will not have the intelligence to question any of his sublime works of art. Ekaj claims he isn’t a Ridley fanboy, yet he leapt in feet first, to defend his dear old Ridler’s worst movie to date. And he isn’t even an Alien fan. I find that rather odd, tbh.

  • Tim

    I can understand wanting to defend something from someone you respect. Look at Hideo Kojima and Metal Gear Solid 2. There’s a lot of good things about that game, but I just can’t enjoy it since it ruined the story. The Metal Gear series is one of my favorites, but I hate Metal Gear Solid 2 and 4 for their ridiculous stories. I adore MGS 1 and 3 (even Peace Walker is good), but I can admit that Metal Gear Solid 2 was a bad direction for the story, and that 4 is the weakest in terms of story out of the entire series. Sometimes you just need to realize that it’s a stinker.

    Scott has proven that he can direct a film, but unless he has a darn good writer he can’t do crap. Prometheus just proves that. It’s unfortunate that he went with Damon Lindelof as the writer. I can’t speak for the other writer (I can’t remember his name), but I’m sure that Prometheus would have been a better film. I don’t know if I would have enjoyed it, but I know that Damon Lindelof ruined whatever work he did.

    Though I wouldn’t call Ekaj a Scott fanboy. I think that in his mind he honestly believes that there’s some underlying genius to the story of Prometheus. I understand. I fell for it with LOST, thinking that soon everything would come together. He thinks that speculation makes a good plot and that all of the lingering questions were part of some plan.

  • Phoenixnova

    Tim, I haven’t played a MG game since the awful nonsesne that was MG 2 on the PS2. I loved the first one on the original PS, though.

    The original writer was john Spaights. He wanted to make a straight forward prequel, introducing up to 8 new forms of xeno, which for my money, would have been a far better film. Spaights claims that the Fox execs didn’t want this, they wanted a new franchose (obviously for money reasons) but they kept a few of his ideas from his first five drafts of the script, the most reknown being the medpod scene, although now its completely different from he envisioned. They brought
    DL onboard because he a a good ad man, who can sell you the ground your standing on, with his pr spin. They knew he would hint at great meaniongs and depths, keeping the fans hooked untill the trilogy was complete, thus ensuring they could milk the cash cow for all its worth. I think Ridley had already agreed to do the film so he was unable to pull out.

    I agree, ridley is a fantastic visual director, but as you said, he can’t write worth a damn.

    I only caught the odd episode of lost here and there, tbh, I couldn’t really take to it. Sure, I enjoyed a few of the characters, which were much better defined than any in Prom, but there was just something about it that seemed, inconplete. A lot of people I know stuck with it all the way through and were overwhelmingly disapointed that they had been strung along for six series, and lied to. Like Prom, lost seemed uneven and was unsure of where it wanted to go, punctuated by tacked on answers, and “game changers” which were forced into the narrative per episode to keep people watching.

    I learned yesterday that DL did the script for cowboys and aliens, another film that had so much promise, but even with daniel craig and harrison ford, it was little more than a jumbled mess.

    It doesn’t surprise me that DL won’t be working on the prom sequel. But its too late. Paradise may well be the best film ever, but a lot of people will be turned off after seeing Prom, and a great injustice will be done to both Ridley and the Ali-verse, courtesy of DL

  • Phoenixnova

    Ps, I’m not saying Cowboys And Aliens would be in the same vein as Bladerunner lol, but I meant it had the potential to be an above average, well plottes family sci-fi film.

    Alas it had the DL touch, which is the complete opposite of Midas. Instead of gold, whatever DL touches turns to shit.

  • josh

    I too apologies for rash retort. I get a little short when people assume off of one comment. And think they can just go off that. While i made guesses at sexual gender everything else was deduced from your comment. Was i wrong most likely. I have a big problem with people calling this movie garbage and other wonderful names when its nowhere close to that. It should be either great or ok. Whether you all want to believe it alot of hard work was put in this film in all aspects. Whether you agree or not they deserve a little humility and for people not to be immature about it. For example i read a comparison to cowboys vs aliens while i did not like it at all. I would not say its was okish. Troll 2 was garbage. This movie and crew deserve a little more.

  • Phoenixnova


    No harm done, dude, it seems we are all equally impassioned about this film, even those of us who say it was a stinker. Yes, there are moments of brilliance contained within it. As I have said before, the visuals are mind blowing, but with the hefty $150.000.000 price tag, and Ridley Scott behind the proceedings, this is only to be expected. Which is why it irks that little bit more that the script and overall narrative arc is such a huge let down, This could have been the film of the ages, instead it turned out mediocre. I accept how much hard work and discipline went into the making of this film, but again, that is to only be expected. Most films need, love, care, attention, and discipline to come together. I applaud the crew for at least giving me a visual and audible feast, on this score.

    I agree, Troll 2 was bloody awful. Troll 1 wasn’t so bad.

    However, Troll 2 can be forgiven it’s dreadfulness, due to the fact it is low budget, no actors, no plot, script, dialogue etc. Which is why I can’t find it within myself to forgive Prometheus, since they had everything they could ever want to make a movie that was above mediocre, inc acting talent that is top notch, mr Fassbender.

    I will concede on the point that it was ok-ish. As I have said before, it wasn’t the worst film I have ever seen, not even close, but dude, it could have, should have, been so much more.

