Iain Morris, co-creator and writer of hit comedy series THE INBETWEENERS, has signed on to helm a big-screen remake of last year’s late summer blockbuster. The film went onto to become the UK’s highest-grossing comedy of all-time, so it comes as no surprise that the Americans want in on the act, with Paramount Pictures the studio behind the move. The news also comes just as THE INBETWEENERS MOVIE is building up for its US release on the 7th September.

However, confusing matters is the fact that MTV have their own remake of the television series, due to air in the US in August, (which we have the first shot of the four new leads below). Whether that series will use the same actors in the roles for the film, remains to be seen. Considering the UK movie served as a finale after their hilarious exploits at school during the three series on Channel 4, the answer could depend on how successful MTV’s attempt is, and if so, a drastic plot rewrite may be in order.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter