Another mixed summer blockbuster season is coming to an end, which usually means dumping the usual outcasts or dross between late August to early October and hope for the odd sleeper hit or underrated gem. One of these has us here at THN excited, which happens to be BRICK director Rian Johnson’s LOOPER, a mind-bending film that looks to be an intriguing and fascinating project, bringing high hopes indeed.

The time-travel actioner will see Joseph Gordon-Levitt as mob hitman Joe, who finds out his next target looks a little familiar. Yes, it’s Bruce Willis!  The catch however, is that our Brucey is playing Levitt’s future self. What will he do? We’ll find out what the film opens in cinemas 28th September. Below we have the latest UK poster for LOOPER, which has a terrific supporting cast including Jeff Daniels, Paul Dano, Garrett Dillahunt, Piper Perebo and the delectable Emily Blunt.

Source: Yahoo! Movies