    The major issue I have with it, is that it suffered from the Lindel-hoff effect.

  • josh

    I just would like to add something about david that someone may have commented on al ready. We all know hes an android. We all know his model is the first. While a technilogical wonder he has one flaw. It understands emotion on a viewed approach. Not being design to assimilate it is dangerous. So if it seems to be psychotic it because that how most psychotics act in the same retrospect.they have no emotional attachment to the situation. Also it is designed to learn as much as possible to help it in its goal. Which makes him dangerous like a mad scientist. His curiosity overides reason. Again its an Android so reason has to be programmed. Besides Bishop explainsthis( in not great extent) in aliens.

  • josh

    Thanks. It seems alot of people do hate or have issues with the script. I would guess alot of you are english majors. Which im not and never really took into account. With that new understanding i guess i get it. One thing you can say the movie got us all talking about it.good or bad. Isnt that the duality of fame?

  • Phoenixnova

    Josh. I’m not an English Major, I’m a French general 🙂

    Yes, whether the film was good or bad, it as got us all debating it’s merits, since well before it’s release. In this point alone, it as achieved the aim the makers of it intended, got people all riled up, one way or the other. But as I said before, that doesn’t automatically make it a cinematic masterpiece.

    Whilst at times it demonstrates brilliance, it comes across mostly as sloppily edited, poorly scripted, and not very well implemented in it’s context.
    I know, it’s only a piece of media entertainment, and we should just be happy it exists at all, but, tbf, it’s not hard to ask for some coherency on such a big project. It reminds me of Fincher’s Alien 3, and the debauched process it went through before slamming into the theatre screen like the juggernaut of failure that it was, yet, I still enjoyed watching 3.

    Perhaps I’m being too critical of Prometheus

  • josh

    Lol… french general.
    I guess since i watch alot o sci fi and fantasy movies and shows. My mind seems to fill in the blank so i dont stay hung up on those things to ruin the experience. Not to say that nothing pisses me off in movies. Wolverine origins brings a bad taste in my mouth. Or any movie were the killer cocks his gun then does it again with out firing a round. Also i think alot of veiwers expected more from ridley. Which i stopped doing after the george lucas phantom menace.( only thing that was cool was the lightsaber fights.

  • josh

    Too critical….maybe. Or maybe the rest of us could be a little more critical. Could be iam blinded by the pretty visuals.

  • josh

    @tim i think?

    Couldnt remember if you were the one that metioned a different approach by another writer could you explain.

  • Phoenixnova

    @ Josh

    Well said.

    We should all try to view it more subjectively. Expectations were at fever pitch, Maybe we were just expecting too much, and that’s why we dislike the finished product. I love sci-fi and fantasy myself. It’s my number one fave thing in the world, besides women:)

    I think most movies out of Hollywood these days suffer from the same thing, the ching-ching effect, ergo, it’s all about the money. But I expected a little more from Ridley.

  • josh


    Agree with the ching ching effect. Its a terrible thing to put profit over originality. I hate when they decide to go with the same actor just because there more well known. I may have wanted to watch snow white if kristen stewart wasnt in it.(twilight needs to go away.)

  • Phoenixnova

    @Josh, completely agree about Twilight.

    I know, it’s a terrible fact of corporate capitalism rule when something like originality is usurped to increase profits. Sign of the times, I’m afraid, And it fills me with more dread than watching every Alien film, combined, as eve done. Perhaps we should stop looking to the stars for our monsters, because we have our very own set of Earth-bound one’s right here, that need dealing with.

  • Tim


    Yay! I was mentioned! As I was reading through the conversation I kinda felt left out. I mentioned the original writer of Prometheus, who wrote it as a straight-up prequel. Phoenixnova gave more details in his latest reply to me. From what I know about it, I would have been pleased with the original script.

    And funnily enough, I am an English major. I love stories, and tend to be very critical of stuff I really don’t like. I’m actually pretty easy going on stuff, but if something pisses me off (something Prometheus managed to do), I start digging in and analyzing it. Other fantastic examples include M. Night’s The Last Airbender, Mass Effect 3, and The Three Musketeers (2011). I get in a pissy mood and then get sour about the story. I really don’t expect too much, but Prometheus was a rare movie that just left me mad at how badly written it was. James Cameron’s Avatar was better written that it! And I guess that makes me mad since I can’t stand that movie either.

  • Prometheus does not suck, and since when does every aspect of a film make perfect sense. Since when does all art have to make perfect sense. We’re witnessing a total failure of imagination. Ever seen a David Lynch film? Ever looked at a Picasso? Do those make perfect sense? It takes a lot of courage to skip over dull exposition to anger dull reviewers like Tom Fordy.

  • Phoenixnova

    @ Christopher.

    Dude, sure, I love a Lynch movie, also I have a bot of a thing for Picasso, and Dali.

    Prometheus isnt even in the same artistic league as the two things you mention. Its not the fact that it doesn’t all make perfect sense, its the fact it’s lacklustre at best and makes no attemtt whatsoever to form any sort of narrative strucutre. It simply goes from one plot point to the next with zero development in between looslely connected threads.

