The comedy PIERRE PIERRE has gone through several changes since being bought by 20th Century Fox, and the latest update is that Essex born funny man Russell Brand will be joining the cast. Jim Carrey was set to play the Frenchman who decides to steal the Mona Lisa in order to finance his freedom and buy him a way out from his parents home. Now it looks like Carrey has gotten the boot, and is being replaced by Brand with a fake french accent, and I am assuming, a thin mustache to embody the comic Frenchman. Both changes in actors and directors have taken place as now Larry Charles; the man behind BORAT will be directing instead of  JUNO director Jason Reitman.

Pierre Pierre is set to be released in 2013. In the meantime Brand can be seen in ROCK OF AGES and it won’t be long until his voice can be heard in DESPICABLE ME 2.

Source: Comingsoon