Many of us here at THN towers are very eager to see Liam Neeson return as ass-kicking OAP Bryan Mills in sequel TAKEN 2. After going on a Parisian warpath in an attempt to rescue his daughter from a sex-slave ring, you’d have thought Mills would have put his feet up to enjoy his pipe and slippers for the rest of his days. ‘Who’s going to pay to see that?’ I hear you say. And you’d be damn right – which is exactly why he’s transported to Istanbul this time around, where bad things are about to rear their ugly head in the form of Rade Sherbedgia’s fellow vengeful father. His son died in part one so – of course – he wants to make Mills pay.

Now we’re able to bring you the third international trailer for Neeson’s much-anticipated follow-up, which has been overseen by COLUMBIANA and TRANSPORTER 3 director Oliver Megaton. Famke Janssen, Maggie Grace and Leland Orser are also back alongside our favourite heroic Pop. It’s in cinemas from 5th October.

Source: 20th Century Fox