  • Phoenixnova

    To say it’s a hamfisted is being too kind. I’ve seen better cartoons put together on saturday morning T.V. Aside from the visuals, it looks like amateur film making college kids put it together as a first attempt for their vanity project. Fair enough, 40 mins of cuts were made, but from what I gather, they cut all the parts that actualy gave the films structure meaning, and left in all the parts that would have people scratching their heads in bewilderment. A deliberate attempt to make the film seem as if it’s got more substance than is actualy present. If they needed to do this, then they have blatanlty failed in conveying their story to the veiwer.

  • Tim


    Somebody hasn’t read any of the comments! Did you just rage at the article and post angrily?

  • Tim

    Phoenixnova, I think you have some trouble with names 🙂

  • Phoenixnova

    It would appear so, Tim, lol. It is 5am in the morning here, in my defence. I was rudely awakened by a prat of a cousin knocking me up.

  • Tim

    Wait. Are you British?

  • Phoenixnova

    Indeed, must have been a massive sinner in my past life for this injustice, lol. I just put “Mean Streets” on.

    Why couldn’t they put Johhny Boy in Prometheus, lol

  • Tim

    I’m going to read all of your posts with a British accent now.

    And maybe Scott ran out of money cause he blew it on the pretty stuffs?

  • Phoenixnova


    Feel feel to call me “Limey” lol.

    Well Ridley was a subject of her madge, the queen, so perhaps our rotten goverment scammed all the cash out of him, to buy our PM a new mansion, so Prometheus suffered..

  • Tim

    Curse you Great Britain!!!

    And it seems like the people who disagree with us have disappeared.

    I kinda miss them :'(

  • Phoenixnova

    They’ll be back, Tim, rest assured, with newly thought out arguments as to why Prometheus was the best film since Godfather 2, and a whole host of newly formulated backstorys to fit the wide open, barely touched upon, shallow characters and plot:)

    They will be clutching their Ridley bibles, pontificating prose from chapter 17, verse 1, The Way Of the (Lindle)hoff

  • Tim

    You think they’ll start linking to articles and Youtube videos dedicated to attempting to answer all of the questions from Prometheus? Those are funny.

    And I think you mean Godfather III…wait,no. That’s too good.

    And I was just thinking. If you haven’t played an MGS game past 2, play MGS3. That is one of my all time favorite games. The prequel Metal Gears are usually quite good.

  • Phoenixnova

    Ok Tim. Ill give em a go. I thought the PS1 version was a cinamatic masterpiece. Also I just thought it was realy cool snake could smoke and use ketchup to play dead, lol. Nah. It was a phenomenal game. Brilliant story and characters, at the time, fantastic graphics. I’m salviating at the prospect of Hitman Abso next month. Love 47. Lol. The film tie in was weak, but hey, at least they showed the actual game in it, and, its one of my lowest rated films of all time, but tbh, it was still better than watching Prometheus, lol

  • Tim

    Snake Eater is one of my all time favorites. I would say that I enjoy it more than MGS1, given that I’ve played through the game 6 times.

  • Phoenixnova




    It’s hard to believe david hayter is the same guy from “Guyver, dark hero” lol

    The first Guyver film was dreadful though, and, is one of the only few films I can think of that is worse than Prometheus.

  • Phoenixnova

    I’m on the bus to work, a few seats behind me are sat two gruff looking chaps talking about a movie one of them saw over the weekend. Taken 2. Apparently he rented the first one out before goin to see the second. It doesn’t take Liam Neeson’s special set of unique skills to figure out why Prometheus was such a dog turd. You see, hearing this conversation with these guys, I realised what is wrong with mainstream movies, these days. It’s the audience, they will watch anything and say it’s brilliant. The guys behind me are talking as if Taken is an Oscar winning movie. It’s this sort of incomprhensible mindset that enables the studios to knock out any guff they like, knowing that Joe Public will swoon over the visuals and great fight scenes, extracting the hard earned cash from the common man. Or should I say plebs.

  • Phoenixnova

    Once the pleb realises he has been ripped. Because he expected a deeper, more concise movie, after all, the common man is also intelligent, and decides to criticise the film on interweb forums such as this one, the Bad Film police trot out en mass to attack and demrolise the pleb, saying he knows nothing of the workings of film, and that the pleb should keep his opinion to himself, since he doesn’t have the capacity to understand something as emotionaly devoid as a film like Prometheus.

  • josh


    David Hayter was in guyver2 wow never knew that. Did he play shawn? Personaly loved the idea of a new guyver movie. Not saying that the original movies and anime were good. ( anime had almost no action and when it was it was slow or boring witch is sad cause the guyvers abilities are awsome. Even though the reboot anime was a little morefast paced still a little yawn ish.)

  • Phoenixnova

    Yes, he played Shaun in Dark Hero.

    I love the Guyver. The first series was awesome but it went downhill from there. They shouldn’t have bothered with a second season. I first saw it on scyfy and instantly fell in love with it. Years later I maanged to track it down online.

    The first movie was a total suck-fest. They tried to market it as Mark Hamil was the Guyver, lol. Dark Hero is a massive improvement, although it is far from perfect.

    I love most animes, tbh. Except things like Bubble Gum Police or whatever, lol. Ninja Scroll is the bomb. And Fist of the North Star.

