Young starlet Alex Pettyfer has added another film project to his list of upcoming work. Although THE BUTLER (2013) and DIAMOND DOGS (2014) are still in pre-production, Alex has gone ahead and signed himself up for CALI, directed by Nick Cassavetes, the man behind romance-spoiling THE NOTEBOOK.

Pettyfer (MAGIC MIKE, BEASTLY) is to star alongside currently troubled Kristen Stewart. The two of them are to play a couple who go on the run with a huge bag of cash. Things look great until Stewart has to return to her old life to save her younger sister, who they left behind. Cassavetes has had experience in all types of genres, from weepy family drama MY SISTER’S KEEPER (2009) to star-packed crime film ALPHA DOG (2007). Reports are saying that he plans on CALI being a gritty action thriller, but some skeptics are saying that Stewart won’t be able to handle it. I’m not a fan of her, but it’ll be good to see Pettyfer in another lead role.

CALI, directed by Nick Cassavettes, is currently in very early pre-production.

Source: Variety