When Bill Murray turns down every draft of your script because he knows full well it’s a huge mistake and it’ll never get off the ground without his involvement – who you gonna call? Etan Cohen apparently, writer of TROPIC THUNDER and MEN IN BLACK 3.

News have just surfaced that Cohen will polish and re-jig the script already written by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky. GHOSTBUSTERS 3 rumours have been doing the rounds for years, but with Hollywood currently willing to plunder every property under the sun to turn a quick buck on an established franchise name, this three-quel becomes ever more likely.

The new film will reportedly see the old team hand the proton packs down to a younger generation, as they are all too old and fat to keep up the busting themselves. Even if it does make them feel good.

One idea banded around was to have Murray’s Venkman return as a ghost, which could be the perfect way to include him. But Murray’s holding fast on the project, unwilling to commit because of lackluster scripts. Whilst Cohen’s TROPIC THUNDER and MEN IN BLACK 3 are perfectly entertaining movies, he’ll have to do something pretty effing spectacular to get Bill Murray on board.

However, Dan Ackroyd has been a firm supporter of the project – and THN is pretty sure he’ll make it happen. Let’s just hope it’s with Dr Venkman in tow.

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Source: ComingSoon