While promoting his terrific-looking Aaron Sorkin scripted drama THE NEWSROOM, Jeff Daniels has attempted to reassure fans that he still may get to go ‘dumb’, once again. The DUMB AND DUMBER star was all set to return as Harry Dunne, alongside his co-star Jim Carrey until least week, when Carrey announced he’d dropped out of the film – citing Warner Bros. and New Line’s ‘lack of enthusiasm about the project’.

Speaking on Craig Ferguson’s late night talk show Daniels went onto say:-

Well, Jim’s upset. He’s got a pretty good reason to be, so my hope is that it will happen. He wants to do it. The Farrelly’s want to do it. I want to do it. I think America needs it.

We haven’t had a God’s honest dumbing down of America in a long time. When we came out with ‘Dumb and Dumber,’ I remember reading in the New York Times, ‘The Dumbing Down of America.’ We were blamed for so much. It’s probably time for that again.

The 1994 comedy saw Carrey receive a record-breaking payload after smash hits THE MASK and ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE made him a household name. Now, he’s in need of a box-office hit – it’s been a long while since BRUCE ALMIGHTY saw fans flocking to multiplexes for his mugging.

With shooting on DUMB AND DUMBER TO, previously scheduled to begin in September, could there still be time to persuade Carrey that his Lloyd Christmas is needed to sellotape more parrots heads back onto their bodies and sell them to blind children? Lets hope so!

Source: CBS