British actor and producer Simon Phillips makes his directorial debut with crime-thriller RIOT, now looking at a title change to GBH – the reason being the release coming so close to the anniversary of last year’s London riots. Those behind-the-scenes are reluctant to appear insensitive or to be perhaps cashing in on the controversial events. Producer Jonathan Sothcott told THN:

Simon (Phillips) had the idea for the story after witnessing last year’s riots in West London and ‘Riot’ seemed like a logical ‘does what it says on the tin’ title but as film-makers, even film-makers who make exploitation pictures, we feel that we have a responsibility not to give a film a title that could easily be construed as ‘cashing in’ on those awful few days last year. GBH, as it is now known, is a serious and thoughtful picture, not a hoodie exploitation movie and we think this new title reflects the hard-hitting story of a hooligan-turned-policeman conflicted between his old life and his duty during the London riots. Thankfully our UK distributor Revolver Entertainment have been very supportive of our decision and are planning a powerful campaign for a powerful film.

We also have this exclusive set of stills from the film, expected to hit cinemas 1st October, with a cast that includes the rising talents of Nick Nevern, Kellie Shirley and Charlie Bond, alongside seasoned pros Con O’Neill and Steven Berkoff.

Source: Chata Pictures

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