The 10 year-old version of me just got very excited! Not only do we have the brand new teaser trailer for MONSTERS UNIVERSITY, but there are four (slightly) different versions. Praise the Pixar gods!

Based ten years prior to 2001’s MONSTER INC., we follow Sully (voiced by John Goodman) and Mike (Billy Crystal) as they tackle college. Keep your eyes peeled during the trailer as you’ll be able to spot some of Sully and Mike’s monster colleagues who joined them in the original film – a nice bit on continuity work there! Disney Pixar have released the four different examples as they say that Mr Crystal is just that funny they couldn’t decide which one to pick – so they’re letting the public decide.

I for one am very excited about this as I am a huge fan of MONSTERS INC. (who isn’t?) and June 2013 can’t come around quick enough. Here you can watch the version Disney have released. To watch the others, go to the MONSTERS UNIVERSITY Facebook page which gives you the click-through links (and don’t forget to vote!)

MONSTERS UNIVERSITY, directed by Dan Scanlon, is due for release from 21st June 2013.

Source: Facebook/ComingSoon