Only a year ago a big-screen epic adaptation of Stephen King’s THE DARK TOWER series was in the works. Javier Bardem and THE DAVINCI CODE director Ron Howard were signed on to produce three movies and a companion television series. Disaster soon struck and that particular version is no longer happening, but with Akiva Goldsman’s script expected to be complete very soon, Warner Bros will look to put at least one picture into development.

It’s also expected they’ll look to replace Oscar-winner Bardem with fellow Oscar-winner and paparazzi-punching legend Russell Crowe. A smart move considering Crowe can do mean and moody heroes in his sleep. How would you like to see Crowe as the heroic gunslinger Roland Deschain?

It’s also unknown if Howard is still in line to direct but if Crowe signs on and along with Goldsman on script duties, chances are he’ll come along for the ride, especially as the three collaborated on the Oscar-winning John Nash biopic A BEAUTIFUL MIND.

Source: Deadline

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