We here at THN have always championed rising stars in the world of film and television. We’re always looking to follow the careers of those who come to the fray and want to stamp their mark on the industry, just like we do with our current cinematic heroes. New determined actors, actresses and filmmakers are the life source for the future of the big and small screen, and we hope they’ll take us on an emotional, thrilling or fascinating journey, if only for a short time.

This is what has happened over the course of history on the silver-screen. Who’ll replace our icons, once they’re gone or have decided to hang up their metaphorical acting hat? We’re constantly worrying who’ll take up the mantle, but for every Hackman, Newman or Redford, there’s a Clooney, Pitt or DiCaprio waiting in the wings and not too far behind.

Writers and directors are no different, as newcomer Tyson Wade Johnston has proved, a young budding filmmaker aiming to make his mark in film. It’s a tough business, especially in those early stages but I’m sure Spielberg and Scorsese made a few cups of coffee or played gopher for many a studio exec before success beckoned. That hard work has paid off for Johnston, as his talent ensured he got his foot in the door. Aged only 18, he graduated New York Film Academy, making moves and bringing other strings to his bow by immersing himself into all aspects of cinematic duties – from writing, directing, producing, editing, and even to visual-effects. Damn impressive, don’t you think? He’s since perfected those talents  in commercials and music videos. Johnston worked on projects featuring the likes of mega-stars Eminem, Sean Paul and Bruno Mars before going on to make his own visually-stunning and unique short movies.

Like all souls who draw inspiration from those stories told in a darkened theatre, Johnston has his heroes. He cites Kubrick’s 2001, Cameron’s ALIENS, Scott’s BLADE RUNNER and Spielberg’s science-fiction masterpieces E.T. And CLOSE ENCOUTERS OF THE THIRD KIND as the root of his passion – bold, brilliant, and truly unforgettable films that live long in the memory and still heavily influence others’ work even now. Johnston is a filmmaker still astonished with the ever-evolving human race and the choices we make during over the course of our lives, as well as the planet we live and its history. Merging science-fact with science-fiction, creating something different, diverse but ultimately encapsulating.

You’ve only got to look at the rising talents of Duncan Jones (MOON), Neil Blomkamp (DISTRICT 9) and Gareth Edwards (MONSTERS) to see you don’t always need mega-bucks to make a lasting impression and take a further step up the career ladder. It’s these names that Johnston hopes to emulate – filmmakers with vision and stories that resonate with audiences, allowing them for think for themselves and take something individual from the experience. Such impressive visual styles and deep character development is evident in Johnston’s short films, EXIST and SEED (which we first brought you the trailer here). They are mysterious and effective mini-movies that draw you in and leaving you eager for more. This trait works, keeping your brain cogs constantly in motion and contemplating what you’ve witnessed long after. Right now, we can only imagine what he could do with a meaningful budget and time constraints removed. This will hopefully happen soon, with the young writer and director developing his stunning and mysterious short EXIST into a full-length feature.

Below you can see the short film EXIST along with the trailer for his upcoming SEED, (which we’ll finally get to see when it’s released online on the 12th October, and we can’t wait)! There isn’t a doubt in our collective THN mind that major projects are going to come Johnston’s way. Keep an eye on his future, because the guy is going places…and we’re eager to go there with him, whatever the planet!

EXIST (2011) Short 

SEED (2012) Teaser Trailer