    I recently got hold of the Crying Freeman live action movie. Its far from great, but yet again, is another movie I would place just above Prometheus. It’s amazing how many terrible films I’ve actually seen now I think about it, yet most of them are better than Prom. I know I’ll get torn apart now by the fanboys for even hinting at such an outrage, lol

  • josh

    @phoenixnova and tom …. er i mean tim lol

    I going to start by saying i dont think you guys are stupid or dense.(now that ive given you the honey heres the hatchet.hehe). I think yall fail to realize the other aspect in this. While you two need further explanation in areas of Prometheus. Alot of people can fill in the holes and until proven wrong were satisfied with the fill. Besides i enjoy these fill conversations. Some say its lazy writing it maybe. But if my conclusions help me not to get hung up and insteadgive me the ability to enjoy the movie is that a bad thing?i think your aggressive criticism ( while a necessary tool in most aspects) might be prohibiting ya in this instant. I do realize i cant change your veiw of the material. But id like to change your veiw of your ” opponents”

  • Tim

    The only thing I expected from Taken was 93 minutes of Liam Neeson kicking ass. That’s what I got and I was happy. I’ve only seen one series of Guyver (I didn’t realize there were movies, I just saw the series that suddenly ended after the world was taken over and Shu unlocks Guyver-ception. A Guyver within a Guyver?). And because I love them, have you seen Steins;Gate or Angel Beats?


    No. Being able to fill in the blanks to enjoy the story more is NOT a bad thing. It’s very good thing. I do it all the time. I may have said this before, but Prometheus does this too much. It expects you to figure everything out on your own. I love it when there’s room to speculate, but Prometheus never gets around to answering any questions, so you end up speculating on every scene, every character, and every plot point (wait, there was a plot?). It sets up these mysteries, and we end up with more mysteries at the end. The point is that I felt that watching the movie was pointless. I didn’t get any answers, so what was the point? When I say lazy and bad writing, I’m talking about Damon Lindelof’s overreliance on the audience to figure out the story. Would Jurassic Park be more enjoyable if we were never told how they cloned the dinosaurs, if we didn’t know who screwed up and let the dinos loose, or even get an explanation of what the island was? (Whoa, I just had a bout of LOST PTSD). I sure wouldn’t have enjoyed it.

    Damon Lindelof apparently isn’t a good enough writer to write something concise, which is what a movie like Prometheus needed. We didn’t need answers to everything (in fact, we never should have seen an Engineer), but I expect the narrative to at least be put together well. The entire story ending up where it did hinged on everyone making the worst possible decisions. That can happen once or twice to set up the story, but it just gets infuriating when it happens over and over.

  • Tim


    Oh, and thank you for not thinking we’re stupid 🙂

  • Phoenixnova

    @ Tim

    Agree with your points about Prometheus and Lindeloff. The guy should leave movies to people who can write them and get on with his convulted leading nowhere tv shows. Bit busy at the moment so can’t stay for long.

    I wasn’t disappointed with Taken. It delivered exactly what was expected, and didn’t for one moment pretend that it was some phenomenal piece of high art, as Prom did.

    I haven’t seen the other two animes you have mentioned, however yhanks for giving me some new material ideas to delve into

    @Josh, not mr Whedon by any chance are you? Come to scour the forums for good movie ideas??? Lol.

    I read as much as I could into what was given in Prometheus with what was given. I don’t mind filling in the blanks at all, but there as to be some form of structure implemented in the firs place with which to be able to do that. As Tim said, we got no definites either way. Sure there were questions, upon question, but no soild context one way or the other. So it was kind of difficult to draw any conclusions with the sparsity of what was on offer. Very little development, it seemed, both from the plot and charecters.

    The only thing we really got to see for certain, IMO, was that yes, the xebo was definitly a bio weapon created by the SJ’s, which were disappointing to me, being large humanoids. But we didn’t really need to watch prom to get that, ridley mentions it already on the directors commentary on alien dvd.

    I listened to it a zillion times, I know, I’m a movie fanboy, lol.

    Or a geek, lol.

    Dude, it’s good that we have conflicting opinions. When other people see something in a fiml I didn’t, its always more food for thought.

    Its pretty good we are all well met in this end of the clearing, lol ala Roland of Dark Tower.

    Maybe we three, if we have the time, can get together and make our own little forum for movies or something, at some point.

    Hey Josh, ressurection sucked:)

    I want my money back


  • josh


    On ressurection confused. Sorry if joke and i didnt get. But i hated alien 4 i tried cause its got ron pearlman.
    @tim no havent checked those shows out but i give them a looksy.

    Also for a prequel to me its seems futile for character development since technicly no body in alien new about it. Except mabe the corporation. Which means nobody survived.

  • Phoenixnova

    I was kidding Josh. It was a movie joke lol. Josh Whedon wrote the script for Res.

    I liked it because of Ron too, lol. That is to say, I tolerated it because of him. Winona Ryder was god awful though. And the new born? Wtf? Lol. Sort of like the mutated queen design, but ripley with acid blood and genetic traits from the xeno? Could habe been far better. Apparently no mattter how they approached it, the only way was to clone ripley.

  • grb

    Josh : My opinion is there are two kinds of movies which require interpetation. With the first, the material is so densely complex you have untangle the themes and work to sort’em out. Prometheus is the second type where there’s so little plot onscreen that you have to do the screenwriters job for him. The result is like a scene from Hamlet :

    Hamlet : Do you see yonder cloud that’s almost in shape of a camel?

