Whilst studios usually flood the internet with images and clips of forthcoming projects well in advance of release, in the case of RIDDICK – the third sci-fi actioner to feature Vin Diesel’s serial-killing anti-hero – it’s all been left to Diesel himself, who continues to plug the movie through his Facebook page.

It’s well documented that Diesel has taken a massive pay-cut to return to the character ( and his finest performance) that originated in the awesome PITCH BLACK. There are also rumours that he’s part-funded the project himself. Late last year, the financial backers pulled the plug, shutting production down for a few weeks until everyone was happy. The overblown, and at times ridiculous sequel, THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK, was a box-office disaster and cost almost five times the budget of the original film. The sequel also saw Diesel’s mysterious, conflicted character turn into in cuddly action-hero. His emotionless edge and ruthless streak well and truly disappeared. With RIDDICK, we’ve been promised the return of that vicious nature.

Here’s that new image!

Joining Diesel on RIDDICK will be Karl Urban, Katee Sackhoff, Dave Bautista, Matthew Nable and Bokeem Woodbine. It’s currently in the editing stage and is expected in cinemas early next year.

Source: Vin Diesel, Facebook