If you love film then you love making lists. FACT! Whether it’s a list of your favourite comedies, or a list of your most hated films released in years not divisible by three. Even director’s in charge of billion dollar franchises like to give us a list and Christopher Nolan is no exception. He revealed to Yahoo! Movies the 5 films that influenced THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.


Year: 1927

Director: Fritz Lang

Nolan Says: In an era when films had to communicate purely with the visual, the relationship between the themes of the story and the architecture of the setting is clear and expressive.


The Battle Of Algiers

Year: 1966

Director: Gillo Pontecorvo

Nolan Says: No film has ever captured the chaos and fear of an uprising as vividly as this film.


Prince Of The City

Year: 1981

Director: Sidney Lumet

Nolan Says: Nobody was better at capturing the unsettling qualities of corruption and its consequence as Sidney Lumet.  Not as well- known as known as “Serpico,” but Treat Williams is a revelation.

Doctor Zhivago

Year: 1965

Director: David Lean

Nolan Says: The very definition of historical epic, in which the tangled emotions of its characters are set in stark relief against the grandest of revolutionary backgrounds.


Blade Runner

Year: 1982

Director: Ridley Scott

Nolan Says: Simply the most memorable evocation of all that is spectacular and oppressive about the city.


There you have it. The films that inspired the final installment of a beloved franchise. No wonder Nolan was able to generate such a unique tone that separated his efforts from other superhero films. The mix of epics both thematically and visually were certainly enough to add something grandiose to his saga.

Source: Yahoo! Movies