It’s safe to say that you either love DOCTOR WHO, or there’s something wrong with you. Sure, it’s a playful romp from time-to-time but it also endlessly explores new ideas, morally, metaphorically and most of all, it’s all so very human.  Hot-off-the-press, it has been announced that iconic British star Richard E Grant will star but as who? He could play The Master, or would John Simm return for that rumour? Either way, we’re looking forward to whatever he brings to the small screen. Remember, 2013 is the 50th Anniversary for DOCTOR WHO, the longest running science-fiction show in the world, eat that the rubbish Primeval, and also by far the most successful.

Just before the weekend, we had the first look at the trailer for the hotly anticipated Series 7 (or Season 33 if we’re being precise) that will see Jenna-Louise Coleman as the new assistant but also the rumoured ‘fate’ of the Ponds.  The BBC are giving us just the words Autumn until it all kicks off but in the meantime, who else would you like to see back in the TARDIS, or next to it, or a dream sequence, or…oh you get it.

Source: BBC