    Polonius : By the mass, and ‘tis like a camel, indeed.

    Hamlet : Methinks it is like a weasel.

    Polonius : It is backed like a weasel.

    Hamlet : Or like a whale?

    Polonius : Very like a whale.”

  • josh

    Wow!! I didnt know that. I really only new about whedon from avengers. I try not to care or should i say ignore the creative minds behind most things. Because it usually ends with a series of good thing followed by long running disappointments.lucas,speilberg,mnight. It helps so when i go see the movie or show im not basing it of something that is usually incomparable.

  • Phoenixnova

    That’s cool Josh. When I was younger, and less of a cynic, I enjoyed films a lot more than now, once I began to learn how they were crafted, sort of takes the enjoyment out of it. Because when you get to that point, you can’t NOT see the glaring errors etc.

    How I long for the days of youth, and the innoncense that goes with it, lol

  • Tim


    Welcome to Doomed by Canon. Where nothing in the story actually matters!

    And I’m about to blow your mind:

    Joss Whedon wrote the screenplay for the first Toy Story. :O


    Steins;Gate and Angel Beats! are two excellent anime. The first is about time travel and the second is about…uh high school purgatory. Steins;Gate has an excellent story. Angel Beats is great, but there are so many characters that we don’t get to learn a whole lot about more than a handful.

  • bfg666

    Joss Whedon is the creator of Buffy, Angel, Firefly/Serenity, Dollhouse among other stuff, and also a successful comic book writer. I didn’t know about Toy Story.

  • Tim
  • T.C.

    Anybody who has watched Prometheus more than once and doesn’t think it to be a steaming pile of nonsense is a mouth breathing tard.

  • josh

    Mind totally blown.
    Actually im not very young( almost 30 yikes) i just tend to watch something then go and find out who did it.lets say i here for example micheal bay is heading it i tend to get the this is going to suck idea stuck in my head. I probably missed out on a lot of good stuff because of this. just works out better for me.

  • josh


    Yes your right how did you guess? Everybody your staring at on the otherside of the fence is disabled or handicapped. Your so smart you should be the next president. Let me tell you little boy( or girl) your comment shows you are a very immature little punk who probably has never been shown how to act like a decent human being. If you would have wrote a good case of your problem instead of name calling( and insulting not only the handicapped but people related) i wouldve took you seriously. You should apologies not for the fans of prometheus but to the innocent. And stop putting yourself to shame.

  • Tim


    If that’s all you’re going to say then you’re no better than that guy named tom (not Mr. Fordy, but someone in the comments) who insulted me for seeing Prometheus with my family and said that I made him want to give up on the human race.

  • Johnson

    Who the fuck does this prick of “writer” think he is. If he is moronic enough to not like “Prometheus”, that’s his own fucking problem. I don’t give a damn he didn’t like it, so I don’t want to have his braindead opinion forced on me. Prometheus might have had a one or two problems with the story, but it was far from awful or bad. The ideas it suggested, most of the charcters and the setting were awesome. The one and only thing I didn’t like about the movie was that it wasn’t as much like Alien as it should have been. Then again, that is a good thing.

  • Phoenixnova


    Well played mate, mate, I was just about to jump on this deushbag myself. Somewhat of an hypocrite, he seems, when he calls the guy who wrote the main article a fucking moron. It makes me laugh when people do that but fail to offer any form of constructive argument to counter why they think the article is wrong, they just blatantly start insulting the writer.


    We can clearly see your nine year old’s mentality, pal. Tom is right, Prometheus failed to live up to even the lowest expectations. It is both shallow, and empty, a bit like you appear to be. As you state, you aren’t even a fan of Alien, so where the fuck do you get off jumping on this article, you whiney, snotty nosed little bitch? People like you should be banned from theatres, and have their home entertainment systems confiscated for the good of all mankind. Prometheus sucks a huge pile of monkey balls for the most part, bud, get over it. One or two problems? Lmfao, seriously? I doubt many will be turning up for the sequel. Not even Alien fans. You dislike a movie such as Alien, which defined the genre and yet like a bolted together piece of shit like Prometheus? Dude, get back on your super Mario games and leave the mature films to adults, ok.

    ps, we can all swear, you fucking dipstick, see? It isn’t big, nor is it clever.

  • Phoenixnova

    Sorry, last post was actually meant for Tim

    I’m terrible with names.

    But I can see why that pilluck above is called “Johnson”.

    What a dick

  • Phoenixnova

    I bet Johnson is one of these rock hard feral chav’s who can barely spell his own name, yet watches a knocked off copy of “Scarface” has a few beers and gets all cracked up, then proceeds to walk around like ten men, thinking he’s gangster, and beating up pensioners, shouting “I’m Tony fucking Montana”.

  • jaykay

    My problem with the movie wasnt that it didnt feature xenomorphs, my problem was that it was fucking shit and an insult to any intelligent moviegoer for whom coherent plot, believable characters and believable character beahviour are important.

    This one difference aside, the original reviewer got iot dead right: Lindelof took a giant dump all over the fantastic and massive potential of this film.

    A huge, huge, huge letdown……..oh what could have been !!!

