Despite his dramatic turn as super serious Don Draper in MAD MEN, John Hamm has proved he has the chops for comedy too, putting his talents to good use in 30 ROCK, BRIDESMAIDS, and SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. Hamm has certainly grabbed the attention of someone in the comedy biz, as he’s reportedly on board for comic heavyweight Larry David’s latest movie.

The untitled project will follow David’s CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, with the SEINFELD writer pretty much playing himself (albeit with a different name this time around), getting into CURB-style scrapes, and no doubt winding up absolutely everyone in his path. The film will also be shot like CURB, with no set script and only a vague story guideline for the actors to improvise around.

Whilst the project is in very early stages, it’s thought that Hamm will take the role of David’s ‘nemesis’, which could prove for some great comedy sparring.

The film is set to be directed by SUPERBAD helmer Greg Mottola.

Source: Showbiz 411