Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen was recently announced as the main villain in GAME OF THRONES director Alan Taylor’s THOR 2. The actor has now confirmed via an interview while shooting new flick MOVE ON, he will no longer be able to feature in Marvel’s superhero sequel, citing his commitments to NBC serial-killer series HANNIBAL (centred around the early relationship of Thomas Harris’ charming flesh-eater and Hugh Dancy’s FBI profiler Will Graham).

Mikkelsen has featured in a number of big budget Hollywood projects over last few years, making a name for himself the go-to-guy if you need ‘baddie’ (see KING ARTHUR, THE THREE MUSKETEERS or CLASH OF THE TITANS, or rather don’t). He first come to attention in Nicolas Winding-Refn’s PUSHER, before appearing as Le Chiffre in Bond blockbuster CASINO ROYALE.

It’s difficult to ask fans of the hammer-wielding demi-god who they think should take his place in the role of whomever Mikkelsen was expected to play (the details are still under wraps). However, THN is always open to your suggestions.

Source: Zoomin’ Movies