When Luc Besson announces a new project, people tend to take notice. The director behind modern classic LEON and the visually-stunning, if incoherently bonkers, THE FIFTH ELEMENT has assembled a terrific cast for his forthcoming action-packed, crime-thriller MALAVITA.

The story will follow an infamous Mafia family who are forced to relocate to Normandy under witness protection. While there, they find it rather hard to leave their old lifestyle behind and find themselves mixed-up with the wrong people. The project is based on the novel BadFellas by Tonino Benacquista and coincidentally will star Goodfella Robert De Niro. He’ll be joined by Tommy Lee Jones, Michelle Pfeiffer, GLEE beauty Diana Agron plus young John D’Leo.

Although predominately a gangster thriller, the film is rumoured to have dark comic undertones. MALAVITA is set to shoot in August for eventual release in 2013.

Source: EuropaCorp, Relativity Media