Our Antipodean friends are on a mission to fund bloody good films. Announced today is confirmed backing for a number of projects,including Robert Pattinson’s latest. THE ROVER, from the director of ANIMAL KINGDOM, and Hugo Weaving’s HEALING. To be honest there’s too much good stuff to write about without our trusty friend bullet-point:

  •  THE ROVER with Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce. Director David Michod. A futuristic revenge western.
  • HEALING with Hugo Weaving and Dan Hany. Director Craig Monahan. A prison drama also written by Monahan (LONDON BOULEVARD)
  • FELONY starring and written by Joel Edgerton (WARRIOR) and directed by Matthew Saville. A detective drama set around the investigation of an accident.
  • AIM HIGH IN CREATION a drama-documentary (dramentary?) based on Kim Jong-Il’s cinematic prowess from Anna Broinowski (HELEN’S WAR)

These are exciting works so thanks for putting up the cash Screen Australia. We’ll keep you updated as production commences on all these films… maybe not the last one.

Source: Screendaily