  • LG

    The people, much like this writer, seem so stuck in the Alien franchise of the 80’s that they can’t lay down their pipe dream to move on to the possibility of bigger and better things. Common sense, the first move in ANY new trilogy is going to leave you with more questions than answers. This isn’t a one movie deal people!! Seriously? It’s refreshing to not know everything about an overly familiar franchise. They are making the second film because they know where they are going and what they are doing, I assure you. Those of you picking it apart, regardless of what delusions you may have can never be satisfied. You and your qualms, ideas, and rants are generally old news. Remember, NEW trilogy. The box office said it was a score and RAVE reviews say this was a hit that will usher in the “Alien” of a new generation. Scott is a boss. Change is good.

  • LG

    Oh, and to do with the complaints about so many plot holes and missing “required info”… If you haven’t seen all of the Alien movies more than once, you shouldn’t be complaining. This is a Star Wars sized franchise. All you need is an IQ above 50 and familiarity with the previous Alien movies to simply connect the dots. I think when they made this film they figured their target audience knew how to connect A and C.

  • bfg666

    LG, you’re making good points except that:
    1) this is a PREquel. If you need to know beforehand what happens AFTER to connect the dots, then something’s wrong.
    2) plot holes are one thing and I’m totally cool with that in case of part 1 in a trilogy, but you’re forgetting poor, scratch that, abysmally stupid and incoherent character development. It’s not the viewer who needs to have an IQ above 50 but that hack Lindelof.

  • Tim


    So you said some contradictory things. One one hand you tell us that we’re obsessed with Alien, and on the other hand you say that we need to see Alien to understand Prometheus. I would like to inform you that I haven’t seen Alien. I don’t plan to, and I don’t care to. That’s not the problem. The problem is with Prometheus being a bag of crap. It had a poorly constructed plot, unlikable characters, wacky (in the bad WTF way) plot twists, and overall lack of care with the story. If you honestly think that the story was planned out and will all be answered you must have not seen LOST. Or you liked it. I shudder at the thought. I have mentioned that I was suckered into LOST. I thought things were going to be answered. You know what I got? A giant middle finger and an “It’s all about the characters” bullcrap spiel. Damon Lindelof at his finest.

    The fact that you defend the lack of any resolution with the fact that the movie will have a sequel is disappointing. So we don’t need to have ANY resolution? Because that’s what we got in Prometheus. Nothing. I didn’t feel any bit of satisfaction at the end of the movie. I didn’t feel like anything was accomplished. The plot existed for stupidity to happen and for people to die in ridiculously contrived ways.

    If Prometheus needs me to watch Alien to understand the plot it fails as a prequel. No matter what people say about the Star Wars prequels you don’t need to watch Episodes IV through VI to understand the story. It will help you understand the full scope and you would go in having an understanding on concepts like Jedis and the Force, but you can watch Episode I by itself. If this was some sort of sequel I could understand NEEDING to see Alien to understand Prometheus, but it’s not. Scott didn’t even want it to be a direct prequel, so make of that what you will.

    And this isn’t a Star Wars sized franchise. It’s an Alien sized franchise. Alien doesn’t have the wide appeal (or range) that Star Wars has. Kids have seen Star Wars, and I’m pretty sure that a lot of kids aren’t going to see Alien (I know that I never wanted to see the movie). The point is that these two franchises are completely different. I’m not aware of any “expanded universe” for Alien outside a few games. I may be wrong, but I don’t really care about the Alien franchise.

    And you say that Prometheus was a score and RAVE reviews. That’s irrelevant. The Uncharted games get a ton of great scores. I hate them with a passion. Everyone has their own opinion. I heard a review of Prometheus on the radio that gave it an A-. That was funny.

    But oh. I guess since I’m mentally retarded I don’t understand things. Really? Are you going to insult our intelligence because we disagree with you?

  • bfg666

    @Tim: Actually, there’s been a fair amount of Alien comics, nothing like the plethora of Star Wars comics though. And then there’s the whole Alien vs. Predator thing that started out, way before the shitty movies, with an Atari Jaguar game, and includes a few comics miniseries and 3 PC games (the second one was great).

    You should consider watching Alien sometime, it’s actually a good little terror flick chockful of awesome designs by Giger. The sequel is also worth watching, it’s a pretty cool typical Cameron actioner including some epic scenes like the fight between Ripley in an exoskeleton and the xeno queen. The other two are not so good to say the least.

  • Tim


    Hm. I didn’t realize that there were Alien comics.

    I’ve never been into “terror” flicks. I hate being scared. I may watch Alien sometime, but it just doesn’t interest me. I only watched Prometheus because it looked cool and I thought it was going to be a good movie (ha!). I do love me a good action scene, so I may check them out for some mecha on alien action.

  • Jamie

    Hands down one of the most vulgar and hate filled reviews that i’ve ever read! I very much enjoyed it for what it was, then again i’ve always had realistic expectations and was not expecting to see the greatest and most flawless movie that was ever produced so given how you feel and speak about Prometheus don’t even bother seeing the sequel for if i were to inadvertently stumble across your review for that (or any other movie for that matter) i wouldn’t waste even another minute of my life reading it.

  • Korrigan

    This reviewer sucks – how to make sure he never reviews a movie anymore?

    See, this can be done this way too.

