Justin Long has already been confirmed as the protagonist in the forthcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s short story, THE TEN O’CLOCK PEOPLE, and now Rachel Nichols (STAR TREK) has begun negotiations to portray the female lead. The short story, which took King only three days to write – from conception to completion – will be adapted for the screen by Tom Holland, who, like King, is a connoisseur of the horror genre. He is a multi-faceted writer, actor, and director, who wrote and helmed the dearly beloved CHILD’S PLAY (1988), as well as FRIGHT NIGHT (1985).

Holland, who co-wrote the screenplay with E.J Meyers, will direct the film, which tells the story of a man trying to quit smoking, who discovers a conspiracy as a direct result. When a chemical imbalance in his brain manifests due to his attempts to shun the sweet black nectar, he begins to see that many people in positions of power in the world are in fact monsters. They say truth is often stranger than fiction, but in this instance, it sounds identical!

Nichols would portray a fellow truth-seer, who, along with Long’s character and other enlightened beings, form ‘The Ten O’Clock People’.

THE TEN O’CLOCK PEOPLE is due for release in the US next year. We will endeavour to relay more information, especially with regards to a UK release date, as and when we can.