Christian Bale is reportedly finding his way back to the old west in a film adaptation of the novel ‘Creed of Violence’ by Boston Teran. Bale once played the unlikely hero Dan Evans in the 3.10 TO YUMA remake opposite Russell Crowe in 2007 and is apparently now saddling up to play in the a small time assassin in the Todd Field directed and written CREED OF VIOLENCE.

The story is about the assassin Rawbone who finds himself working with an Bureau of Investigation agent during the Mexican revolution in 1910. Rumour has it Leonardo DiCaprio could be taking on one of the roles in the lead. DiCaprio is like Bale also familiar with western movies thanks to his pre-TITANIC performance in THE QUICK AND THE DEAD (1995) and the upcoming Tarantino flick DJANGO UNCHAINED. Unless CREED OF VIOLENCE was directed by Martin Scorcese I find a 3rd visit by DiCaprio to a western film about as likely as him joining a GROWING PAINS reunion, but you never know.

Source: Variety