Kristen Stewart has been featured in the news A LOT recently – and not because of her ‘acting talents’. Whether or not what happened is true, Stewart is still attracting roles. The latest? Her name has been loosely¬†attached¬†to the book adaptation LIE DOWN IN DARKNESS.

Although an official statement has said that no offers have been made to potential cast members, reports have said if Stewart was to feature she would star as ‘tragic beauty’ Peyton, the unlucky victim of her father’s lust for young ladies. Based on the 1951 William Styron novel, the story tells the tale of Milton Loftis, a drunk trying to raise his family, consisting of his stubborn wife and two daughters.

As some already know, I’m not a fan of Stewart. I can’t really put my finger on why, but maybe it’s because she’s really, really boring.

Source: Vulture