  • Emily

    So I would like to point out that there is a reason for everything. You just have to THINK about it. Sorry it was a “major disappointment” to all you short attention spanned people, but to everyone who actually like science fiction and a good story to ponder it was amazing. Plus maybe if you read any of the books you would know what that “black goo” is.

  • Tim


    You have hands down one of the most vulgar and hate filled comments that I’ve ever read! see how easy that is? It’s easy to just say that someone is wrong. What makes you like Prometheus so much? Why is this author wrong? I sure didn’t have crazy expectations. I just wanted to watch a good movie. Prometheus had a poorly constructed plot, unlikable characters that I didn’t care for at ALL. I should remind you that Damon Lindelof wrote this. That right there would have been enough for me not to see it if I knew it.


    So are you going to actually back that up?


    I’m sorry. This is written by Damon Lindelof. You can’t honestly believe that there’s a deeper meaning behind things. I’m all for looking at deeper meanings, or the hidden truth, but Prometheus doesn’t have that. And thank you for insulting me. I apparently don’t like science fiction. That’s how you make your point! You belittle other people and insult them! I have ADD, so thank you for insulting me with the fact that I sometimes have a hard time concentrating. That doesn’t affect my ability to watch or understand a movie.

    Oh, and if I have to read a book to understand a movie, when it was clearly advertised by the director as a standalone story, then it fails. A good movie (especially a prequel) should be able to stand on its own without the need to read other material to understand key plot points. This isn’t a matter of thinking, this is a matter of bad writing. If reading other material expands on the story and clears a few things up, then that’s fine. The whole black goo thing was just a plot device that did whatever Lindelof wanted it to so he could advance the plot. I, as well as others like PhoenixNova and grb above, have gone into why this is a bad movie.

  • Uri

    This was a ok movie, you have to use your brain Americans, you only want to see soldiers killing aliens, this review is shit, this fucker wants a full explanation of everything that happens in the movie, you have a brain, fucking use it you fucking retarded bastard, why why why?, connect the dots you fucking bitch, use that dog shit that you have for brain. 😀 kiss my cock

  • Fred

    I like that the engineer woke up and just sort of remembered he needed to destroy earth because apparently it was obstructing his view of Venus.

  • I really hated Prometheus, but I won’t waste your time explaining why.
    Instead, I’d like to post this little comic to illustrate one of the things I didn’t like 🙂

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  • LOL

    LMAO to begin with and LMAO afterwards. This article is right on the money! Sometimes these writers, directors, and producers really need take heed to the audiences they supply their products to. Why do i continue to go see an Alien’s film whether if it is a direct topic or not? Because of Alien and Aliens. I keep looking for that high and am let down at every screening there after.

  • Korrigan

    A guy named “LOL” commenting starting with “LMAO”… and the rest of the message isn’t making any sense at all. Is that the display of the average IQ of those who don’t like Prometheus? Then I’m glad to be part of those who enjoyed that movie, despite its few flaws (like all movies have anyway).

    Prometheus does NOT suck. It’s a successful movie, for both critics (rottentomatoes, metacritic, cinemascore) and the public (the box office doesn’t lie… not matter how much the snobs would like it to).

    It sucks for YOU and your bunch of back patting friends. Good. Nobody forces you to go watch the sequel. Thing is, for the vast majority, it’s an enjoyable movie… an entertainment people enjoyed to attend. So why change? For YOU? How arrogant. But snobs are arrogant… all those self proclaimed critics who hated on Avatar before it was even released claiming it would be a flop… we all know how that ended.
    So as Jake Sully says in the previously mentioned movie… kiss the darkest part of my lily white. You not liking a movie doesn’t mean the movie has to be changed, or that the movie is wrong in any way. It just means that you didn’t like it. I’m sure you can live with that, since there must be many movies left you enjoy, unless you’re a bitter person who critics any movie just for the sake of it anyway… and then, I can’t help you, you need a psychiatric professional.

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  • someone who hates this review

    everyone who likes this review must be stupid, this movie was exciting and hopefully there IS a sequel. Either fire the author of this review or shut this website down entirely

  • zerosum

    read an interesting reply on another site that clarified things for me about prometheus “ohh man i cant believe the amount of people that say they “got” this movie when in fact they didnt……………….The main theme from the start of the movie is “Sacrifice” … The way the weyland corp deliberately send in complete idiots (mercenaries not scientists)while they sit on a lifeboat safe and sound, sacrifice. Nothing can be achieved without it. Its the main premise of the movie as the intro to the film also demonstrates. Earth was to be used as a seeding point for the engineers parasitic biotech. Thats why they created us. The goal is to produce perfect life.We were to be used as hosts. My evidence?? (links below).. look at the sculpture on the wall. Its the deacon protomorph rising from the primordial goo. But look below that to the left and right at the bottom. What do we see, yes two humans or engineers with facehuggers injecting eggs into them. Go and check again if you didnt see it in the movie, its there i can assure you.. Also the biologist mentions that one of the space jockeys bodies they find has had something explode out its chest. Yes they had an outbreak before they got all the cargo on board. We were to be used as the hosts for the perfect lifeform. So our gods created us to be mere cattle, simples! The derelict on lv426 predates the weapons lab on the moon by many thousands of years or more, thats why he was fossilized. So there ya go, that’s actually what Prometheus was about and its link to Alien. If you are in any doubt of anything ive said, watch the movie again. Also listen to the dialog when they are in the pyramid very carefully. Including the part about how the water isnt frozen although its 12 below as its actually nanite goo. The whole place is made of the stuff as liquid nanite fluid appears to be the basis for the engineers technology. Its also how David figures out how to work the holo emitters. Remember “David” has an iq supposedly of 360 or more. He has been given instructions to look out for the bio technologies the company wish to acquire this is the hidden agenda of the weyland corp and the reason they are on the mission in the first place as its certainly not down to cave paintings.The initial team sent in are nothing more than an experiment or sacrifice with David pulling the strings.Why do you think david is running about pushing things and opening doors like a maniac? He wants at least one of them infected and when it doesn’t happen first time round through inhalation he’s told to “try harder” As is explained later in the movie Vickers “the suit” wants the company and whatever she can salvage from the bio tech they hope to smuggle back. Of course her father wants immortality or the technology to achieve it.So we also see there is a conflict of interests between family members of Weyland corp . As ive said before i cannot find any plots holes within Prometheus. Only that people misunderstood the film.”

