Anyone familiar with KILL BILL will know that RZA is a big fan of Kung Fu, and now you can take a glance at this incredible poster for his upcoming writing and directing début THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS. It tells the story of a blacksmith that creates weapons to protect a small village and his family. Earlier this week we got a gory look at the first still, which promises good old fashioned violence and practical effects.

The poster simply screams ‘AWESOME!!!’ on so many levels. Russell Crowe in a kung fu film? I’m there! Will he be a master of phone throwing?  (I must apologise for the previous joke. That was seven years ago and Crowe has been on good behaviour ever since). The black and white photography invaded by sudden splashes of bright pink suggests that it’s serious, but also very fun. It also treats us to the world’s most epic fist-bump, and a tagline that made me smile ‘You Can’t Spell Kung Fu Without F And U’. Quentin Tarantino presents, whilst Eli Roth helped with the writing.

THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS shall be released sometime this year. It stars Russell Crowe, Lucy Lui, RZA, Jamie Cheung, Pam Grier, Rick Yune and Byron Mann.

Source: Coming Soon