It’s news big enough to make me cry with glee. As the studios heavily advertise their Comic-Con champions, there is always a little surprise that sneaks out of the massive event. This year Legendary Pictures decided to screen some teaser footage for their upcoming Americanisation of GODZILLA. The last GODZILLA film, GODZILLA: FINAL WARS was released eight years ago. Of course most people will be wary after Hollywood’s last attempt at transferring the Japanese icon to the screen. That resulted in GODZILLA (1998), a film that wanted to be more JURASSIC PARK (1993) rather than stay faithful to its origins. But Gareth Edwards, the man behind the fantastic MONSTERS (2010) is directing. He said there would be ‘nothing Sci-fi about this movie’. Which is fine, as the earlier films just focused on Godzilla. Besides, I doubt an American audience is ready for ape-men disguised as humans controlling massive space dragons.

The footage screened, simply showed a lot of destruction and panic, with the image of Godzilla appearing behind smoke and flames. It certainly sounds exciting, but I’m still a little nervous about the CGI. Godzilla, to me, should always be a guy in a suit and it doesn’t have to look ridiculous. The 1984 Japanese reboot of GODZILLA had some incredible effects that put the CGI loving studios to shame. I will reserve judgement and wait patiently (that’s a lie), but I’ve got plenty of GODZILLA films, action figures, and comics to keep me happy until then.

GODZILLA started life in 1954 and went on to appear in 28 films, not including the Hollywood version. The Hollywood version would later be dubbed ‘Zilla’, as he was not worthy of the ‘God’ part of the name. Zilla would actually return in the last Godzilla outing GODZILLA: FINAL WARS, but got his arse beat down by the real deal.

We also got a peek at a simple but effective poster. Check it out:

Source: The Wrap