    The tomb sculpture with facehuggers

    The tombs Mural with an engineer holding down an Alien biomechanoid his hand melded to its ever evolving/Mutating head.

    David 8 and the Nanites

    The Black nanite goo and its function

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  • Tom Hartman

    Hmmmm…”Alien” is considered a classic, and yet it had many of the same things this film considers faults. Like a crew member….knowing a creature is on the loose….wandering around in the ship’s dark interiors looking for a CAT for heaven’s sake.

    It’s called “Suspension of Disbelief”…look it up. It’s a movie. It’s supposed to be scary, and fun. It isn’t supposed to be a history book.

    The biggest problem with “Prometheus” to me…and how it differed (in a bad way) from “Alien” and “Aliens”… that both those earlier films had a cast and characters everyone liked. Even the bad guys in those films were memorable. “Game over man!” has been repeated for decades for heaven’s sake. There was nothing like this in “Prometheus”…you had lead female actress that was as exciting as a bowl of pudding, and the rest of the crew could have been anyone. No one cared. They got it so backwards that people were disappointed when the “evil blonde” got killed in the end…(I think we were supposed to applaud)….because she had a some kick to her character.

    They just don’t make movies like they used to. Even when they try.

  • Jamie

    I agree with this review, but my biggest complaint were the characters themselves. I’m suppossed to believe a group of “SCIENTISTS” are all going soemwhere they don’t, at a cost of “TRILLIONS” and when they get there they all joke around or cop attitude. The characters in Alien and Aliens made sense. Pease, please, please Ridley, don’t fuck up Bladerunner.

  • Maskoolio


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  • TheDizz

    Lol a rant by someone who is a nobody in Hollywood, how many movies have you made? Zero

    That said, yes Shaw running around after a medical procedure like that was pure BS, the geologist and his accompanying Biologist Darwin fan getting casual with peenis worm monster was pretty stupid as well given how chicken they were up until then. They were so scared of the dead Engineers yet they had no problems with a seemingly dangerous snake like thing. A person of their character would have backed away instantly to safety. You are absolutely right on those things, the sheer lack of believably factor in their mental states was utterly poor indeed. Low point in the movie

    Yet on balance you are apparently low on the mental faculties to expand your imagination, why should it be clear to you on Why does David infect what’s-his-face with the black goo? And what is the goo? And why does it affect what’s-his-face in one way but the other fella nobody cares about another way completely?

    A good sci-fi of this nature, just like Alien, leaves out certain things to be open to interpretation, use your imagination. David has his own agenda and that is the intrigue, he is a fascinatingly undecoded character throughout the movie, It is deliberate to make you think. The same goes for the actual nature of the goo. If you can’t use a little imagination, on what could be, then this sort of movie isn’t for you. The first Alien wasn’t for you either. The movie going scene is now getting filled people who want everything answered and served on a platter, that is the sign of a low IQ, I am not even sorry for saying this.

    As for the rest of your complaints, you probably slept through the rest of the movie.

    How come Guy Pearce has been cast even though he’s meant to be old as shit?

    Lol really? Did you even watch the viral videos on youtube where Guy Pearce was shown to be in a fictitious TED talk in 2023? They wanted to use his younger self for promotional purposes, hence the makeup to show when he was much older. This is not even worth complaining about, perfectly understood for anyone who paid attention during the movie.

    And why is no one relatively surprised when it turns out he’s alive?

    They were, on screen shaw’s reaction is displayed, her partner is dead by then. Wickers knew all along. The rest of the crew’s reaction can be imagined off-screen and not important to convey the shock.

    Or when he ventures out to find the meaning of life?

    Again you are further embarrassing yourself here, the movie clearly has dialogue sequences perfectly elucidating his motives. Not only is he after answers on the origins of human life, he perceives the engineers to be also capable of curing his aging and save him from death. Like all rich people who are spoiled by wealth he thinks he can buy his way to immortality. This is a well known facet of human beings since the time of written records. Great wealth breeds god complexes among so many Billionaires today. They have so much wealth they don’t want to go away from any of it. Nothing to see here.


    You paid to go and watch the movie no one pointed a gun to your head to watch it.

    I think from your post this movie affected you on a personal level which I find hilarious.